Monday, December 13, 2010

Lo último de China: un restaurante atendido por robots The latest from China: a restaurant run by robots

The latest from China: a restaurant run by robots

It is located in Jiang , in the province of Shandong, and can serve up to one hundred guests at a time

At the reception, making the hosts, two robots . Inside the room, six robots are the waiters and serving customers orderly. They work in pairs: one is responsible for serving drinks, another is dedicated to serving the small tables and the latter is designated to the table with greater capacity. So does the recently opened Restaurant Dalu Rebound in China.

"It seems that soon" hire "more robots since the owners expect the restaurant a success," says the website

To avoid troubles the robots with the tables, these are located in a circular pattern so that waiters can follow a route motorized accurate.

But if you thought the food was also prepared by robots, think again. Here you have people of flesh and bone working.

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