Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is the flavor of the insects?

What is the flavor of the insects?.

There are some 1,500 edible varieties and each has a distinctive taste. However, certain generalities can be made.

In many places, eating insects is fashionable. Last year, the UN recommended its use and a study published in the BBC estimates that are part of the usual diet of 80% of the population. Now, even the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I like to eat crickets .

In our country it is customary to eat and Siqui sapa suri , two worms of the jungle are prepared grilled, fried, or marinated kebabs. If you've ever had the opportunity-and-value to test, more or less know what it's like eating an insect, since what they know. If not, then we give you an idea.

"In general, insects tend to know the nuts, especially when toasted. I think this is due to natural fats that have, in combination with the crispy their exoskeletons rich in minerals, "said Daniella Martin, host of TV's" Girl Meets Bug "in an article published in 'The Huffington Post' .

According to Martin, there are about 1,500 species of edible insects. And each of them, depending on what they eat, have a peculiar taste, which is sometimes very difficult to describe.

"Crickets, for example, know as an almond shrimp, while the majority of larvae that have tried know almond mushrooms. My two favorite tracks of the wax moth (known as "wax worms") and bee larvae, pine tree know enoki and chanterelles (a type of fungus) with bacon, respectively, "he describes.

And what do they know the spiders? They are like a light version and earthy seafood, especially crab and lobster.

However, the culinary expert in this field says there are flavors that can hardly be equated with something familiar. For example, the giant water bug is almost impossible to describe. "There simply is not in the annals of our culture, something that can point them to give an idea of ​​the nature of its flavor," said one writer after testing them first.

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