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Without Money? In the restaurant of Bon Jovi you can pay with no money

Without Money? In the restaurant of Bon Jovi you can pay with no money.

Singer Jon Bon Jovi opened a new restaurant in his native New Jersey, is a fast-food restaurant that has a particular detail. If the guests who have no money to pay the bill in cash or credit card, there is the possibility to do with hours of community service .

During the inauguration of Soul Kitchen, the musician said, "In a context where one of five families living in poverty or below that level and that one in six Americans have no money for food, now is the time of this types of restaurants, "he said in remarks broadcast on the web 20minutes .


Located in a converted garage, the restaurant offers a menu of salads and homemade dishes made with organic products. Bon Jovi had two years working with community kitchen projects in different locations until the U.S. decided to open Soul Kitchen.
Asked for his skills in the kitchen, the interpreter said it is "a specialist in washing dishes, cooking but ... zero."

The strange and obsessive Steve Jobs diet

The strange and obsessive Steve Jobs diet.

The late founder of Apple was subjected to fasting and some extreme diets consisting of only one or two eating food for weeks

Steve Jobs was not some guy was a genius and as such was full of eccentricities. Since repeating the same kind of clothes to his way of eating, it is this latter aspect is developed in detail in his authorized biography , published a few days ago by writer Walter Isaacson .
The book has an obsession with Jobs for vegetarian food , a dietary regime which respected in an exaggerated way even when his illness worsened. According to Mikel Lopez, in his blog  El Pais , the creator of Apple was addicted to vegetables and carrot greens to the point that "the skin reached to put some carrots orange from eating so much, as has a friend in the book. "
apple, steve jobs
"From a young age, Jobs underwent all sorts of purging, fasting and dieting extremes, some consisting of only eating one or two foods for weeks, "describes Lopez. Even in 1977, second year at Apple, he ate only fruit, apples obviously could not be out of this diet.
Apparently this fascination with the plants was inspired by the book "Diet for a Small Planet," a hit in the seventies in the U.S. Despite his poor health , Jobs maintained this regime. His wife and her doctor could do nothing to change his opinion. "For him the fast was cleansing and digestion, a nuisance in that wasted energy," wrote Lopez.

Beware: Obesity harms women more than men

Beware: Obesity harms women more than men.

Women who are overweight are nine times more likely to develop heart disease and high blood pressure in contrast to males, as revealed from a study by the University of California, which analyzed more than 1,700 adolescents of both sexes, ranging between 13 and 17.
On the other hand, found that boys are obese are four times more likely to develop high blood pressure, compared with normal weight adolescents, reports "The Daily"
"Estrogen is a hormone that protects women who are not in the menopausal stage, against heart attacks. However, obesity could weaken, "said Professor Rudy Ortiz, who presented the study at a conference in Mississippi.
comida chatarra, hamburguesa
About 30% of the population in England suffer from high blood pressure but are not aware of it. Effective measures to prevent this disease is to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet .

The food reflects our personality?

The food reflects our personality?

Without thinking, often a particular flavor is used to describe a person. According to a recent study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who prefer sweet foods are usually more pleasant, friendly, compassionate and supportive, compared to those who opt for bitter and sour foods, according to Cukmi
Michael D. Robinson, a researcher at the University of North Dakota , says that there is a link between the food we consume and pro-social behavior. The analysis was performed to different groups of students who chose their food at random and then evaluated their ways of behaving.

Dulces, Chocolate
For analysis, 55 college students tested foods from the five basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. Also answered a series of questions related to your personal tastes.
In another experiment, they were given fresh food and other salty, then asked a teacher to help voluntarily. The result was that students who ate sweets showed more willingness to help another group comparison, according to the website Bodyodd .

BEWARE: Junk food produce infertility in men

BEWARE: Junk food produce infertility in men.

A recent study indicated that a healthy diet based on vegetables and fruits , is beneficial for semen

A recent study by scientists from Harvard University (USA) and Murcia (Spain), reveals that men with a poor diet are more likely to be infertile. To obtain these results, they analyzed the sperm of 188 men between 18 and 22, who previously were evaluated clinically to rule out any disease that affects the semen.
Early results indicate that consumption of junk food with a high level of trans fat, has a negative impact on the male reproductive system, reported The Daily Mail .
comida chatarra
"The main conclusion of our work is that a healthy diet appears to be beneficial for the quality of semen. A higher intake of fish, fresh fruits , whole grains, legumes and vegetables appears to improve sperm motility, "said Audrey Gaskins, author of the study.
She stressed that despite the results further work is needed to explore the exact relationship between nutrition and quality of sperm.
For his part, Edward Kim, president of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, said: "We are still studying the impact of nutrition on fertility male, but even these initial studies suggest a link between a good diet and reproductive health for men ".
The research was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Can you prove you encourage with a chocolate-flavored beer?

Can you prove you encourage with a chocolate-flavored beer?.

The new product was introduced in Mexico and is only available until April, 2012

Have you ever think to find a beer flavored chocolate ? The company Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma just make this product with your brand Chocolate Bohemia, a limited edition available until April 2012.
The Chocolate beer was produced from full-bodied malt and blend of four fine quality malts: pale malt, brown malt, chocolate malt and crystal malt. It has a dark color and an alcohol content of 5.7%.
Its flavor and aroma of bitter chocolate and a hint of caramel makes it the perfect accompaniment to the dishes to be consumed during the holiday season and New Year, reports Milenio .
The Mexican company seeks to place its brand as a premium beer option linked to food, in this case the chocolate. The new drink was the result of experimentation of these workers in the company.

Why pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween?

Why pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween?

Meet the legend that included this popular vegetable in the celebration

In the United States is impossible to imagine a festival of Halloween without pumpkins. Scary faces carved vegetables and bright inside. Fashion and tradition have made this an increasingly universal. 
However, you ever wonder why this pumpkin is a symbol of "Halloween." Here's the answer: the curious story comes from Ireland, a place where the celebration was born.
The hero of this legend is called Jack, a farmer who used cheap and liar cheat their neighbors. One day the devil was to find Jack with the firm intention to take his soul. However, the farmer managed to trick him and get him. In exchange for his freedom the devil promised that "never again look for."
Rarezas, Gastronomía, Curiosidades, Calabazas
After several years, Jack died but was rejected in the sky and go to hell the devil would not receive him, and condemned to wander the dark ways of purgatory.
Before leaving, Jack asked one last favor: a light that can light your way. So the devil gave him an ember that would never burn. The farmer took one of the turnips he had in his bag, he made a hole and put the ember inside the tubers.
Since then it became popular in Ireland in the history of Jack of the Lantern (Jack, the lantern) and was linked to the celebrations of Samhain, Celtic festival that marked the transition (the transition from one year to another) opening the other world.
With the arrival of Irish immigrants to the United States, the celebration became prominent and became a tradition. However, the absence of a planting turnips or beets, but an excess of pumpkins, the Americans decided to change it.
Since then carve scary faces on pumpkins (supposedly Jack's face). These vegetables were placed in the windows of the houses, according to the beliefs, scare away the devil.

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