Sunday, September 18, 2011

U.S.: chocolate bar world's largest weighs 4 tons

U.S.: chocolate bar world's largest weighs 4 tons.Will tour the schools as part of the "Think big. Eat wisely. " Enter the book of Guinness World Records

Last Tuesday, a Chicago factory in the United States, broke the record by presenting bar world's largest chocolate , weighing over four tons and measures 91 cm wide and 6.4 meters in length.
The recipe included 544 pounds of chestnuts, nearly 3 tons of sugar, 907 kilos of milk powder, 771 kilos of cocoa butter and 635 pounds of liquor chocolate . The large bar will make a tour of American schools as part of a nutrition education campaign called "Think big. Eat wisely. "
The bar was weighed by employees and Wychocki Garry Gary Hine and confirmed as the largest chocolate bar and enter the Guinness Book of Records .
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Vending Lay's potato chips operated

Vending Lay's potato chips operated.

Just met an amazing vending machine to be installed soon at a supermarket in Buenos Aires, unlike other machines that operate with coins, credit cards, etc., this works by introducing potatoes, it is the vending of potatoes Lay's that working with potatoes.
Lay's is a brand of potato developed by the PepsiCo Group, in particular by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of the group that is dedicated exclusively to the world of French fries, chips and other snacks like. The new vending Lay's Potato is original and innovative and is part of a promotional strategy that will surely draw the attention of Argentine consumers, and some perhaps fooled, do not miss the video below.

The vending machine is shown almost as a small factory of Lay's potato, his bowels seem to harbor a system that washes, peeled, chopped potatoes, fries, and offers the pockets to be tasted. If this were true it would be a revolution in the world of potato chips, in fact everything that consumers can see, a video whose purpose is to show how they are made ​​Lay's potato industry.
Maquina expendedora de patatas Lay’s
The vending machine Lay's potato chips that works seamlessly attempts to simulate the process, to the point that the bag out of the vending machine hot potatoes as if they were really just prepared. Was enough to put a heater in the bottom of the machine to heat the bag and give that appearance.
It has taken six months to perfect the mechanism of the machine, Adage explain that by a motion sensor detects when the user potato falls within the vending machine, automatically activates the video of one minute, the timing must be perfect, as the video progresses buttons are lit in a side panel that shows which phase is introduced potatoes, washed, peeled, chopped, cooking, salting and packing purpose as mentioned, is to convince consumers that the process offers the vending is real.
The original strategy is intended to show consumers that these potatoes are made with real potatoes, trying to banish some indicating that hoaxes are not real potatoes used in processing. Lay's makers say they have no secrets, potatoes, oil and salt are the basic ingredients. After installation, it is not surprising that according to the Argentine consumer acceptance, initiate new vending machines Lay's potato the rest of the country and then make it available in the world.
As they say in Direct Marketing , this reminds us Let's Pizza , a vending machine pizzas being prepared pizzas in just 2.5 minutes, but in this case it was a real process.

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