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Pollo a la Brasa Day, This is the history of the first poultry

Pollo a la Brasa Day, This is the history of the first poultry.

The most consumed dish of Peru has a pair of Swiss actors responsible for this dish is a sensation.

The rotombo must be one of the most important inventions of Peruvian cuisine. An oven specially designed to stun a chicken over the coals and get that taste so addictive that one dish can have.

At the table, the bird gets golden brown and crispy, with a cut potato, too crunchy and sprinkled with salt. In addition to this colorful salad accompanies a ride to the table. That is the trademark of our beloved chicken. The most consumed dish of Peru, even more than the ceviche and the Chinese restaurant.

The story of grilled chicken starts over 61 years ago. Just in 1950, when Roger Schuler's cook (the owner of the first poultry, La Granja Azul) cooked over wood coals of a baby chicken that had been impaled on an iron bar and were drawn on the fire.

This scene made Schuler, Swiss by birth, he asked his friend Franz Ulrich (an expert in mechanical metal) construction of a furnace with special characteristics, capable of spinning rods with eight chicks each. Thus was born rotombo.

While it can not be attributed to the cook Schuler title "creative chicken" because years ago the technique was used by other cooks, we can say it and the Swiss were able to devise an original recipe.

Once ready the taste and rotombo born in the Santa Clara Chaclacayo, La Granja Azul, recognized as the first poultry. The chickens that were sold there were small, about a kilo each.

According to a story says "a central road sign in the middle of the 50 said, 'Eat all the chicken on the grill as you want for 5 soles'." This was one of the marketing strategies that use the restaurant, which made him popular among the upper classes in Lima, where the "aristocracy were allowed to eat with your hands."

The next restaurant to open was EL RANCHO, located on Avenida Benavides. The next five years would open no more than 10 new pollerías around Lima. For these years, its consumption also occurred in the more popular classes.


According to an article in Andina, "Roger Schuler was devoted to the restaurant business and Franz Ulrich to the manufacture of ovens for baking chicken. The oven has evolved considerably from the adaptation by Ulrich, currently there are some that work with wood, coal and gas is the largest manufacturer and Heriberto Ruiz, who worked with Franz Ulrich and became independent in 1965 to give place your own business. "

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