Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The ideal ingredients for a scientifically perfect sandwich

The ideal ingredients for a scientifically perfect sandwich.

The French physical chemist Hervé This, the father of molecular gastronomy, explains that satisfy hunger is not directly linked to the amount of food and reveals methods to prepare the ideal sandwich.

A perfect sandwich is more than bread and filling. To this end, various methods have been thoroughly researched and BBC Focus explains how to prepare a sandwich fit for a scientist.

The French physical chemist Hervé This, explained that to satisfy the hunger of people is not only linked to the volume of food, but also the amount of time spent eating.

"The more you have to chew each bite, and more flavor you get, the less you need to eat to feel satisfied," he says.

This is where the green comes into play: the addition of one or two leaves of fresh herbs increased the number of times a person has to chew each bite, which in turn, enhances the dining experience.


You can fill your preference, but keep in mind that the architecture of the sandwiches is as important as the ingredients.

According to researchers at the National Institute for Agricultural Research in the UK, experts unanimously preferred to those with strong-smelling ingredients like smoked salmon or cheese strong, placed on the bottom, under any other fillers or salads .

The upper layers prevented the strong odors from entering the nostrils through the roof of the mouth, which would have contaminated the taste of the sandwich.


A crusty bread with a soft crumb, such as baguette or French, is the ideal base for the perfect sandwich. "Our brain is designed to recognize contrasts. A great recipe capitalizes on the way our brain and our sense organs perceive the taste, "says Hervé This.

Smearing the bread with a thin layer of butter will create a barrier that prevents the sandwiches absorb moisture. It is this technique that allows you to keep in top shape most of the snacks that appear in supermarkets. However, the humidity of a sauce or condiment is essential because it helps enhance the flavor of ingredients.


To get the perfect texture of the sandwiches, Dr Graham Clayton advises cooking strips of bacon for seven minutes at 240 º C.

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