Thursday, August 23, 2012

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

The figure is about 165,000 million dollars in waste, according to an analysis of Defense Council Natural Resources

Washington (EFE). Analysis, a compilation of various studies and statistics, evaluated all types of waste that are created from the production of raw material until the food arrives at the table.

The report notes that most of the waste produced in the household.

"American families throw about 25% of food and drink they buy", especially in the food culture developed abundant and cheap in the country for decades.
Alimentos, Desperdicios, Estados Unidos
Because food represents a very small part of the budgets of families, they are unaware of the amount of food waste arriving, says the report.

An average American family of four wastes up to $ 2,275 on food each year and spendthrift tendencies have been worsened over time, says the study.

The U.S. government estimates that some 15,000 supermarkets lose millions of dollars each year in fruits and vegetables that are not sold. The NRDC attributes some of these losses to overstock products used as a technique to impress clients.

"In the restaurants and other food service establishments also suffer large losses related to waste because the dishes they provide are much larger than those recommended by the government, "said the NRDC.

The report claims that the U.S. government has not devoted enough resources to identify where there are inefficiencies in the system and accuses him of not fighting the problem compared to the efforts put in place in Europe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sandwiches with alcohol, the latest craze to celebrate

Sandwiches with alcohol, the latest craze to celebrate

Salume, a sandwich shop in New York has released the first line of sandwiches with gin, whiskey and other spirits. The novelty is that the sandwiches are soaked in alcohol, so what you can eat and get drunk together.

In the menu did not specify whether the sale is prohibited under 21 (legal drinking age in the U.S.), since alcohol is added after the preparation of the food, not cooked with it, and therefore retains all the properties and effects of a drink.

In Salume menu is not specified the amount or the alcohol content of the sandwiches, but nobody seems to care. And prices vary between 11 and 18 dollars, depending on the drink you are ready.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Two Korean scientists, and Soo-Jong Um Ji-Cheon Jeong, have found that black pepper naturally reduces fat levels in the bloodstream. In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry researchers explain that curiously pepper reduces fat and is due to piperine, which is the same substance that gives it its flavor.

Piperine interferes with the activity of forming generates fat cells, causing a metabolic reaction that can be controlled fat naturally. According to the authors of the report claim that extracts of black pepper could fight obesity and diseases related to it.


Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, Facts

Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana.

For starters, while alcohol has negative health effects, not marijuana. Furthermore, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and is considered to be impossible. On the other hand, alcohol favors the emergence of violent and aggressive behavior, while marijuana is relaxing. Dependence caused by alcohol is a psychological and physical, and becomes very strong. Marijuana causes some psychological addiction only, and cases of drug addiction in many cases are due to previous problems such as depression or anxiety.

In my case, I don't consume nor alcohol or marijuana, and I live happy.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The pizzas are of Greek origin, not Italian.

The pizzas are of Greek origin, not Italian.

The pizzas are rooted in Eastern Europe, but reach their elk in western Europe, with a meal very much appreciated by the Etruscans, which later spread throughout Europe. The pizza was originally food in poor neighborhoods.

Cooking with Marijuana: Brooklyn restaurant offers complete menus based on this ingredient

Cooking with Marijuana: Brooklyn restaurant offers complete menus based on this ingredient

It's not just brownies, cookies and pastries: there are options stews and even drinks whose central axis is marijuana.

Another reason in favor of legalizing marijuana: food. We may be familiar with the brownies, cookies or other baked goods, but can you imagine a pizza or spaghetti with this ingredient? Imagine even a complete meal tickets and cocktails, entrees and dessert. Imagine not having to smoke and then eat but get both benefits at the same time.

In Brooklyn there is a place: White. Opened in 2008 with its own pizza oven, and today even has a rooftop garden where they grow all their species. Their chefs Ryan Rice, Anthony Falco (pizza master) and Katy Peetz (in charge of pastry) know how to use marijuana for its psychoactive effects and also as an ingredient: the flavors blend perfectly, no opaque to another, and also in each bite you know very well what you're ingesting.

This happens with all meals, cocktails, entrees and pizzas fresh from the oven. By the time dessert is difficult to know whether the exquisiteness of each bite of the dish really comes or effects that are beginning to take over the taste buds. After a feast so full belly and happy heart. You can relax, listen to 70's music is heard in the background of the place and just let the ideas fly.

One of those thoughts, for example, is about the benefits that would result in the legalization of marijuana: in addition to the medical miracles or to cope with crimes related to illegal drugs, would have a major impact on the world of cooking.

How to take away the smell of garlic from your hands after cooking?

How to take away the smell of garlic from your hands after cooking?

It is one of the ingredients most used in the kitchen, but generates some problems handling

Like the "onion", the garlic is an essential ingredient when making dressings and handling in the kitchen which also generates some drawbacks. However, there are some tricks that will save us more than a nuisance and prevent, for example, that we stay with that smell on your hands.

Huffington Post points out that when you buy you have to choose the heads of garlic that feel firm and have a uniform color. Must be stored in an open container at room temperature and separated from other foods.
Tips, Condimentos, Ajos
How to peel? You must use a spoon to hit his head and separate the teeth. "Then put the teeth in a covered container and shake vigorously. When open, the shell will be detached, "says the publication.

The garlic should be cooked over low heat to avoid burning. We'll know when you are ready to reach a golden color. Finally, to take away the smell of the hands should be washed with cold water and do not rub each other. It is recommended to pass a spoon through the hands to make this tool that acquires the odor.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Employee of Taco Bell urine food and publishes the photo on Twitter

Employee of Taco Bell urine food and publishes the photo on Twitter

After the highly publicized case of the rat tail at McDonalds, a new fast-food scandal has invaded social networking. An employee of the company Taco Bell, Cameron Jankowski, had no better idea to pee in a dish served to a customer and take a photo, then post it on Twitter.

"Guess where I am working," wrote the employee's account with the photo. The image flew instantly on the social network, labeled # pissolympic (Olympics of urine). The fast food chain was quick to place the responsibility for and initiate the appropriate enforcement action.

"There is no law that says where you can not pee," wrote the young through Twitter, who is currently unemployed.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prevents Prostate Cancer Eating Broccoli and Cauliflower

Prevents Prostate Cancer Eating Broccoli and Cauliflower

Every time they discover natural things help us to prevent or control certain diseases, this article will see where research indicates that eating broccoli, cauliflower and spinach helps to prevent and combat prostate cancer.

A study by the National Cancer Institute of the United States with the participation of 1,300 men who were diagnosed with the disease, noted that large amounts of cruciferous vegetables consumed in the week to help reduce cancer risks by 25% to 45 percent.

During the period of the research, men who increased their weekly consumption of broccoli and cauliflower could reduce the risk of metastasis. Spinach intake data also showed a positive increase profits.
As we know it is very advisable to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, remember that being a good diet can prevent many diseases.

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