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A fruit of the wise: know the history of the banana

A fruit of the wise: know the history of the banana.

It is the third fruit world's most popular. It is expensive and scarce one hundred years ago have grown into a common product

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Madrid (EFE). There are plenty of foods that Europeans automatically identified as "originating in America" ​​and, in fact, were the New World from the Old, yes, thrived in their new home beautifully. This applies, among other things, the bananas . Or bananas, or bananas ...
A Spanish, of course, does not think in America when he eats bananas. Think of the Canary Islands. For northern Europeans, the banana comes from the Antilles and Central America, with some input from West Africa. But the truth is that bananas are not native to America, although this view has been championed by such illustrious companies as Alejandro de Humboldt.
By all indications, this fruit , like many others, is originally from India, where she was known as the fruit of the wise. From there he was emigrating to the West. It is believed that the yogis and holy men ate green bananas Indians, as did a long time Christian hermits and monks of Abyssinia.
The banana was transplanted to the Spanish, from the Canary Islands in 1516 by Spanish friar Tomas de Berlanga. Shortly after arriving in Mexico, where it took root very well. At the same time, the cultured Portuguese in Brazil, where they acquired their name from bananas, which seems to come from a language spoken by some of the first African slaves arrived on Brazilian soil, originating in an area of ​​the Gulf of Guinea.
Popular and nutritious
Bananas are the third most popular fruit in the world. It is expensive and scarce one hundred years ago have grown into a common product. Its main feature is its high sugar content, which can reach 20%. There are many varieties of bananas, no significant differences between them from a nutritional point of view. All are good sources of vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin.
The popularization of bananas have names. The American Lorenzo Dow Baker chartered a schooner in 1870, to Jamaica. Loaded bananas and coconuts and returned to New Jersey. The business did well and in 1885 founded the Boston Fruit Company. Shortly after he realized that the big money was in total control, planting, cultivating, harvesting and transport bananas.
In 1899 he teamed up with Minor Keith, who had built a railroad in Panama and they founded the United Fruit Company, which means the company, for better and for worse, in Central America, it is well known.
In Spain, until nothing more bananas did not know that those who call it "dessert." A Spanish in America, is confused with the terminology of the various types of banana, which for some years, as Latin American immigration, are now available in markets and good greengrocers, or those working American genera.
So far, talk of bananas, plantains or was talking about things unknown: only sweet banana, Canary Islands, to take oil or any dessert recipe, greedy, given the high sugar content of bananas, all content enhance these recipes.
For example, the most classic and simplest of all: the bananas flambe. We will use four bananas sweet . The pelaremos and jumping in a frying pan with a little butter.
Then sprinkle generously with brown sugar and finally, sprinkle with a glass of dark rum, warm and sweet. Only at the time of bringing to the table will light the alcohol on fire reaching to the diners. Not only will like: You may even become wiser.

Chinese paid almost $ 200 thousand for the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world

Chinese paid almost $ 200 thousand for the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world.

This is a Dalmore aged 62 years. In the world there are only 12 samples

A Chinese citizen paid $ 196,735 for a bottle of whiskey Scotch Dalmore aged 62 years, thus becoming the most expensive shows in history.
As reported in ABC the buyer, whose details were not disclosed, took the bottle in a trade from Singapore Changi Airport, which has offered six months ago in his cabinet.
"There is only twelve bottles like this in the world," said an airport spokesman, adding that the buyer has deposited only in principle, half the money.
David Robertson, representative of Dalmore and one of the few who has had the privilege to try the aged, said that "the taste is exceptional and includes honey, Seville oranges, coffee, chocolate, cardamom, cloves, ginger and almonds."

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world.

Anne-Sophie Pic was selected by the specialists of the Michelin guide and its restaurant , La Maison Pic, has three stars

Anne-Sophie Pic, born July 12, 1969 in Valence, southern France, is the chef of the restaurant family dining La Maison Pic , founded in 1891, located in Valence in the Drome (city par excellence in organic farming) Rhones Alpes department.
With three Michelin stars since 2007, on 18 April this year, this student of Paul Bocuse , but also after all self-taught, was awarded the Veuve Clicquot for Best Female Chef in the World.
His grandfather, André Pic, also had 3 Michelin stars, but in 1934, and his father, Jacques Pic, those achieved in 1973.
When Anne-Sophie Pic was named chef of the year in 2007, recorded the 8,000 chefs in the Michelin guide, became also the first woman to receive this distinction.
Anne-Sophie Pic
The reins and pans from one of the best restaurants in France are in the skilled hands and taste buds of Anne-Sophie Pic. Some of their specialties can include: transparency of tuna marinated in mild spices and tomato jelly, scallops (or coquille Saint-Jacques) of Granville, Drome dove or fresh tuna with mustard and foie gras China. From these ingredients we can start dreaming.

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000

The world's most expensive dessert is worth $ 26,000.
Years ago an ice cream coated in gold leaf had become the most expensive dessert history . value? a whopping sum of $ 25,000. Today this has been relegated to second place with the preparation of a cannoli, a traditional dessert from Sicily (Italy), which costs no less than $ 26,000.
The cannoli is a cake filled with cream cheese and other goodies exclusive Italian, rolled into a tube by a crusty mass. What makes it so expensive? The dough is made ​​of edible gold and also wears a necklace of diamonds (not eaten, but it helps most coveted).
As pointed out by the Web Pitch , the cake was put on display at Jasper's Restaurant in Texas by chef Jasper Mirabile. The proceeds from its sale will go to charitable activities.

The beer Hydrate like water after sport

The beer Hydrate like water after sport. 
Brussels (EFE). A study presented today in Brussels shows that moderate consumption of beer after physical exercise is as effective as water for rehydration and recovery, according to medical experts have said.
This is one of the findings presented today at the "VI European Symposium on Beer and Health", where they participated in the EU specialists in medicine, nutrition and feeding.
Dr. Manuel Castillo, Granada University, presented the results of a study carried out with a group of young men, and that was to measure the body's reaction to the ingestion of water or beer after intense physical exertion.
"We conducted the study to see if the widespread custom of taking a beer after exercise was something desirable or not," Castillo told the media after his speech.
The conclusion was that a moderate amount of beer in particular, two "thirds" or bottles-"not a problem that harms the rehydration that occurs after exercise."
In this sense, the beer would be "just as you drink water," and recommended the consumption of fermented drink to all those who have no contraindication.
"We did not find neither a specific nor a negative effect could be attributed to the intake of beer compared with the ingestion of water only," he said Castillo.

Also, the doctor noted that during the lectures will be presented another study that rules out the relationship between beer consumption and the tendency to develop "beer belly".
Dr. Ramon Estruch, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​explains his results from several studies showing that moderate consumption of beer "helps prevent stroke, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect arteries."
It also provides protection against cardiovascular risk factors, such as diabetes, improved blood pressure and lipid profile, ie, lowers bad cholesterol and increase good, or the parameters of inflammation caused by atherosclerosis.
The alcohol in beer "has some positive effects," which are multiplied together with nonalcoholic components such as polyphenols.
The doctor said that currently are conducting research to determine whether the benefits of beer with alcohol on healthy people is greater than the beer "without", but noted that there is evidence to believe that the former has certain positive effects .
In any case, Estruch stressed the importance of "Beer is consumed within a healthy eating pattern, and particularly of the Mediterranean diet."
Dr. Maria Teresa Fernandez Aguilar, Health Agency of Valencia, said the effects beneficial beer without alcohol for nursing mothers.
The doctor and pediatrician referred to a study presented in August in Valencia, which showed that children breastfed by mothers who consumed two beers without alcohol while breastfeeding is less likely to suffer diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis, due to transmission antioxidant components of the beverage.
"The results surprised us ourselves," said Fernandez, who added that the beer "no" would be more advisable than other soft drinks based chemistry.

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