Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eating healthy increases your chances of having strong babies

Eating healthy increases your chances of having strong babies .A recent study indicates that children of mothers with good nutrition are less likely to be born with anencephaly and cleft lip

A diet rich in protein and vitamins ensures not only a strong and healthy baby, also raises the chances that the fetus is developing properly and not be born with no malformations.
In this situation, an investigation of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that women who carry a healthy diet are more likely to have healthy children than those without, reports
The project involved 6147 pregnant women. Of the children of these, 3411 were born with a defect in the neural tube. By comparing the diets of women, found that 50% of the children of mothers with eating well were less likely to be born with anencephaly, 20% with spina bifida and 30% with cleft lip.
To obtain these results, we compared the Mediterranean diet with the recommended by the Department of Agriculture United States . For its part, the project director, Suzan Carmichael, stressed the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and how this creates favorable conditions in newborns.

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