Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mikel,the kid who can't eat because he could die

Mikel,the kid who can't eat because he could die.

Only six, but a strange disease had robbed him of one of the greatest pleasures of being human.

Mikel is a child of six years who can not eat any food as a result of a rare condition. In fact, if the child were to ingest a simple piece of bread, could die.

"If we eat a piece of bread, may have diarrhea or vomiting begin, but it is true that if he continued to eat and we eat amounts as he burst inside," said Anne, the mother of Mikel.

Vomiting, stomach pains, rashes in the mouth and anus or bloody diarrhea are some of the reactions that causes any type of food. Therefore, little can only fed on a compound of amino acids that provides the necessary nutrients, calcium, iron and phosphorus to live.

Since he was born, Mikel body has rejected any type of food because their white blood cells do not function properly and see the food as if it were an enemy agent. "White blood cells in the moment you enter anything by mouth as detect a virus, food, bacteria ... His white blood cell do not detect anything. "

Mikel's mother said that while the youngest is now "very good", evil is not lacking and for the family is "difficult" because it involves "suffering" .

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