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Ancient Eggs: dish of China was designated as the world's ugliest food

Ancient Eggs: dish of China was designated as the world's ugliest food.

The Chinese have been raised in protest and have proposed that this food is World Heritage Unesco

The eggs are typical of ancient cuisine China, also known as "century-old eggs", "preserved eggs" or to the Chinese, "ask", which translated literally means "balls of leather." It is hard yolk eggs and clear green and brown semi-trasnparent that are made for months by placing them on clay, lime and salt.

In a recent article, the website CNNGo , belonging to the well-known U.S. news network, the dish considered despicable. "It tastes as if the demon would have cooked" or "as something that was an egg but chose to go astray," they said.

These qualifiers caused anger in China and forced the authors of the paper to apologize. In addition, the Chinese led to propose that the peculiar dish is named World Heritage by Unesco.

The list of CNNGo put this food in China is usually taken as a cold appetizer, over Asian dishes such as dog meat South Korean fried tarantulas in Cambodia or Thai cooking cicadas.

The article was written in a humorous, but has made no grace to the Chinese, especially through Internet have launched an unprecedented campaign for this meal, with more than 700,000 comments criticizing the list as authors.

"It's an insult to our culture, we must respond to defend the honor of our nation," said forum Yahoo Chinese Web users signed as 'Nhuhga', while manufacturers of this product announced that UNESCO would ask that these Intangible Heritage eggs were.

"When we're eating with one overseas, we must always ask," proposed. Furthermore, in retaliation, Chinese netizens have launched social network Weibo a poll to choose the most disgusting western food, which delights like snails or French cheeses are more mature and smelling some of the leading polling.

The wave of complaints CNNGo forced to publish a new article by clarification and apology. "I had no intention of offending who likes the" centuries-old eggs ", or who dislike, or manufacturers, or those involved in producing or serving, much less to the Chinese culture," the editor of CNNGo, Andrew Demaria.

"Content is the opinion of CNNGo or CNN," he said Demaria, adding that "it is a shame that is misinterpreted as an insult to Chinese culture, which of course, he stressed it was not our goal."

"I, personally, I love" eggs centenarians ", especially accompanied by ginger in my favorite restaurant in Hong Kong," he noted in a conciliatory tone editor in chief, branding as "very unfortunate" that the reporter who wrote they received a wave of emails with insults and death threats "just say in an egg."

Legend has it that the "request" was born 600 years ago, when a Chinese discovered by chance that some eggs that a duck had left buried in the mud by accident had changed color and flavor, though still tasty to the palate, the least for Asia.

Common at weddings and birthdays as plate opening of a large banquet, usually chicken eggs or quail leg, due to contact with lime and other components where they are buried, they acquire a sulfurous odor.

The "black legend" says that these eggs by acid smell, you get to be conserved in human or animal urine, and while this is merely a prejudice against this food, circulated in recent months on websites China reports that in a remote village in the country really well prepared.

List of Recommended Foods That Help You Stress Less

Recommended Foods That Help You Stress Less.

Our body deals with an infinite amount of stressors, but translates stress itself in exactly the same way over and over again. Regardless of whether you’re “stressed” because you’re running from a burning building, frustrated to be sitting in gridlocked traffic or running a marathon (yes, physical stress counts) – stress is stress. The severity of stress certainly shifts, but every time we throw our body into an emotional or physical overdrive, we go into some state of fight of flight, a protective function our nervous systems have evolved to over thousands of years. Needless to say, we abuse it – and our bodies pay the price.

Over time – whether it’s because of sleepless nights dealing with small children, or constantly rushing to finish a make-or-break work project – consequences arises. We all know that relentless stress can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and even obesity. Hormonal imbalances are a key culprit in these instances. Taking control of the conflicts that cause stress is, of course, priority. While food alone can’t resolve stress, specific nutrients can help to combat its effects.

When adrenaline kicks in, our adrenal hormones go into metabolic super speed, which results in depletion of key nutrients, specifically phosphorus, potassium and essential fatty acids among others. Replenishing those nutrients will help get our body out of “fight or flight” and back to “rest and digest” faster. Here are a few incredible functional foods to eat in times of stress.

Phosphorus-rich Foods
(Phosphorus? Think strong bones and teeth, muscle repair, brain function and fluid balance. Fructose – fruit sugar – can deplete.)
Brazil Nuts
Sunflower Seeds

Potassium-rich Foods
(Potassium? Think heart and nervous system function, fluid balance. Licorice and excessive salt can deplete.)
Tomato (all variations – raw, paste, sun dried)
Sweet Potatoes
Dried Fruit
Lima Beans

Essential Fatty Acids
(Essential fatty acids with vitamin E? Think inflammation fighter and viscous blood thinner…blood gets thicker when blood pressure is constantly high. Most of us are deficient in this.)
Flax Seeds
Nuts (and their oils)

Easy Recipes. Making Yogurt at Home

Easy Recipes. Making Yogurt at Home

Yogurt is a milk-derived food, highly nutritious, and contain natural enzymes that regularize the intestinal flora, restored the liver functions, provides the body substances of high nutritional value, easy to digest.

To make your own yogurt, you put a gallon of milk heated to boiling. Let cool until warm to room temperature, then place over half tablespoons yogurt and a few drops of vanilla. Without stirring, cover the pan, wrap and let rest in a warm place for 8 hours. Finally the refrigerator for two hours, and ready.

You have to try it, is very easy and delicious.

Light Recipes. Liquid Candy Free Sugar

Light Recipes. Liquid Candy Free Sugar

Many of us love the desserts, caramel apples, flipped creams, custards, puddings, I think the only mention I love to give you a taste of those delicious desserts.

On this occasion we bring you an incredible recipe to make at home, it's delicious sugar free candy, so you can make all the desserts mentioned above and bathed with a bit of the sweet without worrying about gaining weight.

Pay attention and get to work!

Among the sweeteners that can be used to replace sugar are: sucralose and stevia. These sweeteners have in common a powdered form.

Caramel sweetened


Heat 1 tablespoon of water to a simmer, add 50 gr. the sweetener of your choice.

Stir with a wooden spoon until it dissolves and begins to darken.

Remove from heat and use.

In addition to the caramel, these sweeteners can make homemade jams or any other dessert you like.

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