Monday, August 29, 2011

Sugar, a sweet temptation and a bitter reality

Sugar, a sweet temptation and a bitter reality.

It is a daily food and often excessive. It is synonymous with disease. Reduce your intake would help a lot.

Although the sugar in food is part of the basic family, the truth is that it is indispensable. It is a pure carbohydrate, has no nutrient more: no fiber or amino acids, minerals or vitamins ... nothing. Rather causes tooth decay, promotes obesity and many experts say it worsens the symptoms of hyperactivity.

"Sugar is the ideal food for bacteria, so tooth decay. Although we recognize that it is the only cause, other factors also produce bites, "says the dentist Ana Maria Sarabia.

These other factors include tooth structure (very pronounced in the fissures of the teeth stay bacteria), decalcification (less calcium, more bites), lack of saliva (patients who do not have or have in aggressively develop cavities small amount).

Now, says Dr. Sarabia, "if we all factors that influence the development of caries, but we wash properly (brushing and flossing) eliminates the problem. You do not need mouthwash, which is a chemical that kills the good and bad bacteria in the mouth (some of them defend the stomach infections). "

But there is another issue of weight at which sugar is involved: obesity and diseases throughout the chain of this condition (diabetes, high cholesterol, back problems, knees, etc.)..

As Jesus explains endocrinologist Rocca, Ricardo Palma Clinic, sugar is rapidly absorbed in the intestine, causing a large release of insulin, which can be induced in children predisposed to diabetes or obesity to a greater deposit of fat beneath the skin and abdominal viscera, which predisposes to future, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis.

Furthermore, since the processed sugar has no other nutrients to your body metabolism invests vitamins and minerals. Therefore, in children who consume lots of sugar, this element can displace vitamins and minerals essential for proper brain functioning.

Thus, concludes Dr. Rocca, some hyperactive children who eat too much sugar can be harmed. Or seen another way, hyperactive children who consume low-sugar significantly improve their symptoms.

"However, it should be noted that the issue is controversial. There are reports in favor of sugar aggravates hyperactivity in children and others who have not demonstrated. My opinion is that they should limit their consumption in hyperactive children, and everyone in general should do well. "

Hopefully this article will motivate us to take a little less sugar to your morning coffee, milk and juices. It's a matter of getting used to the natural flavors of food, also not forget that we have a good supply of natural sugar (healthy) at the fruits.

We are not at war with sugar (impossible, unable to resist the chocolate), but not so bad proposes to reduce his consumption.

Something more ... ..
Beware of foods that are high in sugar, soda, juice box, yogurt, canned fruit, milk chocolate and sweets. Many of these are too often in lunch boxes.

It is said that brown sugar is better than white, because the latter owes its color to the chemical elements that add to make it look nicer. This is true, however, do not think the blonde is more food, although it certainly has a thin film of honey that has minerals and vitamins ... but in such minute quantities that makes little difference.

Non-caloric sweeteners do not usually taste good, but you can try instead of sugar. More information about them in the first Latin American Scientific Symposium taking place today and you can take in (

There is no evidence that produced excess sugar intestinal worms. These parasites are associated with poor handwashing or consumption of food contaminated with eggs of these parasites.

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