Friday, May 25, 2012

A man in JAPAN cooked his PENIS and offers for dinner,PHOTOS

A man in JAPAN cooked his penis and offers for dinner,PHOTOS

Sugiyama Mao served their own genitals to five guests at an elegant banquet in Japan .

"[I am offering my male genitalia (penis completely, testicles and scrotum), for a dinner at a cost of 100,000 yen ... be prepared and cooked as requested by the buyer, and instead choosing" published Sugiyama into his Twitter last month as Huffingtong Post published on its website.

And last April 13, five of the six people who signed up for * $ 250 * for this feast, sat down to dinner. The sixth person did not attend do not know why.

The next day, one of the organizers published on a blog, and then removed, the photos of the event. The images showed dozens of people who attended only to browse this exotic dish.


Meet the Papple a new wonder fruit ,mix of pear and apple

Meet the Papple a new wonder fruit ,mix of pear and apple

For 60 years a program of plant and food research in New Zealand working on the development of all kinds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, through hybridization and genetic manipulation. With that aim to combine quality, health and resistance to different types of diseases that attack these foods.

The latest creation of these researchers is called Papple or 'Panzana' in spanish, a hybrid-like pear, apple flavor even with the latter. Although it was developed a few years ago, recently just taken the first harvest, which has been allocated to Asian and European market.

"This hybrid has been obtained from a variety of European and Asian pear. However, its color is a reddish-pink and the skin has a mottled appearance reminiscent of apples. Its flesh is crisp and has the characteristic sweetness of the apple, "reports the website Gastronomy and co .

"We know our customers are looking for new things to try and hope you enjoy this novel derivative of the family of pears," said Shazad Rehman, a specialist in fruit, . Each will sell for USD$ 1.50.

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