Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two eggs a day helps you maintain your weight

Two eggs a day helps you maintain your weight.

This Friday is World AIDS Day Egg . On average, the Peruvians consume 146 per year, well below the recommended

Is demonized and said to their daily consumption can cause liver ailments. However, little by little these beliefs are being neglected. The egg is one of the most complete foods with a high concentration of nutrients and low in calories.
Wages According to Sandra, a nutritionist at La Calera, eggs are a rich source of protein intake because this product is very beneficial and essential for growing children, but also for adults because it prevents different diseases, including Alzheimer's , for own hill, an essential nutrient for better functioning of the cardiovascular and brain activity.
Every year on the second Friday of October is World Egg Day and on this date is used to discuss this important nutrient and the deficiency that exists in our country with respect to consumption.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Peruvians eat 146 eggs per year while the Mexicans, who lead the intake of this product, consume 374 per year, more than one egg per day while in Argentina and Colombia consume 250 eggs a year.
The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization says people should eat an egg a day, an issue that would not generate any health problems.
Speaking to Wages, states that the egg has great versatility in its preparation. From a simple boiled egg up to a delicious scrambled eggs, fried, grilled, tortillas, etc.. Various dining options in which the egg gives its great nutritional value, besides being the raw material used in making pastries and sauces.
The nutritionist says that eating two eggs a day and do 30 minutes of daily exercise helps maintain ideal weight. "Eating a diet rich in high biological value proteins such as egg, helps the body maintain muscle mass during weight loss, improving body composition. This has a double benefit, since muscle burns more energy than fat even when not exercising.
It generates a feeling of satiety important that people do not have more hunger. "For example, two eggs breakfast reduced to 300 kilocalories of energy intake during the day by a group of overweight women," said a specialist.

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