Monday, May 21, 2012

Video: Man eats giant Burger King with 1050 bacon strips

Video: Man eats giant burger with 1050 bacon strips

Not to believe it. A man appeared in a Burger King headquarters in Japan, asking for a hamburger. This would be totally normal. However, things turned weird when the guy said he wanted a burger with 1050 strips of bacon, a literal kick to good health and calorie content.

So the man took advantage of a promotion for the chain in which only $ 1.25 for 15 strips of bacon added extras to burgers, and he was asking them to add and add beef strips until reach 1050, which eventually cost him 87 dollars.

The giant burger was a tremendous weight of 2.7kg and 8000 calories, which were completely digested by the Japanese, despite the recommendations of the guys from the restaurant because it was clear It could do pretty big damage to the digestive system and heart of man.

Alcohol does not help to forget,instead helps to remind more

Alcohol does not help to forget,instead helps to remind more

Alcohol as the companion to the time to forget is a curious contradiction, because a study of the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addictions at the University of Texas has shown that drinking alcohol stimulates certain areas of our brain involved in learning and memory.

Hitoshi Morikawa, a neurobiologist, has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience article on alcohol, says "reduces our conscious ability to recall information such as name of a friend, the definition of a word or where you parked the car, but our subconscious learns and remember too, and alcohol increases our ability to remember at this level. " Experiments demonstrated that ethanol exposure increases in synaptic plasticity of neurons in key brain area for memory. In fact, alcoholics are not addicted to the pleasure of drinking, but they are addicted to the pleasure they get from the psychological experience of being drunk who entertains us with the behavior and environment surrounded by low consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol helps memory learning and leisure curoosidades
"We often think of dopamine as a neurotransmitter of happiness, but in reality is a neurotransmitter linked to learning," says neuroscientist. "Its main purpose is to strengthen synapses that are active while releasing" he adds. According to Morikawa, when we drink alcohol dopminérgico system is stimulated, which "tells our brain that what you are doing at that moment is rewarding to be remembered and repeated." "Going to the bar, chatting with friends, eating certain foods and listen to certain music is also rewarding." Therefore, "the more we do these things while we drink alcohol more dopamine is released and becomes more addictive experiences all around the consumption of this drug," concludes the researcher.

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