Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Dinner: meat less calorics for Christmas dinner

Christmas is coming and this time often commit excesses in the food we eat, sometimes up to 5 times the caloric value that normally consume.

To prepare the Christmas dinner, choose a healthy meat means that have a low fat intake and calories to compensate for the use of sauces, dressings and other accompaniments calories.

It is also very important that meat for Christmas dinner is easily digested by children and others with a health problem or a very delicate stomach.

Here I give you some alternatives that may choose to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner.

Turkey is baked, grilled, barbecued or fried. You can make stews, soups, sandwiches and salads with it.

Chicken: the chicken you can prepare everything, but it is best to get the skin because there are areas where most of the fat in this way will be even easier to digest (it is more digestible than beef and turkey).

Pork: fatty pork is the extent of their age, race, court, among other factors. The leaner pork is white or piglet. Like most fat under the skin is the butcher, you can easily remove the fat.

The lean lamb: tender and juicy lamb is best cooked, is baked, grilled, stewed or braised. This type of lamb you recognize it because its color is pink while the lamb is more red.

Dessert Recipe for Diabetics: Pineapple Bavarois

This time I will offer a rich pineapple dessert ideal for people who want to lose weight, especially for diabetics. This dessert is very easy to prepare, I hope you can make and enjoy with your family.

Pineapple Bavarian


  • 250 grams of processed pineapple pulp
  • pineapple slices
  • 10 g unflavored gelatin
  • 1 pot low-fat vanilla yogurt
  • 150 grams of lean spreadable cheese
  • Liquid sweetener

Hydrate the gelatin with some water water, then heat it a few seconds to dissolve and mix with pineapple pulp. E In a bowl, put the yoghurt, cheese and sweetener, followed by the gelatin with fruit. Mix well to unify and then place the mixture into a flan mold.

Take it the cold to solidify and serve with pineapple chunks.

Top 10 fattier foods: Be aware that it is harmful to your health

This time we offer a list of more fatty foods that help raise bad cholesterol and in turn cause heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, overweight and obesity. These foods contain trans or hydrogenated fats, which are most harmful.

If any of these foods is consumed regularly in your diet, more than 3 times a week, would be better to rethink your diet to take care of your health. Remember that the ideal is that you go to a nutritionist to be able to lose weight or change your eating habits healthy.

The 10 most fatty foods

1. French fries (150 g): 7 grams of trans fat

2. Industrial apple pie (1 unit): 6 grams of trans fat

3. Industrial bun (1 unit): 5-6 grams of trans fats

4. Burger (200 gr.): 3 grams of trans fats

5. Cheese (1 unit): 2.2 to 5.2 grams of trans fats

6. Cupcakes (Magdalena) (1 unit): 1 to 2.1 grams of trans fats

7. Cookies (2 units): 1.3 g of trans fat

8. Butter (1 tablespoon): 0.9 grams of trans fats

9. Commercial bagel (1 unit): 0.85 g of trans fats

10. Goose liver (100 g): 380 mg of trans fats

Christmas menu for diabetics

We can celebrate Christmas by eating delicoious and healthy meals, people with diabetes can enjoy a holiday meal without eliminating the incomparable taste of good food.

The Christmas menu for diabetics should consider key issues, such as caloric intake, sugar meals, watch the alcohol intake and fat.

Here I give you some interesting food choices so they can put together the Christmas menu for diabetics.


Deviled Eggs (no yolk) with natural tuna, peppers and light dressing.
• Ligth Canapés with chicken breast, fat-free dressings, vegetables, fish au naturel
• Vegetable skewers with low-calorie sauces
• Melon with cured ham
• Light shrimp Cup

Accompanying dishes:

• Raw vegetable salad
• Roasted Vegetables
• Vegetable leaves


• Salmon stuffed with vegetables
• Lamb oven roasted in its own juice
• Baked or roasted turkey
• Beef steak with mushroom sauce low calorie


• Fruit salad with or without ice cream
• Strawberries with cream cheese, unsalted lean, sweetened with sweetener

I hope you can enjoy this Christmas with his family and that is a healthy and very tasty dinner.

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