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Video: Model turned on the TV cooking naked

Video: Model turned on the TV cooking naked

Flora Cheung's model, with only 26, turned around Asia from Hong Kong markets. She is the host of the program Icefire Kitchen, which is circulating on the Internet with great success and is gaining adherents.

And what is Icefire Kitchen? Well, this program attempts to motivate men to cook and learn new recipes and a heart-stopping curvaceous figure before them.
'The apron covers everything but hides nothing. To most men do not like cooking, but now might be interested in doing 'said the model according to the Web' Que! '.

Foods with more fat than a stick of butter, more dishes than you think

Foods with more fat than a stick of butter

The idea of ​​eating a stick of butter shakes you: who would think such a thing! Few nutrients and lots of fat. But many of the dishes you eat cheese or fried covered would be the equivalent of eating a whole stick of butter, which consists of 92 grams of fat .

The daily fat recommendation is 20 to 35% of calories. If your diet consists of 2,000 calories daily, that means you can consume 44 to 78 grams of fat per day and keep your weight. But fatty foods and lack of nutritional value are everywhere and temptation is great. Know what you eat in some restaurants which translates into more fat than a stick of butter.

Fried fish
The fish listed in most of the recommendations for healthy eating, but that does not mean any fish in any method of cooking. The option of 'fish and chips' in the restaurant Applebee's, pieces of fish and chips, does not sound healthy, but it's amazing that consists of 138 grams of fat, like eating a bar and a half of butter and equivalent of the fat portion of three days.

Salads misleading
Salads are healthy, right? Lettuce and tomato are diminished if filled with bacon, fried chicken, tortillas, creamy dressings, croutons, cheese and eggs.

The salad ' Crispy Chicken Salad "IHOP has fried chicken, bacon, two kinds of cheese and a boiled egg, comes with garlic bread and add about 95 grams of fat. At Applebee's is the ' Oriental Chicken Salad ', whose problem is the dressing. The combination of vinegar, chicken, almonds and noodles adds about 41 grams of fat, but with dressing the sum rises to 99 grams of fat.

Burgers are exaggerated
Considering the size, the companions, the cooking method and bread, burgers can be part of a diet. But the problem today is the size of the burgers. A portion of meat is generally considered three ounces, as the size of a stack of cards. You can control the serving when you prepare the meat yourself, but you never see a three-ounce burger on a menu.

The average restaurant size ranges from ¼ to 1/3 of a pound, many consist of bacon, cheese and mayonnaise, which can accumulate up to 92 grams of fat, like a stick of butter.

Burgers that exaggerate the ingredients
Hamburgers, pizza, burgers and quesadillas, burgers instead of bread are donuts ... the possibilities for a more greasy oily stuff are still endless. As in the salad, the ingredients added to the burgers can make all the difference, especially when fried.

Many shakes and smoothies can be healthy, but they can also contain hidden sugars and fats. A chocolate milk and peanut butter Cold Stone Creamery containing about 131 grams of fat - the equivalent of 68 strips of bacon.

Meals of fried chicken
The fried chicken is delicious and there is no doubt. To make a plate of fried chicken less harmful to your health, try to pair it with vegetables, eat white meat and remove the crisp skin. Also watch your portions. A meal of three pieces of fried chicken with a biscuit and a full - as combos in fast food restaurants - may amount to 108 grams of fat.

All that cheese, sour cream and guacamole can be translated into many grams of fat. Other ingredients such as fried chicken could be fried. Tortillas are usually covered in butter to give them a golden appearance. If you want a quesadilla, better opt for an appetizer portion.
The chicken quesadilla from Ruby Tuesday's sounds very innocent, despite his peppers and grilled onions, consists of 95 grams of fat.

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