Thursday, September 8, 2011

The bars and restaurants in Barcelona veto the pot smokers

The bars and restaurants in Barcelona veto the pot smokers.
Cannabis on the terraces of central Barcelona is so widespread that the bars and restaurants have already started to hang signs warning that you can not smoke pot. The owners of premises face fines for allowing this practice. Point out that police pressure in the center is greater than that exerted in other entertainment areas of the city.
More and more groups that refuse to turn off the joint "The problem is we do, because more and more groups that refuse to shut down the joint when we say," lamented Wednesday a waitress who preferred Rambla del Raval anonymity. Just as busy on this trip, bars and restaurants have seen an increasing number of customers who refuse to stop smoking drug on the terraces. 
The entertainment they are exposed to impose fines that start from 300 euros for allowing drug use in their establishment. In fact, in the Raval, various locations reported having received a 20 minute penalty for this reason. "We try to avoid smoking in our tables, but which you'll find tours that are already making a cigarette," says Joan, who owns a bar downtown.
Professionals in the Gothic and Raval Police say more raids and controls in this area of the city. The Catalan police remember that they are patrolling involved when caught red-handed smokers from joints or when they receive a warning.

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