Thursday, August 19, 2010

Which are the effects of not eating breakfast

Which are the effects of not eating breakfast?

If you want to avoid excess weight, cellulite or to develop gastritis, do not skip the first meal in the morning.

After several hours of sleep, the body asks us for food. But sometimes, we left home only with a coffee or a glass of juice, which brings certain consequences. As the morning progresses, these people enter a period called hypoglycemia, where glucose levels drop. Then, they begin to feel tired, sleepy, some dizziness, listlessness or irritability, depending on the organism.

This is actually the slightest effect, as can also be a chronic problem if you skip breakfast. The juices of the stomach, seeing that there is no food, begin to free acids, inflamed stomach lining and begins gastritis. Also, when hungry, the body tries to accumulate fat, reduce the muscles, and can lead to sagging, poor circulation and cellulite.

It is therefore recommended not to arrive at noon without having eaten anything, because it creates more anxiety, The metabolism is unbalanced, it becomes slower, more calories are assimilated and the person tends to gain weight.

"I feel full"
Experts agree that a full breakfast consists of milk (milk or yogurt), flour (bread, cereal, quinoa or oats) and solid fruit or juice.

Sometimes, we or our children went to bed late and we are not hungry in the morning. In these cases, the ideal is to fragment breakfast. For example, take a fruit juice that provide energy-rich sugars. And then, to supplement, eat in the mobility or the first break some kind of meal.

The breads made with fried pork rinds and sweet potatoes are delicious on a Sunday morning, but the fat should not be part of a daily breakfast. Therefore, according to experts, these would be good choices:
A cup of cereal with yogurt and something hot (coffee, milk or tea)
Bread with ham, coffee and tangerine.
Quinoa, apple and a glass of milk.
Cheese or butter sandwich, fruit juice and a hot drink.

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