Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you like stuffed potato? We teach you how to make PAPA RELLENA

How do you think is a stuffed potato ? First things first: What kind of potato you think is used? What is bringing the stuffing? How do you think you can do so that when fried, crispy on the outside you have left?

"Well, think of what this recipe: It is a potato stuffed. Obviously the pope has a textured mass, so you can deduce that this pope has to be pressed and for this we are going to parboil ( as we did for the cause ), "writes Gian Gallia in the last blog post step Kitchen step.

Then comes the preparation of the filling, you'll need to prepare a dressing of onion, garlic, yellow chili paste and red pepper sauce. When you have that ready in the pan, it's time to put the meat and other ingredients you want to use.


In the blog some tips and secrets. For example, "some people do it with white potatoes, but it is too loose for my taste. Other people do it with yellow potatoes, but they have very dry. I give you a tip: use half white potato and half yellow, and you will be perfect. "

Light Recipes. Vegetarian Low Calories Burger

Light Recipes. Vegetarian Low Calories Burger

This time you taremos this delicious recipe, very simple to prepare and above that will help you stay slim and healthy.

This veggie burger is very nourishing and ideal for those who are following a diet, no more to say I leave I hope this recipe to prepare and enjoy it the way I've done.


  • A cup of textured soy protein previously hydrated
  • A red pepper
  • An onion
  • A carrot
  • Four tablespoons oatmeal
  • A stream of olive oil
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt, pepper and spices


Begin by placing the textured soy protein in the bowl of the mixer, which also incorporate oats, chopped peeled onion, carrot and chopped peppers. Add a splash of soy sauce and an olive oil. Process until you have left a partner and homogeneous mass.

Season with salt, pepper and spices of your choice. Then you will no longer take portions, shaping hamburger, rolled in breadcrumbs and cook on the grill or pan with a little vegetable spray. Accompanied by steamed vegetables or baked, a good salad or a serving of brown rice. Perfect light recipe, vegetarian, and last but not least, delicious.

The Egg White. High-protein Foods

The Egg White. High-protein foods

As many of us know, eggs are an important source of protein and nutrients, so their intake can be a perfect partner to increase our muscle mass.

eggs are composed of yolk and white. The yolk, which is one third the weight of the egg, the more nutrients it contains. It is rich in vitamin A, thiamine and iron, nutrients and very beneficial for our body. But it is also part of the egg containing more animal fat, which in excess are not beneficial to our body.

The clear up about two-thirds of the egg. Its composition is about 90% water and the rest is protein, vitamins such as riboflavin, glucose and trace minerals. Protein in the clear with a high biological value and are easily assimilated by the body.

In any balanced diet recommends eating two to three eggs a week for high doses of fat in the yolk.

But it is possible to nourish our body with these high quality protein and all natural to help our muscles to nourish and grow, and separating the yolk clear.

What's more, we can freeze the whites, since the thaw maintain all its properties.

Try cooking egg white omelets in which include only one whole egg to receive the nutrients of the egg, and the only other clear, 4 to 8 depending on size of tortilla you want, or eat boiled egg whites.

We can take the egg whites for breakfast or muscle after training.

We advise you not to take the raw clear, as the glycoprotein present in the egg binds biotin (B vitamin), preventing its use by the body.

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