Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coffee help prevent uterine cancer according studies

Coffee help prevent uterine cancer

Here is a story quite interesting because coffee regularly may help prevent cervical cancer. Pay close attention to the following:

Researchers have found that people who drink coffee on a frequent basis are less at risk of uterine cancer than those who do not regularly consume this drink.

A study of 70,000 women who were followed for about 26 years to see what was the reaction resulted coffee than those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 25% less likely to develop cancer than Women who consumed a daily cup or never consumed it.

This is probably because the caffeine helps regulate and lower hormone levels in the blood, which are presumed to be guilty of causing cancer, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology and which was conducted by experts from Harvard .

Likewise researchers say exercise and maintain a healthy weight are the best ways to prevent cervical cancer, but some extras strategies that can be used may be a slight change in eating habits and drinking coffee could undoubtedly benefit.

Cigarette smoke damages the memory of NOT smokers

Cigarette smoke damages the memory of NOT smokers

Here is a very interesting article, let us beware much of secondhand smoke, as this would cause a lot of damage especially to smoke. Here is the study.

Scientists at Northumbria University (UK), conducted a study argue that non-smokers or passive smokers who live with individuals who smoke or spend time around they experience memory problems.

To obtain this result, the researchers analyzed the memory performance of passive smokers who lived with a smoker or had been exposed for an average of 25 hours a week to snuff smoke for nearly five years, and compared with current smokers and with nonsmokers without contact with cigarette smoke.
The results revealed that the smoke called "second-hand" affected the memory of passive smoking, they forgot the 20% who did not live test exposed to snuff.

"Our results suggest that memory deficits associated with passive exposure to snuff smoke affect cognitive skills we need to develop ourselves in everyday life," concludes Tom Heffernan and colleagues.

Pistachios against stress. Eating Pistachios fights stress

Pistachios against stress. Eating Pistachios fights stress

Many of us have heard of the pistachios, delicious nuts that have many properties for our health. Lately it has been discovered that eating pistachios is a natural remedy that would help us reduce stress.

Pay close attention to the following article:
According to Pennsylvania State University, eating pistachios daily helps reduce stress faced by people, reducing blood pressure and heart rate calm when situations occur with a high probability of causing stress.

The health study to test the properties of pistachios was conducted with adults who showed high levels of LDL cholesterol, who have imposed an artificial low-fat diet and other diets were assigned that would include pistachios.

While diet of the first group showed average results, those who were allowed to keep a balanced diet with pistachios, showed lower rates of bad cholesterol and a significant reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, and better stress management .

As we can see the pistachios are very favorable for our health, so we try to include them in our diet, we'll see how slowly our health will improve.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Choosing chia seeds. Discover How to Lose Weight Using Chia Seeds

Choosing chia seeds. Discover How to Lose Weight Using Chia Seeds

Chia seeds is a Mexican plant of the Labiatae family and are approximately 1 to 1.50 m. tall. Chia seeds are a complete source of protein and provides all essential amino acids.
Furthermore Chia seeds have excellent properties that help us weight loss also gives many benefits to our imunológico, cleans substances that are not useful (and in addition, lead to diseases such as diabetes and disorders cardiovascular).

To prepare the chia left soaking the desired amount into a container filled with water until it forms a paste, when paste this list you can add a little yogurt or milk to taste better. Once you have these ready you can take half a cup once a day.

Chia seed helps reduce anxiety and hunger, keeping a full stomach, so avoid foods that we consume too much, thus helping us to lose weight.

Now we know these benefits of Chia seed not waste any more time and start eating the Chia seeds.

Boiled or cooked potatoes help lower blood pressure

Boiled or cooked potatoes help lower blood pressure

According to a study conducted at the University of Scranton in the United States showed that boiled or baked potatoes contain dozens of phytochemicals and vitamins that benefit the body and best of all, it contains 110 calories.

The study was sampled to 18 people who are overweight, these people were fed potatoes prepared in the microwave without mayonnaise or ketchup, these people ate six to eight times a day for a month this food. The results showed that blood pressure was reduced by 4.3% and none of the subjects gained weight.

Research indicated that because of the form of preparation potatoes (in this case cooked or boiled) is the reason that destroys most healthy substances they contain.

Joe Vinson, who led the study, said: "The potato has an undeserved bad reputation that has led many people in search of a healthy diet to eliminate it from your diet."
Another factor that causes high blood pressure have is the lack of sleep, other research shows that poor sleep can cause high blood pressure in men.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A man in Colorado receive millionaire Compensation by disease caused by popcorn

A man in Colorado receive millionaire Compensation by disease caused by popcorn

A U.S. federal court granted a man in Colorado U $ 7.2 million for developing a chronic disease caused by a chemical, flavored butter, the microwave popcorn.

The jury found in favor of Wayne Watson, 59, who sued the manufacturer Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. and a supermarket chain for not sufficiently clearly warned that the chemical, the diacetyl, could be detrimental to health.

According to the judgment Watson developed the disease, known as "popcorn lung" ras t inhale the aroma that produced the diacetyl in popcorn. Acquired disease is an irreversible obstructive lung that causes scarring in the lungs and hinders respiration.

The resolution says the company Gilster-Mary Lee Corp is responsible for 80% of the damage, and the signing of Kroger Co the other 20%.

The verdict is in addition to a number of cases that relate diacetyl with lung disease, including the workers of a popcorn production plant also developed health problems.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The bacon sandwich is one of the best hangover cures.

The bacon sandwich is one of the best hangover cures.

Interestingly the English bacon sandwich traditionally made ​​with bacon and fried in butter commonly accompanied by ketchup or brown sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce).

Scientists at the University of Newcastle found that this type of sandwich helps to restore the body during the hangover.

These foods do not absorb the alcohol but rather accelerate metabolism who takes it, so it will help you pass before the hangover. "Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acid .

Giant Rat Meat is sold as Meat on England, Pictures

In a famous London market there illegally selling meat giant rats according to a report released by the BBC. This meat is highly prized in parts of Africa and Asia, but is not for resale in British territory.

The meat of the giant Grass Cutter (lawn mowers), to animals did over half a meter long and weighing about 9 kilograms is imported from Ghana and is offered in a clandestine manner within the m arket Ridley Road, one of the high influx of capital

"It is illegal and has not undergone health checks have not been inspected and could be contaminated," said environmental health expert Paul Povey to the chain.
West African sources said, quoted by the media, this market is a popular destination for trade of this type of meat. .
In the film made ​​with a hidden camera and with the help of a fake buyer can see the butchers asking 30 pounds per bag and discretion to "avoid problems". Then, as is typical in this type of work, vendors flatly denied having sold the meat when questioned openly.
- I do not sell rats, never sold rats, rats do not sell ... -Replied the shop owner Great Expectation that had only sold two copies Ghanaians. I have no rat, why are filming me? Exclaimed
British authorities consulted by BBC indicate that inspections are always different supply center of London and since 2009 has received only one complaint, unproven, of this illegal meat trade

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eating Asparagus Prevents Cancer

Eating Asparagus Prevents Cancer

Asparagus is one of the foods that have very few calories, because this food contains almost no fat and few carbohydrates, but the asparagus contains a good amount of protein is one of the vegetable with more protein.
Also the studs containing glutathione, this is an antioxidant which reduces oxidative stress. This process is responsible for converting a benign into a malignant cell, presenting uncontrolled growth, characteristic of neoplasms. Glutathione therefore prevents this process is performed, preventing the transformation.
Asparagus is also rich in vitamin C, which also complements the antioxidant, reducing free radical synthesis. These waste products are responsible for oxidative stress. It also participates fighting infectious processes.

Asparagus also contains B vitamins, which are involved in various processes of the nervous system. This means that consumption within unadietacompleta asparagus, balanced, harmonious can help prevent and fight cancer.

As we said the asparagus contain few calories and lots of fiber, so they help to produce satiety in the stomach. People who want to lose a few kilos can consume asparagus and help them lose weight.

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