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What foods to avoid if you suffer from gastritis?

What foods to avoid if you suffer from gastritis?

We must dispense with fruit and fried fresh. Depending on each person, you should eat six times a day but small portions

Many people suffer from gastritis without even knowing it, downplay the stomach pains , nausea and gas and when you least expect are immersed in a chronic disease. All this triggered by poor eating habits.

These disorders not only have to do with the type of food that we got to the mouth, but with the schedule we have to eat. It is therefore important to be disciplined when eating to avoid major consequences, such as an ulcer.

In view of this it is advisable to establish an appropriate schedule for meals. "Food should be split into at least six servings of meals a day, but in small amounts and in compliance with established schedules," said Sara Abu Sabbah specialist in RPP. This will facilitate the work of the stomach.

On food is key to refrain from eating fried foods and fruits fresh and they avoid the overworked stomach. "Recommended preparations are few ingredients, a little spicy, low fat, no fried foods. You do not need to eat all boiled, baked goods may be, grilled or light stews, "he said.

When a person suffers from gastritis to eliminate certain foods to prevent the stomach lining to become inflamed. The vegetables like cabbage and raw peppers, cauliflower and artichokes, can cause heartburn and flatulence. Also avoid eating canned meats, sauces, spices, vinegar, chocolate , coffee , soda and spices, because they can trigger abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting.

Only for fans: AC / DC released a collection of wines

Only for fans: AC / DC released a collection of wines.

The iconic hard rock band also released a special edition of Monopoly

In line with other popular bands such as Kiss and Motorhead , AC / DC has just launched its own line of wines plus a collector's edition of the game Monopoly inspired discs and places of importance for the band.

The Australian group led by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young is responsible for the design of the four wine varieties: AC / DC Back In Black Shiraz (a dry red, vintage 2010), AC / DC You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato (wine harvest sweet white 2011), AC / DC Highway To Hell Cabernet Sauvignon (a red harvest 2008) and AC / DC Hells Bells Sauvignon Blanc (dry white vintage 2010).

The line was launched in collaboration with the winery Warburn Estate . In addition, the band went on sale an interesting custom edition of the popular Monopoly board game, packed with cards and chips that make reference to his long discography. Thus, joins Metallica did the same a few months ago.

Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's

Bread Expeding Machines like ATM's

Bread vending machines are not new, in fact, knew a few months ago the first automatic bread distributor of Spain, in Valencia is where the machine vending of loaves Vendingpan available to spread throughout . Now is the birthplace of the baguette which has launched a new vending machine that claims to offer bread freshly baked bread 24 hours a day.

The new star of the launch of an automatic food dispenser is Jean-Louis Hecht, a French baker who has installed a vending machine baguettes in Paris, where we know that the bread baguette type is most appreciated (remember we liked the video Steven Kaplan, the best French bread ) and followed by bakers worldwide.

The goal is that consumers get bread fresh at any time of day and perhaps that bakeries can reduce their working time, even when they have sales on vacation. Apparently, the French baker has launched the dispenser of bread at precisely the holiday period when many bakeries are closed. Jean-Louis Hecht says that this is the bakery in the morning (not terribly scary) and what it is intended to answer the real need for some people, such as those working at night or need the bread first morning.

In this regard there is something that haunts us head for quite some time, and took the opportunity to discuss with you that your experience may tell us. We recall that when studying at school, the days we could go on a school trip to the bakery from 6:00 am in the morning to buy fresh bread for sandwiches at that hour the street from the bakery and was flooded with an unforgettable scent, the freshly baked bread that has been etched in our memory.

The bakers began to work around 02:00 pm to meet the demand for first time usually a staple part of the first energy intake of most people, liked the taste of bread , the texture, a quality that belonged to him ... and as has been lost ... But what we were going, what time you open your bakery?, having changed our place of residence, not aware of any bakery that opened before 8:00 am making it mandatory that children attend school or go hiking with the sandwich made ​​with day-old bread or frozen bread. Now is when you realize that it has lost a luxury, now a luxury, so it was normal.

On these lines you can see the new model of selling bread 'cool' is presented as the bakery of the future, enter 1 euro and the machine performs a final baking of the baguette for ofrecértela almost like fresh. The baguettes are pre-baked before being introduced into the machine. Of these vending and two installed, one in the 19th district of Paris and another in the Lorraine region in Hombourg-Haut, as we read here , where we can also read Marc's distrust Nexhip belonging to the bakers' union in Paris on the quality and durability of this fresh bread.

The decline of the quality of bread we have spoken on many occasions, we are chastened, seeing only a positive part, which is involved in the production of bread and enjoy making and tasting homemade bread, fresh, tasty and natural. But it is still shocking dependence of society by the machines, the need for the utmost comfort, convenience sometimes better defined as laziness, sloth ...

Vending machines for bread, pizza, fruit of milk ... the sad progress of automated and impersonal market.

The bass, a fish that is eaten with simplicity

The bass, a fish that is eaten with simplicity.

Its name comes from the Latin "lupus," meaning wolf, and is actually a real sea dog if you stick to their greed: he is a tireless predator who does not hesitate to ascend the lower reaches of some rivers if you find a new source of food .

It is a fish of great beauty, superbly shaped for swimming. His problem is that is very rich, and that the man known for a long time. The Romans appreciated and realized that it was fairly easy to marine ranching. They were great experts in aquaculture, although many believe it is something very modern.

Haute cuisine, the great French cuisine , has been generous in recipes of varying complication for this fish. The truth is that big 'cuisine' never understood too that the kitchen of the fish has to be as respectful as possible to the original flavor of the raw material, especially when it comes to flavor as delicate as those of sea bass or sea bass.

In Galicia, where the bass is plentiful near the coast, is much appreciated. But the kitchen is the most simple: baked, in point, with potatoes in the country. Unique Embellishment: a splash of virgin olive oil. Admittedly put a little lemon juice, if desired. Nothing more. Of course, calling that comes from capture fisheries, not farmed.

But you can do interesting things with bass farm. Here there are useful algae: if the fish cooked in vapor of algae, you will be bringing a touch iodine nutrition that denies them their farm. But it is true that to put a bass in salt is better than do the open sea and have an appreciable size.

It lends itself well to crude preparations, such sashimi or carpaccio , and is perfect ceviche . Clearly, they have to use a strictly fresh fish. The taste of the bass is very thin, and too easy to mask using powerful aromas.

The best way to know what it tastes like a bass is to make it in a salt crust, with no dressing, or subject to a simple cooking in salted water, leaving a turn, or pink and dry.

The bass in the table must always be the protagonist, and not be obscured by actors and actresses cast, however good they are.

Drink Dark Sodas are Hazardous to Health. Study Details

Drink Dark Sodas are Hazardous to Health. Study Details.

We have always listened that soda is not good for our health, in this case study tells us that dark-colored sodas are very harmful to our health. Pay attention to the next article.

Studies in the United States, including soft dark colors that have been linked with lung cancer and liver.

"The dark color of these artificial drinks is given by a reagent which arises from the combination of sugar with ammonia and sulphite in an environment of high temperature and pressure. This results in chemical residues U.S. government investigations have been linked to lung cancer, liver and thyroid in rats and mice, "the web Healthland, which publishes the study conducted by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI for short in English).

"The risk is small, but significant," said Michael Jacobson, executive director of the center, an advocacy group for consumers in Washington, who were in charge of the investigation.

Jacobson notes that the greatest danger of addiction is generated by these drinks. "This could be the transcendent." Issue that would raise the chances of getting cancer.

"Soft drinks are high in sodium and phosphoric acid are characterized by giving more thirsty. This motivates the consumer to continue drinking after another, ".

However, not everything is bad in soft drinks, in moderation promotes sensory perception, locomotor activity and arousal, but excessive drinking can also cause tachycardia, gastritis, insomnia and overweight.


Meanwhile, soft drink manufacturers have denied on several occasions that these substances (2-and 4-MEI MEI) are a risk to consumer health. Others, however, indicate that the risk in humans is less than the difference of size and dose.

However, they agree that the excess of these drinks could lead to overweight and cardiovascular diseases.

Beer consumption in older adults, a key to staying healthy

Beer consumption in older adults, a key to staying healthy.

Moderate intake of this popular drink helps maximize the body's hydration levels, providing vitamins and nutrients

There are many negative myths about the beer , all related to overuse. However, according to scientific studies conducted in Spain, the popular moderate intake of the drink would be key to maintaining good health .

"The beer consumed by healthy adults in moderation and responsibility can help to optimize moisture levels in our body. This drink provides water (95%) and also other substances with a special interest in nutrition, such as B vitamins (especially folic acid), fiber and minerals (silicon, potassium and magnesium), "published Beer Information Center Health and Spanish.

In addition, the report of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Science (SEDCA) indicates that beer prevents dehydration and can prevent cardiovascular diseases , neurodegenerative or related to the bones, and also places this as a fermented beverage good choice for older people.

"Our body needs an average of between 2 and 2.5 liters of water every day." This intake should be mainly water, but other beverages such as juices, tea or beer (if consumed in moderation by healthy adults) that can contribute to achieving the necessary levels of hydration.

Similarly, another study referenced by the publication concludes that moderate consumption of beer can be included in the diet balanced athletes and can help maintain higher levels of plasma glucose and hormonal responses to reduce stress .

"Moderate consumption of beer, the composition (water, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, oxidants, soluble fiber) can be beneficial for recovery after exercise. In this sense, beer contains 4 grams of carbohydrate per 100 mL. Of this amount, most are low molecular weight maltodextrins that are metabolized slowly, releasing glucose units are gradually to blood, which carries an added benefit. "

Did you know that your children can learn to eat well from pregnancy?

Did you know that your children can learn to eat well from pregnancy?

In the womb, babies feel the taste of the food eaten by mothers and recall after birth

A major concern of mothers is that their children have a food healthy. This causes one of the most common headaches when it comes to feeding the children of the house: how do they like vegetables?

Well, apparently there is a solution for moms. A recent study concluded that a diet during pregnancy has not only nourishes the fetus, but can shape the tastes that will.

As reported by NPR , 21 weeks after conception the babies are already able to sample the amniotic fluid. "That fluid that surrounds you get the flavor of foods and beverages that the mother has consumed the last hours," they say.

Research by Julie Mennel, who studies the sense of taste of infants, concluded that all tastes are manifest in the uterus.

How do you know that foods such as vanilla, carrot, mint, dill and garlic are seen in amniotic fluid? Thanks to odor.

Samples of the amniotic fluid of a group of women before and after ingesting garlic capsules. Then he asked a panel that smell.

"Easily could identify those samples from women who had eaten garlic," Mennella said, adding that taste is 90% aromatic, so the smell knew that babies could taste it.

Memory footprint
So far we have babies can feel the flavors during their pregnancy. The most significant part of the research was to demonstrate that they can also remember having babies, which can influence the taste and preference for certain foods.

Then, the test was done with carrots: They set up three groups of pregnant women. The first took carrot juice every day throughout pregnancy. The second, during lactation. And third, avoided completely consume this vegetable.

When the babies began to eat solid foods were given water or cereal made with carrot juice, and recorded their reactions on video. "Those who had the experience of amniotic fluid or breast milk ate more carrot-flavored cereal that vegetables," said Menella. And what is more curious when they saw the recorded images, you could tell he made less expensive nuisance.

"In other words, if you eat broccoli while pregnant is much more likely that your baby likes to eat," says the article.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, fight against junk food

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, fight against junk food.

Both were hospitalized from eating disorders. Dieters though fast food is always a temptation.

Beautiful and talented. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have become the stars of youth music, but this task is not easy. As discussed, among other things, have to deal with a frightening specter: overweight .

The task becomes more complicated because both are fans of the junk food and were created from restaurants to fast food , sweets and fats.

Demi Lovato is the one who has suffered more of this problem remained hospitalized in a clinic because of their eating disorders.

The singer said a few weeks ago that changed their habits at lunchtime and quetrata to regain his best form, albeit a difficult task. In the last week, Demi was harshly criticized by fans after it appeared in Twitter that he wanted to eat a McDonald's combo.

"Someone could bring me McDonald's? I'll be your best friend ... "he wrote. His followers were against it, according to parents of the young star, any kind of fast food could cause a relapse.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez said in a recent interview with Glamour magazine that her greatest fear is being overweight. Moreover, recently was admitted to a clinic because of headaches and nausea, which he attributed to his abuse of sweets , chocolates and foods high in cholesterol.

But Selena does not seem to do much to keep the line because every time he gets dinner fast food with her ​​boyfriend Justin Bieber .

Antioxidant effect of coffee: Against cellular aging

Antioxidant effect of coffee: Against cellular aging.

Its deficiency in the body generates the deterioration and death of cells. However, we must ensure its moderate consumption

n the morning, afternoon or evening, in a social gathering, after school or during work hours, full, past or no sugar. Drinking coffee is for many a habit, part of our routine, so we tend not to notice their effects on health . "His absence in the body produces deterioration and death of cells," says Mary Esther Lizano Bazalar, Cayetano Heredia hospital nutritionist.

Coffee contains substances called polyphenols which functions are antioxidants , they help to delay aging of cells. Coffee consumption in our body can eliminate free radicals can damage cells and cause alterations in the body.

It has caffeine as one of its essential components, which acts as a stimulant diuretic on the central nervous system, heart, veins, arteries and kidneys. It helps in concentration, reduce headaches, prevents blood clots, improves asthma and allergies and prevents the formation of stones, and so on.

Although years ago questioned their use for possible adverse health effects, Lizano notes that epidemiological studies conclude that coffee provides many benefits if taken in moderate amounts. "This is a natural product that helps prevent many diseases and maintain a healthier lifestyle," he remarks.

According Lizano, its consumption is recommended for prevention of liver cancer and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and it acts as a diuretic, prevents such neurodegenerative diseases.

It should be especially careful with children under 5 years, as these are the best consumers of caffeine in other compounds. "By drinking a soda with caffeine, receives the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee," said nutritionist.

The International Clinic endocrinologist Carlos Warriors, said: "Caffeine is a stimulant drug found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolates , etc.. The amounts in foods and beverages do not cause acute problems. Rarely been reported toxicity at doses higher than 10 g, which resulted in arrhythmias, convulsions and death. "

He added that "studies the effects associated with daily consumption over 4 cups of coffee. Among the negatives: decreased sperm quality in young patients, increased incontinence in postmenopausal women. Among the positives: The reduced risk of diabetes, liver protection in patients at high risk, etc ".

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