Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are you allergic to gluten?: Scientists have found a new cure

People who suffer from celiac disease have an immune system overreaction that damages the lining of the intestines, preventing the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from food.

In addition, it makes suffering from chronic fatigue and have risk of being infertile, osteoporosis and even cancers of the digestive tract.


The journal Science Translational Medicine published a series of results that could lead to more personalized treatment, compared to current treatment for life restricts foods containing gluten , including cereal , pasta , crackers and beer .

"You can (limit) the toxicity of an allergen to a few components, that allows you to create a highly personalized therapy so no longer need to attack the entire immune system, "said researcher Robert Anderson, Institute of Medical Research Walter and Eliza Hall in Australia.

The researchers analyzed the immune cells in blood samples of 244 persons affected with this disease who ate foods with gluten for three days. The results found are amazing.

"To our surprise, the majority of immune responses to gluten may be because only three of its components. That means the immune system is highly focused on specific fragments of gluten prohibited, "said Anderson.


Since then, the researcher and colleagues have designed an injectable drug with very mild dose of each of the three components. The idea is to expose the immune system but small regular doses of allergens responsible for the body to gradually get used to them.

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