Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Helpful Tips To Clean Your Stove Tops And Burners

A step by step guide of how to clean your appliance until shine

Avoid the fat from sticking to the burners andby cleaning the burners immediately, "advises us Nile Roca technical supervisor of Bosch . And no wonder, since the cleaning of this part of our kitchen is very difficult.

That is why we have prepared a F.A.Q. that teach us how to perform the procedure.

How often should I have to clean the burners and tops?

Being a kitchen , an appliance for daily use, you should clean it as soon as you finish using it.

What is the proper way to clean the tops?

The cheapest way is to use water and mild dish detergent and scrub with a soft cloth. Also available on the market degreasing chemicals that can be used, but should not be abrasive, corrosive or flammable.

And in the case of the burners?

Cleaning is very simple and very important for the smooth running of the kitchen because it will determine the strength and quality of the flames. There are two types of burners: those who are on the burners and oven.

In the first case, the cleaning should be done every day at end use. For the smooth parts, you can use a mild dish detergent with a soft cloth, and for toothed, use a toothbrush. Then rinsed with water and dried completely.

Cleaning the oven burner is different because, thanks to its location, do not get dirty easily. Are protected and prepared to prevent leakage of fluids and food during use. The recommended approach is to be effected during the preventive maintenance of the kitchen, where you use water and dish soap, and then go dry air pressure or nitrogen and remove some debris could be found inside.

What if these elements have burned fat that is not removed easily? What are your recommendations?

In general, avoid this happening because it wears and deteriorates the burners, but you can use a fine polish with a cloth and rub carefully to remove the stains. or burner grills, you can use a vinegar and water solution, which destroys only organic matter, fat and food debris without damaging the material of the grids.

Is there any situation or something happens that makes the burners do not look like new again?

Yes, for the simple fact used daily in combination with grease, food debris from fire and make these accessories do not look like new after a certain time of use. This process accelerates and becomes more noticeable when users neglect to clean, especially in brass burners, which are those that wear out faster, while those of black enameled possess greater resistance.

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