Friday, November 4, 2011

Tips for cooking with vegetables

The vegetables are always considered when selecting stars healthy foods, however, their method of cooking can affect your quality nutritional and caloric intake or fiber of the same, therefore, that the vegetables will not become healthy and bring benefits to the diet, here are some tips for cooking with vegetables.

    Do not let them soak, because during this prolonged water bath can lose a lot of vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants, better wash with plenty of cold water before using them to prepare a meal.
    Do not cut too much, because the smaller cut a vegetable greater the magnitude of nutrient loss, then, to boil best to use the entire piece or in large chunks and salads, best hand cut leafy vegetables and other , cut in a not too small just before eating.
    Cooking q ue your skin prevents excessive loss of vitamins and minerals during cooking so steamed, baked or boiled.
    To boil vegetables, use as little water as possible and cover the pot, cooking such as steaming. The more water is more diluted water-soluble vitamins and minerals.
    C Ocine in the shortest time possible, because the longer the cooking loss of nutrients. To reduce the time are recommended pressure cookers, cooking in a double boiler or steam where there is a higher temperature and therefore the time required for cooking is less. Furthermore, it is always advisable to let the vegetables crunchy and do not forget while it cooks.
    For frozen vegetables, pre-cooked without thawing or not take much in the thawed, at which micronutrients may also be lost.
    Use vegetable fritters for no more than 2 times a week and reaching the correct temperature, so it does not absorb so much fat and not increase both calories.
    A good option is to cook en papillote, wrapped in paper and in the oven, which retain flavor and nutrients.

While it is advised to consume vegetables at least once raw in the day, we can also cook healthy with vegetables using the advice aforesaid.

A handful of nuts every day helps to reduce belly

The nuts were once the antithesis of a diet to lose fat and weight kilos, however, an increasing number of studies that highlight their strengths at the time of thinning . So much so that eating a handful of nuts a day may help reduce belly fat and lose located in that area.

Data is thrown a new study from the University of Barcelona published in the Journal of Proteome Research, and indicates that eating 30 grams of nuts for 12 weeks helps improve the body's serotonin levels, reduce hunger, decreases the blood sugar levels and localized fat in the abdomen.

Its high content of omega 3 and action levels of polyphenols with antioxidant benefits are responsible for claiming the role of nuts in obese people, because in spite of concentrating energy and fat content, nutritional quality and consumption of small amounts daily can improve cardiovascular risk factors and thus help you lose belly and treat obesity and associated diseases.
A handful of nuts between 5 and 8 for breakfast, as a healthy snack, including a salad or a sauce is the recommended serving daily to enjoy these and all the benefits that nuts can offer to health.

Leeks: A good source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year

Leeks: A good source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year.

The leek is one of the vegetables more aromatic than we can invest in different preparations. But it is a seasonal food is a great source of vitamins and minerals in this time of year, so much so that we can not stop using leeks in their best period of production.

In 100 grams of this vegetable highlights the content of the following micronutrients:

    267 mg of potassium
    50 mg of phosphorus
    16 mg of magnesium
    64 mg of calcium
    103 mg of folic acid
    30 mg of vitamin C
    123 mg of vitamin A
With only 29 Kcal, 2 grams fiber and 92% water, the leek is a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals that we can easily obtain at this time of year through meals. Leeks can be part of a homemade sauce, a pie filling or pies, dressing or be the basis of a stew or soup.

Its flavor and nutrients justify their consumption in this time of year to get vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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