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Do some researchers advocate unhealthy foods?

Do some researchers advocate unhealthy foods?

Some large food companies are willing to subsidize scientists to seek evidence refuting the relationship between diet and health, particularly the consumption of foods considered unhealthy and overweight or obesity. Do some researchers advocate unhealthy foods? , ¿drinks too much sugar or fatty foods?.
It seems that there is something about it, is to testify in favor, but question the studies that show that overweight and obesity are problems often related to abuse of drinking sugary drinks, fast food, etc..

Through the digital publication ABC News (USA) we know that there have been many studies that point to the relationship between sweetened beverages and obesity , however, these studies do not have solid evidence to experts like David Allison, a renowned scientist American with a broad curriculum to their backs and head of a center for obesity research at the University of

Alabama. The researcher says that studies so far are not sufficiently rigorous and there is no assurance that these foods and drinks are related to the high rate of obesity.

Investigaciones sobre dieta y alimentación

Critics argue that the skepticism that shows David Allison relates to trade agreements it has with large corporations, in fact, indicate that perhaps these companies, The Coca Cola Company, PepsiCo and the American Beverage Association have paid this research to generate doubt the scientific consensus and the population. David Allison's remarks can be used by these companies to be published in the newspapers, the intention is that readers may believe that they still do not know for sure if sugary beverages are harmful to health, to sow doubt, that is the question.

Sure, they must not only speak of sugary drinks and the companies that produce them, the researcher also said to have received money from companies like McDonalds , Kellogs, Kraft, etc.. To add fuel to the fire, we read that the researcher received money from the Restaurant Association of New York to submit an affidavit with the Public Health Council in New York, remember that at the time adopted a rule requiring establishments fast food in the city to provide their products with legend calorie fast food required . The investigator stated that this law could make people eat more and therefore it follows that it would increase the rate of overweight and obesity. Among other things, all a contradiction, right?

Obviously, this type of action outraged the scientific community and especially members of the Obesity Society in principle David Allison was president of this society, but had to resign before the barrage of criticism. The Obesity Society is a scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity since 1982, whose commitment is to encourage research into the causes and treatment of obesity. Also, this company strives to keep the population informed on the progress and discoveries. There's more, the researcher has come to question the statement made by the World Health Organization, which states that breastfeeding reduces the risk of childhood obesity, there are several studies about it, but apparently not apply to David Allison. In the article we read that ABC News is believed that this research is part of a grand plan promoted by some companies and food companies in exchange for jobs and research funding, they must create confusion about the true effects of products such as snacks, fast food, sugary drinks, etc.. in the health of American consumers.

It is strange to think that some researchers work to favor companies that produce foods that are considered unhealthy. Following this thread, remember the post Coca Cola promote healthy diets in the United States, the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) and Coca Cola came to an agreement, the company would work economically with the academy to educate consumers and to know the role of soft drinks and sweeteners in a healthy lifestyle. Already said in this post, there are several motives behind Coca Cola and other companies dedicated to the world of soft drinks and sugary drinks, try their products to be seen otherwise. At the time, one reason was to address the federal tax with which health authorities sought to tax the sugary drinks .

Are they committed researchers when their jobs are funded by large companies in the world of food?, Can be as objective as they would like?, ¿Prevalent source of income to the truth reflected in a study?

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