Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eat Healthy and Balanced Helps Us Live Longer

Before, eat anything and was synonymous with plenty of good food . However, over time and after a series of medical studies today it is advisable to restrict our consumption. Especially if you're going through the barrier of 50 years.

The Spanish Néstor Luján, twentieth-century food writer, said that health is the silence of the organs, "one does not realize that you have liver until the protest, and over the years, the bodies left a voice disturbing frequency. "

NO to the excesses

When you're young you have more appetite and usually eat everything at your fingertips. However, the Spanish journalist Julio Camba stated in his book "The house of Lucullus, or the art of eating" that eating well and taste, is something that can not always do.

"When you have appetite and stomach to eat anything often lack enough money to do so, whereas when one is older and has a better economic position, often lack the appetite of young people," Camba said.

The same is true of alcohol. The comedian Carlos Romeu said the following about it: "at thirty had hangovers, now, convalescence." Right.

And is that as people get older our body no longer works as fast as before. That is why doctors often recommend to people of this age to follow a diet low in fat and limit your portions of food.

It is therefore advisable to leave little by little, to commit excesses, as they say "the excesses of youth in old age are paid" .Thus, the power to achieve good nutrition is in the middle: restraint and, occasionally, a nice tribute.

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