Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rice, a cereal with a lot of fame and little grace

Rice, a cereal with a lot of fame and little grace.

It is an extraordinary companion but by itself is rather bland. Along with other ingredients achieves a perfect formula on the plate

The rice , the second most cultivated cereal in the world after maize, in many places is synonymous with food. More people eat rice than eat bread . Think of Indian, Chinese and Japanese add all residents of what was called Indochina, and there are already more than half the population of the planet, which is based on rice in their diets.

And that rice is an insipid thing, you know just what you wear. Even the classic white rice to help overcome some unwanted gastrointestinal events is happy with a little garlic, some lemon or some grass.

The rice itself is rather bland. But few things as he is able to take possession of the substance, the aroma, the flavor of the accompanying elements.

For example, break the yolk of a liquid almost fried egg , the best sauce in the world, a little white rice. The set is glorious, full of flavor, texture changing. Rice wins, of course, but also the yolk gets advantage of the combination.

Perhaps that ability to have so much prestige the rice flavored with mushrooms or truffles. The Italians, with that and some mushrooms, make a risotto, which is nothing more than a creamy rice. Do not forget that there are dry rice, like paella, rice dishes and hearty stews. Come up with a very aromatic, but dry.

Use two cups short-grain rice. 300 grams of mushrooms clean until there is no sign of land. Now it's the rice, put it in a colander under running water to stop release starch.

Saute in a little oil, sliced ​​a garlic, cayenne pepper and a strip of orange peel. Once the garlic is browned, remove everything and then flavored oil, take the mushrooms, which boil over high heat to evaporate the water they release. Remove them and place the rice.

It's time you add a quart of chicken soup, hot rice and cook for fifteen minutes. Put the mushrooms, mixing gently, and let everything cook two minutes more. Finally, you can cut into slices black truffle and drop it over rice. You have to serve immediately.

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