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The apple, a fruit "prohibited" but very versatile

The apple, a fruit "prohibited" but very versatile.

They are eaten raw, cooked into jams and desserts . We present two recipes

Madrid (EFE). The apple takes upon himself an unhealthy reputation. "Forbidden" because of Adam and Eve, fruit of discord through Paris and Aphrodite that eventually sparked the Trojan War. And even poisonous cataloged in the story of Snow White , this thanks to the Brothers Grimm. Despite that, it's one of the fruits consumed by man.
Luckily, in the case of Isaac Newton , the apple was used for something good, also owed ​​much to like the recently deceased Steve Jobs and, of course, the Beatles , who recorded for a record of the name.
The fact is that there are apples for every taste, from the highly acidic, such as Granny Smith, the sweet, such as golden. Eat them as is natural, but also cooked or in jam ... and, what interests us today, as the protagonist in a variety of cakes and pastries .
In desserts
The current trend is towards very thin pie dough, you need to do individual fragility. They are the antithesis of the classic "apple pie" Anglo-Saxon world, with mass on both sides, no doubt very tasty, but also arguably much heavier than the others.
There are two versions of great apple pie. One is quite old and very popular in Austria, Germany and northern Italy: the apple strudel or "whirlwind" apple, another born for a very less time, just over a hundred and ten French, which is the cake Tatin.
They say that this was born out of an error in one of the Tatin sisters, owners of the hotel of that name in the center of France. One of them, apparently Stéphanie, the eldest, cooked apples more than necessary and not to waste them, the sisters would put the pasta on top, turning the cake at the end. As so often, an oversight, a failure, eventually give rise to a delicious ready: the cake Tatin remains a global success.
Basically, it tries to cut thick slices apples, make a caramel with sugar and water, give luster with butter, then lay the slices, tight, and cover. After a while wafer covered with a pastry with holes for the escape of steam into the oven is already hot, 200 degrees, and in 20 minutes or less, will be. He turns hot caramelized apples that do not stick to the mold. And now.
The Apfelstrudel requires more work. The tricky thing is to prepare, with flour, water, egg and salt mass that can spread so thin, experts say, should be able to read a newspaper through it. Place the filling (apple sauce, sugar, raisins, cinnamon ...), rolled into a cylinder of several layers of dough and baked.

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