Wednesday, September 7, 2011

African descent would be more likely to develop food allergies

African descent would be more likely to develop food allergies.
Compared to infants from other sources are twice as likely to react allergically to certain foods
The white of egg , the milk cow and peanuts , and soy, shrimp, nuts, wheat and cod are foods that commonly cause allergic reactions in people.  
Inputs due to its composition and nature can cause stomach discomfort , sneezing, nasal obstruction or changes in the skin.
According to a study by the School of Medicine, Northwestern University (United States), people would be more likely to afrodescendendientes allergic reactions to these foods than other individuals.
Leche,  Maní,  Nueces

Rajesh Kumar, a pediatrician who was in charge of the investigation, used as sample to 1,104 children of different ethnicities, we test for six years.
The researchers found that children of African descent were nearly 2.5 times more sensitive than white children. All this in reference to the eight foods listed above.
"When the researchers examined the genetic markers of ancestry was found that for every increase of 10% of African descent, the children were 7% more likely to have antibodies to food allergens," said the magazine Healthland .
According to the specialist says, his study has been able to find links between levels of antibodies that can cause a reaction. However, these results are not conclusive because there is a slight chance that other hereditary factors affect the functioning of the immune system. It may also affect some environmental factors, he said.

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