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A fruit of the wise: know the history of the banana

A fruit of the wise: know the history of the banana.

It is the third fruit world's most popular. It is expensive and scarce one hundred years ago have grown into a common product

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Madrid (EFE). There are plenty of foods that Europeans automatically identified as "originating in America" ​​and, in fact, were the New World from the Old, yes, thrived in their new home beautifully. This applies, among other things, the bananas . Or bananas, or bananas ...
A Spanish, of course, does not think in America when he eats bananas. Think of the Canary Islands. For northern Europeans, the banana comes from the Antilles and Central America, with some input from West Africa. But the truth is that bananas are not native to America, although this view has been championed by such illustrious companies as Alejandro de Humboldt.
By all indications, this fruit , like many others, is originally from India, where she was known as the fruit of the wise. From there he was emigrating to the West. It is believed that the yogis and holy men ate green bananas Indians, as did a long time Christian hermits and monks of Abyssinia.
The banana was transplanted to the Spanish, from the Canary Islands in 1516 by Spanish friar Tomas de Berlanga. Shortly after arriving in Mexico, where it took root very well. At the same time, the cultured Portuguese in Brazil, where they acquired their name from bananas, which seems to come from a language spoken by some of the first African slaves arrived on Brazilian soil, originating in an area of ​​the Gulf of Guinea.
Popular and nutritious
Bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world. It is expensive and scarce one hundred years ago have grown into a common product. Its main feature is its high sugar content, which can reach 20%. There are many varieties of bananas, no significant differences between them from a nutritional point of view. All are good sources of vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin.
The popularization of bananas have names. The American Lorenzo Dow Baker chartered a schooner in 1870, to Jamaica. Loaded bananas and coconuts and returned to New Jersey. The business did well and in 1885 founded the Boston Fruit Company. Shortly after he realized that the big money was in total control, planting, cultivating, harvesting and transport bananas.
In 1899 he teamed up with Minor Keith, who had built a railroad in Panama and they founded the United Fruit Company, which means the company, for better and for worse, in Central America, it is well known.
In Spain, until nothing more bananas did not know that those who call it "dessert." A Spanish in America, is confused with the terminology of the various types of banana, which for some years, as Latin American immigration, are now available in markets and good greengrocers, or those working American genera.
So far, talk of bananas, plantains or was talking about things unknown: only sweet banana, Canary Islands, to take oil or any dessert recipe, greedy, given the high sugar content of bananas, all content enhance these recipes.
For example, the most classic and simplest of all: the bananas flambe. We will use four bananas sweet . The pelaremos and jumping in a frying pan with a little butter.
Then sprinkle generously with brown sugar and finally, sprinkle with a glass of dark rum, warm and sweet. Only at the time of bringing to the table will light the alcohol on fire reaching to the diners. Not only will like: You may even become wiser.

Chinese paid almost $ 200 thousand for the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world

Chinese paid almost $ 200 thousand for the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world.

This is a Dalmore aged 62 years. In the world there are only 12 samples

A Chinese citizen paid $ 196,735 for a bottle of whiskey Scotch Dalmore aged 62 years, thus becoming the most expensive shows in history.
As reported in ABC the buyer, whose details were not disclosed, took the bottle in a trade from Singapore Changi Airport, which has offered six months ago in his cabinet.
"There is only twelve bottles like this in the world," said an airport spokesman, adding that the buyer has deposited only in principle, half the money.
David Robertson, representative of Dalmore and one of the few who has had the privilege to try the aged, said that "the taste is exceptional and includes honey, Seville oranges, coffee, chocolate, cardamom, cloves, ginger and almonds."

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world.

Anne-Sophie Pic was selected by the specialists of the Michelin guide and its restaurant , La Maison Pic, has three stars

Anne-Sophie Pic, born July 12, 1969 in Valence, southern France, is the chef of the restaurant family dining La Maison Pic , founded in 1891, located in Valence in the Drome (city par excellence in organic farming) Rhones Alpes department.
With three Michelin stars since 2007, on 18 April this year, this student of Paul Bocuse , but also after all self-taught, was awarded the Veuve Clicquot for Best Female Chef in the World.
His grandfather, André Pic, also had 3 Michelin stars, but in 1934, and his father, Jacques Pic, those achieved in 1973.
When Anne-Sophie Pic was named chef of the year in 2007, recorded the 8,000 chefs in the Michelin guide, became also the first woman to receive this distinction.
Anne-Sophie Pic
The reins and pans from one of the best restaurants in France are in the skilled hands and taste buds of Anne-Sophie Pic. Some of their specialties can include: transparency of tuna marinated in mild spices and tomato jelly, scallops (or coquille Saint-Jacques) of Granville, Drome dove or fresh tuna with mustard and foie gras China. From these ingredients we can start dreaming.

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000.
Years ago an ice cream coated in gold leaf had become the most expensive dessert history . value? a whopping sum of $ 25,000. Today this has been relegated to second place with the preparation of a cannoli, a traditional dessert from Sicily (Italy), which costs no less than $ 26,000.
The cannoli is a cake filled with cream cheese and other goodies exclusive Italian, rolled into a tube by a crusty mass. What makes it so expensive? The dough is made ​​of edible gold and also wears a necklace of diamonds (not eaten, but it helps most coveted).
As pointed out by the Web Pitch , the cake was put on display at Jasper's Restaurant in Texas by chef Jasper Mirabile. The proceeds from its sale will go to charitable activities.

The beer Hydrate like water after sport

The beer Hydrate like water after sport. 
Brussels (EFE). A study presented today in Brussels shows that moderate consumption of beer after physical exercise is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery, according to medical experts have said.
This is one of the findings presented today at the "VI European Symposium on Beer and Health", where they participated in the EU specialists in medicine, nutrition and feeding.
Dr. Manuel Castillo, Granada University, presented the results of a study carried out with a group of young men, and that was to measure the body's reaction to the ingestion of water or beer after intense physical exertion.
"We conducted the study to see if the widespread custom of taking a beer after exercise was something desirable or not," Castillo told the media after his speech.
The conclusion was that a moderate amount of beer in particular, two "thirds" or bottles-"not a problem that harms the rehydration that occurs after exercise."
In this sense, the beer would be "just as you drink water," and recommended the consumption of fermented drink to all those who have no contraindication.
"We did not find neither a specific nor a negative effect could be attributed to the intake of beer compared with the ingestion of water only," he said Castillo.

Also, the doctor noted that during the lectures will be presented another study that rules out the relationship between beer consumption and the tendency to develop "beer belly".
Dr. Ramon Estruch, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​explains his results from several studies showing that moderate consumption of beer "helps prevent stroke, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect arteries."
It also provides protection against cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, improved blood pressure and lipid profile, ie, lowers bad cholesterol and increase good, or the parameters of inflammation caused by atherosclerosis.
The alcohol in beer "has some positive effects," which are multiplied together with nonalcoholic components such as polyphenols.
The doctor said that currently are conducting research to determine whether the benefits of beer with alcohol on healthy people is greater than the beer "without", but noted that there is evidence to believe that the former has certain positive effects .
In any case, Estruch stressed the importance of "Beer is consumed within a healthy eating pattern, and particularly of the Mediterranean diet."
Dr. Maria Teresa Fernandez Aguilar, Health Agency of Valencia, said the effects beneficial beer without alcohol for nursing mothers.
The doctor and pediatrician referred to a study presented in August in Valencia, which showed that children breastfed by mothers who consumed two beers without alcohol while breastfeeding is less likely to suffer diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis, due to transmission antioxidant components of the beverage.
"The results surprised us ourselves," said Fernandez, who added that the beer "no" would be more advisable than other soft drinks based chemistry.

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U.S.: chocolate bar world's largest weighs 4 tons

U.S.: chocolate bar world's largest weighs 4 tons.Will tour the schools as part of the "Think big. Eat wisely. " Enter the book of Guinness World Records

Last Tuesday, a Chicago factory in the United States, broke the record by presenting bar world's largest chocolate , weighing over four tons and measures 91 cm wide and 6.4 meters in length.
The recipe included 544 pounds of chestnuts, nearly 3 tons of sugar, 907 kilos of milk powder, 771 kilos of cocoa butter and 635 pounds of liquor chocolate . The large bar will make a tour of American schools as part of a nutrition education campaign called "Think big. Eat wisely. "
The bar was weighed by employees and Wychocki Garry Gary Hine and confirmed as the largest chocolate bar and enter the Guinness Book of Records .
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Vending Lay's potato chips operated

Vending Lay's potato chips operated.

Just met an amazing vending machine to be installed soon at a supermarket in Buenos Aires, unlike other machines that operate with coins, credit cards, etc., this works by introducing potatoes, it is the vending of potatoes Lay's that working with potatoes.
Lay's is a brand of potato developed by the PepsiCo Group, in particular by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of the group that is dedicated exclusively to the world of French fries, chips and other snacks like. The new vending Lay's Potato is original and innovative and is part of a promotional strategy that will surely draw the attention of Argentine consumers, and some perhaps fooled, do not miss the video below.

The vending machine is shown almost as a small factory of Lay's potato, his bowels seem to harbor a system that washes, peeled, chopped potatoes, fries, and offers the pockets to be tasted. If this were true it would be a revolution in the world of potato chips, in fact everything that consumers can see, a video whose purpose is to show how they are made ​​Lay's potato industry.
Maquina expendedora de patatas Lay’s
The vending machine Lay's potato chips that works seamlessly attempts to simulate the process, to the point that the bag out of the vending machine hot potatoes as if they were really just prepared. Was enough to put a heater in the bottom of the machine to heat the bag and give that appearance.
It has taken six months to perfect the mechanism of the machine, Adage explain that by a motion sensor detects when the user potato falls within the vending machine, automatically activates the video of one minute, the timing must be perfect, as the video progresses buttons are lit in a side panel that shows which phase is introduced potatoes, washed, peeled, chopped, cooking, salting and packing purpose as mentioned, is to convince consumers that the process offers the vending is real.
The original strategy is intended to show consumers that these potatoes are made with real potatoes, trying to banish some indicating that hoaxes are not real potatoes used in processing. Lay's makers say they have no secrets, potatoes, oil and salt are the basic ingredients. After installation, it is not surprising that according to the Argentine consumer acceptance, initiate new vending machines Lay's potato the rest of the country and then make it available in the world.
As they say in Direct Marketing , this reminds us Let's Pizza , a vending machine pizzas being prepared pizzas in just 2.5 minutes, but in this case it was a real process.

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Stevia chocolate, Sweet chocolate without sugar

Stevia chocolate, Sweet chocolate without sugar. Stevia chocolate, a miracle .

It seems that the industry is revving up in relation to the use of stevia, today we learned that the Cavalier Belgian chocolate company, brand founded in 1996 specializing in the manufacture of chocolates and cookies without sugar , has announced that from next year will launch a range of chocolate with stevia in the United Kingdom. Perhaps it could be deduced that knowing something rash and still have not completed the steps for approval of stevia in the EU. 

A few months ago was held in Paris (France), the Third World Conference & Flavours Stevia Tasteless 2011: The Challenge of Taste, an event which was the impact of Stevia with consumers and which were not accessible to new strategies to achieve the introduction of the extract of this plant with a capacity of up to 300 times more sweetness than sugar, in all countries, it spoke in the post World Stevia . France was the first European Union country to authorize the use of derivatives of this plant for use in the food industry. Approved the use of stevia in the EU and in principle, from the year 2012 the sweetener can be found on the shelves of shopping malls, but first should be ratified by Parliament and the European Council later this year .

Although it looks like it will ratify its use, the EFSA conducted a study  released last year which exposed that toxicology tests showed that the substances contained in the sweetener posed no danger to human health , this study was submitted to the European Commission for analysis and subsequent verdict already known. It seems that chocolate brand wants to be one of the first to offer cookies and chocolate with stevia in some countries. 
Through the official website of Cavalier defense that we can verify the sweetener is made ​​by citing its advantages and benefits, it is said that stevia is health and the chocolate a health food, you indicate that you can enjoy a delicious Belgian chocolate quality without having to worry about health.
It appears that stevia products will be an important market niche, and given that it is said of stevia is a natural product very sweetener is not carcinogenic, it is heat stable and can be used in different processes cooking offers greater protection against oral problems such as cavities and contains zero calories, which helps to combat overweight and obesity. Previously, the Swiss chocolate brand in Switzerland Villards already launched a 70% black chocolate with stevia , however, indicates that product quality has nothing to do with the new chocolate stevia Cavalier will be a matter of proving if it the Spanish market.
It is noted that Villards wanted to be the first company to work with stevia, but failed to prevent the taste of stevia leaves, remember that the taste left by the sweetener has been a problem, consumers did not fully accept this flavor of this problem spoken at the site of the World Stevia. It seems that Cavalier has overcome this issue, at least the results of a tasting panel reflect it.
Another issue is the price, it seems that steviol glycosides, the sweet components of stevia leaf rebaudioside A and specifically, one of the most abundant, have engaged in a price range that are rated as prohibitive for many manufacturers, but expected to fall after approval. It will be interesting to know the price of chocolate with stevia, if they are prohibitively expensive, so are consumers. We'll see how consumers accept new foods sweetened with stevia, the first review will be consumers in the UK. You can learn more about the news through the website of Food Navigator.

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The bars and restaurants in Barcelona veto the pot smokers

The bars and restaurants in Barcelona veto the pot smokers.
Cannabis on the terraces of central Barcelona is so widespread that the bars and restaurants have already started to hang signs warning that you can not smoke pot. The owners of premises face fines for allowing this practice. Point out that police pressure in the center is greater than that exerted in other entertainment areas of the city.
More and more groups that refuse to turn off the joint "The problem is we do, because more and more groups that refuse to shut down the joint when we say," lamented Wednesday a waitress who preferred Rambla del Raval anonymity. Just as busy on this trip, bars and restaurants have seen an increasing number of customers who refuse to stop smoking drug on the terraces. 
The entertainment they are exposed to impose fines that start from 300 euros for allowing drug use in their establishment. In fact, in the Raval, various locations reported having received a 20 minute penalty for this reason. "We try to avoid smoking in our tables, but which you'll find tours that are already making a cigarette," says Joan, who owns a bar downtown.
Professionals in the Gothic and Raval Police say more raids and controls in this area of the city. The Catalan police remember that they are patrolling involved when caught red-handed smokers from joints or when they receive a warning.

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Why the cork is used to close wine bottles?

Why the cork is used to close wine bottles?
Discover what are the characteristics that make this material unique and irreplaceable

The Egyptians used it to seal the ceramic pots that they put in the graves. And the Greeks, to seal the containers in which they kept the wine and olive oil. For various reasons, cork is one of the best insulating liquids exists.
Unlike what happens with other materials, the bark of cork oak has the "power" to hold the wine at the same time it provides a high oxygen it needs to mature and not bulging. Having no source of oxygen, sulfur dioxide, which has wine decays and produces a foul odor.
"Inside, the cork looks like a beehive full of gas, 89.7% is gas, making it light and floating," notes the website Gizmodo . It is this gas that is released in minute quantities, and aerating the wine. And, not from the outside, does not contain external aromas that may affect drinking.
In addition, once a bottle is closed with a cork, which in structure is capable of being compressed, the liquid will not corrode or is able to push it. According to the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture, pieces of cork can remain submerged in liquid for centuries without fail.
While this material has been used for centuries, only in the eighteenth century, first used in industry and sparkling wines. It was Dom Perignon who, seeking a way that the gas of champagne bottles that do not are "open themselves", he found the cork to your friend. And so the use of these plugs became universal.

African descent would be more likely to develop food allergies

African descent would be more likely to develop food allergies.
Compared to infants from other sources are twice as likely to react allergically to certain foods
The white of egg , the milk cow and peanuts , and soy, shrimp, nuts, wheat and cod are foods that commonly cause allergic reactions in people.  
Inputs due to its composition and nature can cause stomach discomfort , sneezing, nasal obstruction or changes in the skin.
According to a study by the School of Medicine, Northwestern University (United States), people would be more likely to afrodescendendientes allergic reactions to these foods than other individuals.
Leche,  Maní,  Nueces

Rajesh Kumar, a pediatrician who was in charge of the investigation, used as sample to 1,104 children of different ethnicities, we test for six years.
The researchers found that children of African descent were nearly 2.5 times more sensitive than white children. All this in reference to the eight foods listed above.
"When the researchers examined the genetic markers of ancestry was found that for every increase of 10% of African descent, the children were 7% more likely to have antibodies to food allergens," said the magazine Healthland .
According to the specialist says, his study has been able to find links between levels of antibodies that can cause a reaction. However, these results are not conclusive because there is a slight chance that other hereditary factors affect the functioning of the immune system. It may also affect some environmental factors, he said.

The world's most odorous cheese

The world's most odorous cheese. 
The Vieux-Boulogne was chosen by the Chinese as the most disgusting of all for its strong aroma . know the complete ranking

While cheese is a favorite food of many people also arouses disgust in others. That is the case with French vieux Bologne, which was chosen as the most disgusting western food by the Chinese . The reason? Its strong smell, which counted as respondents may produce nausea.
The figure changes completely in France. There is a food revered and frequently used by restaurants gourmet despite its strong odor. This cheese is considered the most fragrant the world by experts from Cranfield University in London.
In reaching this conclusion, the scientists used an "electronic nose", equipped with sensors that analyzed dozens of samples. In addition to this 19 experts convened tasting.
The vieux, made ​​from milk from cows, semi-hard consistency and has a washed rind with beer, which is the reason for its strong smell. Thus, bathed in beer is tuned for nine weeks.

Second-ranked was ranked the Pont-Lévêque, also cow's milk, made in Normandy (France), tuned six weeks and washed with brine (water with a high concentration of dissolved salt) used for purifying and preserving food.
Third, Camembert from Normandy also need a maceration of 21 days minimum. Then there are the Munster and Roquefort (France), the latter with a particular history and a process of maceration of up to five months allowing the development of internal molds.
The cheddar was in sixth place, a cheese product that was born centuries ago from the combination of leftovers from various cheeses. It also requires a process of purification of six to 24 months. Gone are the Parmesan Italian and French Epoisses.
According to the specialists commented to AFP, the stronger smelling cheeses are washed, and macerated as well. He also ruled out any link between the smell and the type of milk used in its preparation.

Portugal charge taxes to fast food, great news

Portugal charge taxes to fast food, great news. 

You may soon apply a tax on fast food in Portugal, apparently, the Dean of the College of Physicians of the country has proposed to the Minister of Health, create a new tax levied on all foods that are considered unhealthy either fast food, snacks, prepared foods and everything that has excess fat, sugar or salt. The arguments used are: the economic crisis and the right time to tax that may help overcome, reduce spending because of the diseases associated with overweight and obesity , so it does not make budget cuts in the NHS, improve the health of the general population and prevent drug use (which will have to see this last point).
Gradually increase the number of countries that impose taxes on such foods, we can recall for example the tax on saturated fats from food in Denmark , and the recent tax burgers which came into force on day 1 of September in Hungary. It seems that both the Government and medical specialists are interested in implementing a tax on fast food in Portugal, we must take into account the country's government has announced a health savings plan which will restructure hospitals and streamline medication.

No wonder therefore that medical specialists see a way to safeguard their area with tax, just as the government sees with good eyes would get additional revenue. Before the crisis, were not registered in Portugal such measures, but now the flag has health doctors explaining how bad it is fast food, soft drinks, snacks, etc. Explain how dangerous it is overcoming the calories recommended daily but it is clear that now care more before the announced cuts, we do not know if economic boom had applied a tax on fast food .
But the tax who is going to apply?, Does not indicate whether the food industry, consumers or both, really angry is necessary that doctors fear for their jobs and their salaries for that warrant such action. As the saying goes, 'if you see your neighbor's beard cut, put yours to soak', never better. Maybe not soon meet a similar proposal in Spain, remember that our Social Security surplus is shrinking at an alarming rate and taking into account the severe economic crisis and the search for new taxes to apply ... and white in the bottle. Indeed, a researcher at the University of Navarra already proposed in 2009 to promote the Mediterranean diet by increasing the price of fast food .

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How to identify a bad chocolate?

How to identify a bad chocolate? 

Have you found a chocolate in your pocket, wallet in the drawer in the cupboard? Do not know how long there? Do you doubt whether you should eat it or not? Whoever is involved does not guarantee that it is completely safe. Better find out what is meant by the following features.
We used to think that any white layer on top of a food indicates the presence of fungi. However, this does not apply to chocolate. "When the fat of butter cocoa chocolate that has separated from the cocoa mass, rises to the surface, "explains an article in the 'Huffington Post' . 
Changes in temperature and humidity can cause the chocolate sugar from crystallizing. While this is not harmful to your health , the grainy texture may not be very pleasant.
Like other foods, the smell can tell us much of his state and in the case of chocolate, their flavor. "Chocolate absorbs flavors like a sponge, especially when they have been stored in a refrigerator full of tasty food. The best way to store it tightly wrapped in a cool, dry place away from strong smelling foods, "she advises.
How long does chocolate? According to the article, it is best to consume before you spend a year since it happened. However, some of these high-quality candies can be eaten after this time. "Some chocolates and wine improve with time."
Well, finally, the first bite will alert you if there is anything "strange". For example, if you're too bitter or if you notice a flavor that is uncharacteristic of the chocolate itself, it is best boats you have in your mouth and eat more.

Eight foods that cleanse our body

Eight foods that cleanse our body

It is always good to clean your body of toxins. Some of the organs of our body help this task is accomplished, but never more than we do work together.
While any detox regime should be guided by a physician, there are certain foods that can provide a safe and purifying effect every day. 

This vegetable is rich in vitamin B3, B6 and C. It also has beta-carotene and is a good source of iron , magnesium, zinc and calcium . What all have in common these minerals? Are needed to promote detoxification and optimum waste disposal, according to 'The Huffington Post' .
In addition, the beet makes our gallbladder and liver, organs that are responsible for processing and removing toxins, have good health. It also improves our digestion.
This family contains several antioxidant foods, helps to alkalize the blood and strengthen the digestive system. "Sea vegetables offer the broadest range of minerals of any food, containing virtually all the minerals found in the ocean," the article said.
Broccoli sprouts
The broccoli is a vegetable very beneficial. While many of the substances released when we cook it, chew or digest has a specific effect on the process of detoxification, are the buds of this plant the most help us, because they contain 20 more sulforaphane.
When you boil the seeds and mix, for example, emollient , get a drink rich in fiber which helps to collect and remove toxins from our gut.
"The lemon stimulates the release of enzymes and helps convert toxins to become water soluble, so it can easily be removed from our body, "says the article.
Some features of this foodstuff: a potent antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. And all this can help reduce the toxins our own body produces.
This vegetable has been shown to have the ability to increase bile production and to purify and protect the liver. They also have a diuretic effect.
Fiber, vitamins and minerals, all this within a block . In addition, this fruit has substances from a detoxifying process. "Apples are also a good source of pectin, a soluble fiber that helps to remove metals and food additives in our body."

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The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study

The effect of coffee is in our minds, says study.

"In the mornings, I just wake up after drinking a cup of coffee." Does that phrase sound familiar? It is something that many people who consume caffeine quite often say. Well, apparently that idea would be more psychological than physiological reasons.
Scientists at the University of East London looked at how "real" is the effect of coffee: As reported by "The Daily Mail" , studied 88 volunteers used to take at least two cups of beverage per day.
One group was given coffee regularly, but told them it was decaffeinated. While the other was given the drink without caffeine itself into believing that contained it. Then I did some tests designed to measure the activity of mind, resilience and humor. 
While the first group showed better performance in some tests, did not seem to have a better ability to react. And on the other hand, those who thought they had taken caffeine had better results in all tests.
In conclusion, everything is in our mind. "The findings suggest that the expectation of having consumed caffeine provides an improvement in care that is comparable, perhaps superior, to the effect of caffeine," the researchers said the study authors published in "Appetite".

These are the dishes that restaurants offers at Mistura 2011

These are the dishes that restaurants offers at Mistura 2011

Giancarlo Sala focuses on risottos, and will be the only one who serves in Mistura . He will take two options: one is crowned with dried meat and another to suck shrimp.
Away Chang-Say has in some spaghetti in squid ink to the male are more orders. And the show opens in a crispy duck rice promises.
Witches Cachiche
Will two of the most representative dishes from our kitchen: chicken chili and Witch Cachiche carapulca.
Cabo Blanco
Try encebichado fish and sweat that prepares Paul Cordova, a former bartender at the Fishing Club and the man who for over 50 years attended Ernest Hemingway.
Caracol Azul
From the warm Piura comes ceviche with Sanandaj northern and traditional chavelo dry.
Chef Alvaro Raffo will lasagna filled huancaína lomo saltado and mozzarella and parmesan baked with. In desserts, the Doña Pepa cheseecake, surprise of tile, custard apple cheesecake and chocolate mousse, rice pudding and porridge.
Don Fernando
Vera prepare the rice with duck and goat with beans in the style of his native Pacasmayo.

Edo Sushi Bar
The temple of the maki delight everyone with its flavors fused. Have four versions: acebichado, the shogun, the California and karai.
The Profumo Parrillón Paul
The Uruguayan cuisine, you can try the classic chicken pamplona (rolled) and grilled offal (sweetbreads, kidneys, chitterlings, etc.).
Ana Maria Vela Inchicapi prepare traditional and tacu tacu regional as well as cassava patties.
The Pilot
The diner will come with their tamales and generous with breaded tacu tacu mounted.
The Rocoto
Blanca Chavez will serve your shrimp soup and stuffed hot pepper . You'll also have cheese ice cream for dessert.
The truthfulness of Fidel
Find leche de tigre, and will Fidel Aymar . Also bring your crispy jelly mixed.
A good and tasty crab trap with beans Trujillo kid is good then northern. 
La Granja Azul
Your baby chicken to firewood can accompany with cocktail Long Time in the house, and for dessert, their cheeky .
My Private Property
In his letter chose the sea nibbling and tacu tacu seafood.
Octopus in olive pays tribute to the memorable Rosita Yimura jumped back and noodle chef is the chef delights that will Maruy Frank Omar . For dessert, cream flipped. Olivar
The big soup mixed the boiled , makes his entrance Mistura 2011. Huancaína come with sauces, peppers and chimichurri male.
The pig Nikkei Thai rice surely tempt. In makis, have the pachamaki (sprinkled with fish sauce, barbecue) and terimaki (salmon and shrimp and teriyaki sauce furai).
Eye on this lasagna huancaína tipped breast stew and cheese Cajamarca and flavored gnocchi carapulca chinchano type that will have the chef Rodrigo Pastor.
Mavery Pizzeria
Will be with their empanadas with corn, chili chicken, beef, three cheeses, crab and anchovy. In addition, pizza with ham and mozzarella, the sauce huancaína fettuccine and others in an intriguing sauce of anchovies.
Punta Sal
A fresh fish ceviche, homemade and traditional, is being prepared by the chef Adolfo Perret .
Peruvian flavors
Cuba Lourdes sea duck in pisco , chicha morada and stout for his northern rice. Pisco is also the lamb dry. Also bring picarones.
Hall of Happiness
For the second year, this Chinese restaurant Mistura reached . The sale will dim sum and generous combined.
San Joy Lao
Dr. Luis Yong elected its Jau Chi Cuy to shine in this international fair. Served with spicy oyster sauce, mix well with the airport.
Segundo Muelle
From the outset, the ceviche, and background, your rice with seafood. For dessert, the sigh.
Sophie Bistro
The Creole cuisine with a different presentation. Kid Serve with baked pumpkin puree and duck ceviche loche.
They take their orders tiradito fair warm oxtail cannelloni.
Industrial Park of Callao to the exhibition. Juan Pablo de la Torre ossobuco prepare pork confit with fettuccine. And for dessert, pie pecans brown sugar to honey and vanilla ice cream.
Exhibition Park. From Friday 9 to Sunday 18, 11 am to 11 pm Tickets: adults S/.15, S/.10 children (these are only presale prices until Thursday 8 in Teleticket).

Junk food wants to land on the Moon

Junk food wants to land on the Moon.

If I am to be honest, when I found this news I thought it was a hoax as a house, but have not found anywhere that says it's a lie I still think it is. In any case, it ceases to be completely, totally and absolutely WTF!?: Restaurant chain Domino's Pizza wants to be the first to open a pizzeria ... the Moon!.
The first thing I thought is let's see, what would it cost to mount a restaurant there? Let's see ... it has been estimated that the costs would total $ 21,800 million (about 15,300 million € at current exchange rates, or so says Google ) and it would take to get 15 rockets and send them to the moon to build a two story building about 26 meters wide, which will also be a restaurant and housing for the workers of the same.
According to Matsunaga, the project manager at Domino's, hope that in future there are many people living on the moon. Uhm ... I guess I will have done their market research and all that, but just to eye I do not know what price they have to sell the Pizza restaurant to be minimally profitable. Unless, of course, that in fact the moon is full of aliens willing to eat pizza and the government is hiding us ... 

Eating potatoes lowers blood pressure, and reduce weight

Eating potatoes lowers blood pressure, and reduce weight.

To harness these benefits, we have to eat the potato boiled and without mayonnaise or ketchup

Washington (EFE). The poor reputation of the potatoes as fattening foods may be unfounded. A scientific study reveals that moderate consumption of the tuber and lowers blood pressure does not increase weight .
The work, led by Dr. Joe Vinson of the University of Stranton Pennsylvania, was presented today at the Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS, for its acronym in English) held in Denver, Colorado.
"The potato, more so than any other vegetable , has an undeserved bad reputation that has led many people looking for a power to remove it from your healthy diet, "said Vinson.
Vinson said that "in reality, when prepared without frying and no butter, a potato has only 110 calories and dozens of healthy phytochemicals and vitamins. Our study hopes to help rebuild the popular image of the potato nutrition. "
The research was conducted with tubers prepared in the microwave without mayonnaise or ketchup, sauces preferred by consumers. Eighteen patients with overweight and high blood pressure ate between 6 and 8 potatoes twice a day for a month.
Following this diet , Vinson's team found that the mean diastolic blood pressure was reduced by 4.3% and 3.5% systolic and none of the study subjects had gained weight.
The study explained that due to the high temperatures used in their preparation, the act of frying potatoes destroys most of the healthful substances.
Vinson said that according to the results obtained, the healthiest way to preserve the nutrients of the potato is "simply cooked in the microwave."

PHOTOS: sushi restaurant sells about 40 times greater than normal

PHOTOS: sushi restaurant sells about 40 times greater than normal. 

In Aichi Prefecture , in Japan, there is a bar known for preparing sushi maki , sushi and giant nigiris. For example, to roll (or maki) use two meters of algae in the winding, with rice, 20 different ingredients. As pointed out by the website Japan Probe , this bite apotheosis costs about $ 196 and must be requested two days in advance. In addition, for the same price you can ask for a table of sushi and nagiris also enormous. To give you an idea of proportion: the piece of fish used in this sushi could make 40 normal size. Although in Japanese, you can see here the video of the preparation of these unique dishes.

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

Is it necessary to keep the butter in the refrigerator?

FDA spokeswoman says how long you can survive this product milk at room temperature

At home, where usually keep the butter ? In some homes, this popular dairy product has a fixed place, almost sacred, at the door or at the top of the refrigerator, while in others the practice is to always be on hand on the table in the dining area.
Perhaps those who always kept in the refrigerator do for fear that this is wasted. And on the other hand, those who are motivated out of it to so the butter does not harden and can spread easily.
So is it necessary to refrigerate butter? How much time can pass before they rot? According to Tamara Ward, spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English), butter lasts up to 10 days at room temperature. After that, it becomes stale.
"Rancid means that the enzymes naturally present in the milk begin to digest fats in butter, causing an acid taste and aroma," he explains as reported
However, the butter is rancid does not make it "dangerous", but simply tastes bad.
Either way we must keep this dairy product wrapped or in a butter dish, and avoid contamination by dirty knives.
In addition, strong odors that are permeating the air with ease in the butter, and is in the cupboard or refrigerator. What does this mean? That we should not have it near onions or garlic.

Coffee: a weapon to combat stress and stay healthy

Coffee: a weapon to combat stress and stay healthy.

One of the greatest sources of content antioxidant and experts recommend drinking two to four cups a day

A cup of coffee to start the day is what many need to wake up completely and stay alert at least during the morning. But the benefits of coffee are not limited to it, according to studies in the United States, its benefits are manifold. For example, combat stress and ensure better health.
"The antioxidants natural coffee, as caffeine , chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, cafestol and kaweol mainly protect us against cellular aging, thus reducing the risk of chronic diseases, "said Ruth Pedroza Islas, coordinator Food Engineering at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and spokesman Nescafé Aztec lands.
In a note published in the newspaper El Universal of Mexico, the expert notes that "the fast pace we live in has changed the quality of life and increased stress, which together with other factors such as pollution and over-consumption of calories , favor the production of reactive oxygen within the body. "
As one of the major sources of antioxidants (ranking sixth among the 50 foods with the highest intake), coffee improves memory and concentration and even has beneficial effects on the aesthetics. "It reduces the fat in the abdominal area and is a great help in weight reduction programs."
Pedroza Islas said that to ensure a good antioxidant, it is advisable to take two to four cups of coffee.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of the world's best beer is brewed by monks

One of the world's best beer is brewed by monks

To purchase is necessary to go to a monastery. occurs in Belgium and some describe as the "Holy Grail"

One of the best beers in the world is produced in Belgium and the makers are nothing less than a group of Catholic monks of the order of the Trappists. The drink is not sold in stores and get it (a treat) you have to go to the monastery of St. Sixtus located in the village of Westvleteren.
According to DPA, the beer was launched six years ago when thousands of users chose the Westvleteren 12 as the best 2005 in a ranking of Rateb. "Centuries ago, the Trappist brewing because the available water was contaminated with substances that cause various diseases. They make beer, but the monastery is not a brewery, "said the article published in the newspaper El Pais , Costa Rica.
Despite the high demand, the monks only produce 4800 hectoliters per year while the Belgian Trappist monasteries five (who also brew) producing up to 120,000 hectoliters a year.
The strongest, known as Westvleteren 12, is also the most acclaimed. "It tastes sweet figs, raisins, brown sugar and nuts, very good," writes a Danish Rateb . John McKusick, who has worked for years in the beverage industry in the United States, describes it as "the holy grail of beers." One should drink sometime. "
However, it is very difficult to achieve. "Beer can be purchased only at the monastery, about 130 miles west of Brussels, near the border with France. Anyone wishing to take two boxes of 24 bottles each, will call at a specific time, waiting for feedback and give their registration number and telephone. Then, also at a particular time will have to go to St. Sixtus and collect, "says the note.
It is forbidden to sell the bottles, although there are bars in Belgium where it is offered. Its price is much higher. In the monastery, 24 beers cost 39 euros Westvleteren 12 (56.6 dollars), but in the bars by a single beer can be paid up to 12 euros.

Tips for preparing a good milkshake

Tips for preparing a good milkshake.

What is the proportion of milk and ice cream ideal? Know the answers to these and other questions.

It's cold, but for fans of ice cream , and all its variants, does not mean an impediment. Therefore, we bring you some instructions for preparing a super milkshake and tips for having the texture you like best.
"If you have a blender, you can use a hand mixer, which is just as effective," says Chef Brett Reichler in an article in Food Network . "If you have neither, take a stainless steel bowl and whisk. One should never refuse a milkshake just for not having a blender. "
The first thing we must do, according to Reichler, is to put the glass that we will use in the freezer until completely cold.
Then we have to deal with temperature and texture of ice cream that we use. "It has to be tempered, soft but not watery. This step is key. If too hard, you have to add lots of milk and turpentine, diluting the concentration of ice cream. "
Take these steps as guidelines: place three scoops of ice cream, 59 mL of milk and flavoring you like (fudge, caramel or pieces of cookies ). "Do not add ice because aguará your homework. If you like milkshakes looser, just use more milk, "advises the article.
Now, if you throw cookies, the recommendation is to put about three more or less crushed cookies into ice cream.
And a couple of suggestions: Crown your milkshake with whipped cream, cookies or candy pieces. You can also give an interesting twist, reemplezando milk by a spray of your liquor favorite.

Rafael Nadal: "I'm not a model of healthy eating"

Rafael Nadal: "I'm not a model of healthy eating" 

Rafael Nadal , he learned to cook watching her mother in silence. In "Rafa," his recently published autobiography, the reigning Roland Garros and number two in the world reveals that likes to entertain from the kitchen.
"I enjoy it, and my family thinks I do well. It is something more to help ease my mind, "says the Spanish athlete in his book, reports The New York Times . "When I can, I go to the supermarket to buy some of the things I eat too much, like Nutella , chips or olives. "
The tennis player born in one of the Balearic Islands, 25, considers that there is a model of food healthy, what would be expected of a professional athlete. "As like normal people do," he says.
Rafael Nadal 

How to keep a wine and enjoy it fully

How to keep a wine and enjoy it fully. 

If a bottle of wine comes into our hands is necessary to pay particular attention to where we will put it to ensure good conservation. Time to uncork we must also take into account other details such as temperature, marriage and type of container you drink. The Web Planet Joy made ​​a list of tips to keep our bottle of wine is spoiled or not retain all its properties. Here are a few. 

While not every home have a warehouse, we can do much to ensure the health of our wine. For example, we avoid storing in the kitchen or other places that are exposed to changing temperatures. Simply turn on the oven or burners produces alterations in the bottle by changing its smell, color and flavor. It is important to be in a cool, stable temperature and not too exposed to light. We must keep away from places with strong odors, as these penetrate the cork and damage the original flavor of the wine.

Not all wines are equal and each one requires a special temperature when being uncorked. "They take cold sparkling, fresh whites and reds to the so-called room temperature is not a fad. The acidity of the sparkling white and usually higher than the red, so they need to be cold, "says the note. The publication adds that "in the red, cold but blocks attenuates alcohol aromas and tannins get rough. The ideal is to take between 13 ° C and 17 ° C. For the bubbles, 8 ° C, for whites, 11 º C ". 

Many times it has been said that wine glasses do not alter the virtues of wine, "are made ​​of a noble material that has no flavor and easy to clean." Plastic cups are prohibited. We must take into account the pairing , because there are foods that when combined with a wine let us taste awful.

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