Sunday, July 8, 2012

India invented a drink with cow urine called Cow-Cola

India invented a drink with cow urine called Cow-Cola

Cow-Cola, a drink made ​​from cow urine, according to its creators maintain, enhances memory and combats indigestion.

Every morning, dozens of workers of Kanpur Goshala Society (KGS) are busy in a ramshackle farmhouse on the outskirts of that city in northern India for the raw material of its products: the urine and dung of this animal sacred . Managers undergo a dizzying urea distillation process, and, after filtering, are put to work with the mixtures, which follow the principles of Ayurveda for healing drinks, lotions, soaps or powders against diabetes.

His latest creation is "goloca" (purple cow in Sanskrit), a drink made ​​from cow urine, sugar and herbs like basil and bacopa trying to compete with Western soft drinks so popular in India.

Marijuana-flavored ice cream sold at California

Marijuana-flavored ice cream sold

A new marijuana dispensary in the town of Soquel (Santa Cruz County, California) offers its clients marijuana-flavored ice cream as an alternative to snuff, according to local media reported.

In the establishment, called Crème De Cana, called flavors Banannabis succeed Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie, according to Jonathan Klodinski, the owner of the premises, which opened last week.
Klodinski ensures that offer this type of ice cream as a healthy alternative to patients who are reluctant to smoke marijuana on the premises sold by prescription.

The ice creams are sold at $ 15.

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