Monday, August 29, 2011

Tips for preparing your child's lunch box like a chef

Tips for preparing your child's lunch box like a chef.

Want to make sure your children wear to school every day a healthy snack and at the same time, enjoy to eat? Takes note of the advice of Bill Telepar, executive chef of New York Wellness Initiative in the Schools (Welfare in Schools).

If you have no idea what you prepare, think about what they eat during the weekend and send them something similar. "The basic format is a sandwiches, a fruit , a vegetable oil as a carrot or cucumber and a drink, "says Telepar.

The sandwiches can be anything as long as bread and try to use one hundred percent natural inputs. And to drink, water is best . "No sodas or juices packaged. They have too much sugar, "says chef in an article published in "Esquire" .

Not to bore you, it is important vary. The chef suggests to try a pasta salad or broccoli sauteed with green beans and / or peppers, and chicken.

Avoid the lunch box include anything that requires refrigeration as milk , yogurt and mayonnaise. "It never hurts to include a package of ice, but foods like sandwiches (no mayo), chopped vegetables and fruit can be at room temperature for half a day without any problem."

Obviously, the junk food should be completely discarded.

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