Saturday, August 20, 2011

Empty Pockets in a healthy body: the costs of dieting

Empty Pockets in a healthy body: the costs of dieting.

Bad habits food always come to take its toll, not only in the figurative sense, also in economic

Hello. My name is Bruno and I'm obese . That's right. That's pure and simple truth. That the 'chubby' trying to avoid. That tells us that if we do not take an immediate decision, we can spend the rest of our lives with serious health problems.

And so I decided to consult a nutritionist to teach me to eat again. I believe wanting to change my eating habits and went worried, not only for all the things that I would not be able to eat for a while, but all others would start to incorporate into my daily routine.

Did you spend more?
My old eating routine was, to say the least, unfortunate. No breakfast , but during the morning while working on the street could buy a soda , a sandwiches , a bag of chips or maybe, when provoked me, give me an extra "Yummy", get me one of those retail chains and coffee buy one of those shakes with coffee , ice, mocha and whipped cream. One day was spent, until noon, 3 to 6 Dollars.

When I was early, ate lunch in the cafeteria at my work. When I had to take commission on commission, all I had left was to pass by a local fast food and buy a small combo burger, fries and soda-go eating on the road. Indeed, buying time ... but I felt good. At that time, he could quietly spend between 4 and 9 dollars. Do the math.

A few hours later, in the closing trance editing, the writing appeared on the shopping cafe, cakes, sandwiches more, sodas, cookies, donuts and many packaged snacks. One day I decided on a package of cookies and perhaps another for a cake. To break the monotony could choose a package of popcorn. Only in that visit other expenses of about four suns.

What to drink? Of course, the obligatory bottle of soda that they could be up to three per day.

Although one would expect to come home at night without hunger, often accompanied by what I did to bring sandwiches or just leave my things, ordering a pizza delivery route.

It was a situation that is repeated systematically every day, but neither happened only once a month. He could end up spending 20 to 30 dollars a day, only to eat. Eating at the times that I should not eat.

Did you spend LESS?
Following the directions given to me by the nutritionist, so I was clear was that these excessive costs would disappear. At least I was clear until the weekend when I went shopping: plenty of fruit , but not of all kinds, light yogurt, and cheese, ham, turkey breast, vegetables, pita bread, green tea, bran wheat, etc..

What happened? It has nothing directly to do with diet, but with anxiety. To get used to new food beats me at first, too much food 'healthy'. When I realized that spending, for example, three times a week about 2.5 Dollars to buy some ham turkey breast, things began to normalize.

I have just over three weeks with new diet and I have lost several kilos. It took getting used to, but possible. While it is necessary to have a separate budget to start a diet with much patience and self control can go a measuring what you eat and what you spend.

My pending issue is to exercise . That certainly lose pounds faster, but I have several ideas hovering head: Should I just take a walk? What if I join a gym? What if I buy an elliptical? What if I recycle my old bike? It is a new important decision for my health and my pocket.

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