Monday, July 26, 2010

Vote Now for the Pork (peruvian Chicharron) as the best breakfast on the World

For many families, Sunday begins with a crackling bread . At home in the countryside, on the beach , on the road , in a cafe ... this powerful sandwiches is part of our national charter.

And as a good representative of our cuisine , could not miss in the list of the best breakfast typical of the world, prepared by a reader , who invited him to vote for their favorite.

In the early hours of the morning, the 22 dishes countries around the world, was led by the chocolate with churros in Spain with 7036 votes. But now (2:30 pm), the first place is the fried pork rinds in Peru with more than 10 000 votes.

Other dishes in contention are the 'pa amb tomaquet' typical Catalan breakfast, the Venezuelan arepa, the croissants in France, the English breakfast tea, fried or scrambled eggs on toast, bacon, sausages and cereal, the Italian latte ; pancakes and American-style bagels, the Irish breakfast: bacon, sausage, black pudding and 'white pudding', made with butter, oatmeal, onions and spices, the tamal Guatemalan Mexican fritters, among many others.


Our peruvian breakfast is ranked 16 on the list with nearly 1,800 points.

If the ceviche of Peru won as best dish in the world and if Luciana León was the second most beautiful political (both surveys were conducted in the Spanish media), why not make the pork rinds of Peru is in the top ?

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