Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Five foods to stay always in shape.

Five foods to stay always in shape.

They are rich, they give you a feeling of fullness after eating, and above all, give you important nutrients

The trick to avoid those unwanted extra pounds is not so much deprived of food , but choose well and consume them in appropriate portions. Being on diet is not necessarily synonymous of sacrifice.

"The diet meals are somewhat confusing to many people. What are they? Are these foods low in calories, fat, sodium, sugar, gluten free, etc..? "Said Jane Korsberg, the department of nutrition at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (USA), who believes we should rethink the whole concept of dieting.

As reported , Korsberg is more beneficial to learn to feed. "The emphasis should be on choosing healthy meals every day and change our lifestyles for the better. "

How do we start? Knowing the advantages of these five foods to them out the "juice."

This fruit has two benefits: it is rich in dietary fiber, and then eating it makes you feel full. Fiber helps to have a healthy digestive system and lowers cholesterol.

In addition, the texture of the apple to chew makes us well before eating it. For work performed, our brains think we have had enough and sends the order to satisfy our body.

They are perfect as a snack between meals, provided they consume only a handful each time. "An ounce (a little over 28 grams) contains only 167 calories, plus carries 6 grams protein and 3 grams of fiber. Both nutrients can make you feel satisfied longer, "the article said.

The fish is part of the diet of many people who care about maintaining her slim figure. But specifically salmon can increase levels of satiety.

"A study published in the" International Journal of Obesity "found that when dieters eat salmon more than once per week lost about double the punds that those who did not consume any fish," they report.

And that's not all salmon have relatively few calories (about 175 per 85 grams) and is also a good source of protein .

There are people who believe that eating eggs is not very healthy because of the cholesterol with the yolks. However, the article notes that it is a good tool in the battle to maintain ideal weight.

"Research has shown that eating eggs for breakfast can help to combat weight gain during the day (...). Although proteins are able to fill any time ingest, some scientists suspect that when eaten in the morning you can feel satisfied throughout the day, "they say.

Undoubtedly, the vegetables are part of any healthy diet. But there is something special about tomatoes: tasty. "A cup of cooked red tomato has only 43 calories, but you know as well as a large number of high-calorie foods."

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