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Learn to prepare a tomato cream Winter Recipes

Winter Recipes Learn to prepare a tomato cream

Hello! How are you doing with the preparations and techniques we have seen so far? I hope your passion for cooking will increasingly awakening. Today I will show you prepare your first cream, delicious, warm, because cold is doing what these days, not!

I recommend taking it at night, quiet, or quiet, and with a clear mind, to leave behind the day's work. I promise to try feel that conceit grandmother. If you are alone at home, take it to enjoy a good movie, with a blanket over the feet. If you're with your husband (s) / groom (a) at home, look at yourself in the eye, smile and enjoy every bite.


Quick thinking: one is a liquid or cream so light that looks like a soup, or so thick it looks like a puree. It is the result of mixing something solid (which we will blend to return pasty) with some liquid (water cooking). This will give us something creamy = our cream. That's all logic.

Now ... how to make it tasty? Here I go (and then you go). After washing my hands, wash my input and do my mise en place , rip:

"Something solid"
Hair a yellow potatoes (large or small ¿, Gian? Of average size, do not complicate), medium carrot (peeled too), and 4 tomatoes concasse ( watch this video ).

Cut everything into cubes. I do not need to be perfect because then licuaré cuts everything. This time I'll diced width of my finger, if you still doubt (a tip: When cutting food, they cook faster).

I put everything I put in a pot (use a large, inputs do not get cut in half). Echo water up to two fingers above the food (water pipe, of course, because it will boil in preparation).

Let cook for 15 minutes over high heat. With the tip of my knife, skewer a piece of potato. As I feel that the center is soft, I know it is ready. If the potato is already cooked, carrots and tomatoes are also allowed. Turn off the heat.

"That solid paste it back"
I grab a large bowl and top with a strainer. I pour everything in the pot. Boto not liquid, not! There are flavors and vitamins in there I do not want to lose. I put the food in the blender. Add one cup of cooking water and blend on full power. One, two, three ... Twenty seconds and you're done. That put it back (this time without straining) into the pot.

"That paste it with some liquid to get the cream"
I light the fire. It's been twenty minutes since I started and did not need much of anything. I pour a cup or two more of the cooking water (depending on the texture you want to have) and stir with a wooden spoon.

Now the salt
Here is what is vital: salt. The finishing touch. That blessed magic touch that makes your meal a delight or a disaster! Come with faith. You'll be fine.

I start with a pinch of salt (equivalent to one level teaspoon), which took my fingers and dusting in the pot in a circle. Enjoy this moment. Do not throw by throwing salt. That makes no feeling!. Are your magic touch, remember? When you see a magician casting their magic dust reluctantly? Noooo! Never! Sprinkle your fairy dust in slow motion, if you can and doing circles.

I do. I stir and taste. "Improvements" (so say the cooks) adding more salt. If you are rich already. If I feel it lacks salt, add another bit and try again.

With this machine I want to understand what it is rubbing salt to taste. You start with a little and test until you are rich. It's that simple.

Finally ...
I enrich the preparation with 1 / 4 cup cream. If you only have evaporated milk, use it. Finely chop a few (five) leaves of basil, add and remove. Success! Now you can enjoy and warm with your first delicious cream of tomato.

When serving, you can accompany it with grated Parmesan cheese and / or croutons (pieces of toast).

INGREDIENTS (4 servings)
1 ½ yellow potato
4 tomatoes
1 / 2 carrot
Water (1lt.)
Basil leaves
1 / 4 cream

How to peel the potatoes and carrots?
Ideally, use a vegetable peeler. If you do not, with a knife.
Although not ideal, you can peel the carrot quick scraping with a knife (the trouble is that you damage the blade).

Many of the nutrients of the potato are in the shell. In the recipe I put peeled potatoes in a smoothie fast. But if you're time and patience, you can peel the potato slices after cooking, before blending.

And speaking of cold ...
Do not want to spoil the excitement created so far or you choke to enjoy (deservedly) in your cream of tomato. As a separate topic, remember you have the opportunity to shelter low-income children by donating sweaters and coats in the campaigns against the cold spell that will appear this day.

Be supportive and gives warmth. You wrap up with this delicious cream of tomato, I assure you it will be a goal at home. And put the goal in exchange for this recipe, at least donate a jersey to a child this winter. Deal? Great.

Until next week!

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