Wednesday, August 4, 2010

if you are on a diet do not stop eating fats and carbohydrates

if you are on a diet do not stop eating fats and carbohydrates

Specialist recommends to eat a little of all the food groups because they are important to our health.

Some people turn to diets that, by removing fat food, diets that promise to lose weight quickly. There are also other limiting carbohydrate consumption. However, is this healthy?

It's important to eat all the food groups. We must include fats and carbohydrates in the normal diet and even in a regime to lose weight, except where specific chronic illness and prevent it. This topic is in the quantity and quality of food.

While a weight loss diet should be low in fat, which should decrease are the saturated fats (found in junk food), the unsaturated fats are indeed necessary.

Diets low in fat are not healthy, as there are some vitamins in need of those to be absorbed. Therefore there must be a proportion, preferably omega-3 fats.

While diets low in carbohydrates and high in protein cause rapid weight loss, are harmful because they do not generate an optimal state of energy, which makes people feel tired.

Carbohydrates with fiber are necessary, as also the body burns calories to process whole foods, which help maintain a stable level of blood sugar.

Fatty Liver

The liver is the major biochemical processes in the body and performs various complex functions. Its proper functioning is related to the quality and quantity of food we eat.

Fatty liver (steatosis) is an abnormal accumulation of fat in the body. Can be enlarged, but painless, and if not treated in time there is a risk of cirrhosis.

The quick weight loss diets increase the risk of steatosis. Conversely, diets that include antioxidants, fibers, carbohydrates, seeds, fish, etc., Helps absorb less fat and avoid fatty.

A diet low in fat may lower HDL (good cholesterol). Therefore not be completely suppressing fat intake. In a weight loss diet could include olive oil, fish, lean meats, milk -fat, olives, avocado, peanuts or similar.

We must consume fiber carbohydrates (complex) as those in whole grains, fruits , vegetables, raw or cooked. Also, reduce processed sugar from carbohydrates (simple) as the sweet , the pasta , flour, cakes or desserts .

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