Saturday, August 13, 2011

The bass, a fish that is eaten with simplicity

The bass, a fish that is eaten with simplicity.

Its name comes from the Latin "lupus," meaning wolf, and is actually a real sea dog if you stick to their greed: he is a tireless predator who does not hesitate to ascend the lower reaches of some rivers if you find a new source of food .

It is a fish of great beauty, superbly shaped for swimming. His problem is that is very rich, and that the man known for a long time. The Romans appreciated and realized that it was fairly easy to marine ranching. They were great experts in aquaculture, although many believe it is something very modern.

Haute cuisine, the great French cuisine , has been generous in recipes of varying complication for this fish. The truth is that big 'cuisine' never understood too that the kitchen of the fish has to be as respectful as possible to the original flavor of the raw material, especially when it comes to flavor as delicate as those of sea bass or sea bass.

In Galicia, where the bass is plentiful near the coast, is much appreciated. But the kitchen is the most simple: baked, in point, with potatoes in the country. Unique Embellishment: a splash of virgin olive oil. Admittedly put a little lemon juice, if desired. Nothing more. Of course, calling that comes from capture fisheries, not farmed.

But you can do interesting things with bass farm. Here there are useful algae: if the fish cooked in vapor of algae, you will be bringing a touch iodine nutrition that denies them their farm. But it is true that to put a bass in salt is better than do the open sea and have an appreciable size.

It lends itself well to crude preparations, such sashimi or carpaccio , and is perfect ceviche . Clearly, they have to use a strictly fresh fish. The taste of the bass is very thin, and too easy to mask using powerful aromas.

The best way to know what it tastes like a bass is to make it in a salt crust, with no dressing, or subject to a simple cooking in salted water, leaving a turn, or pink and dry.

The bass in the table must always be the protagonist, and not be obscured by actors and actresses cast, however good they are.

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