Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Eating a lie? Experiment shows advertising versus reality

"Eating a lie? Experiment shows advertising versus reality

TV ads, discount coupons or large photographs on the walls of the local fast food images come to our sight with "makeup"

Daily we are bombarded by advertising from the big chain fast food where Ads promote juicy hamburgers or chicken pieces.

Tired of these images do not match real life, the author of the blog Alphaila launched a unique experiment: photographed in his studio several fast food options and compared them with advertising images.

"I made some shots in the style of advertising posters that tried to mimic the light and the angle at which were photographed," says Dario.

As you can see, the results of their analysis are striking. For example,in real life, the abundance of ingredients of tacos and hamburgers is quite smaller than that shown in the promotional shot.

In addition, the blog author expressed his bewilderment in front of the attitudes of consumers who do not complain about the true appearance of the food they serve although they are surrounded by pictures that show something better. Simply accepted as such they are delivered
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