Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stevia chocolate, Sweet chocolate without sugar

Stevia chocolate, Sweet chocolate without sugar. Stevia chocolate, a miracle .

It seems that the industry is revving up in relation to the use of stevia, today we learned that the Cavalier Belgian chocolate company, brand founded in 1996 specializing in the manufacture of chocolates and cookies without sugar , has announced that from next year will launch a range of chocolate with stevia in the United Kingdom. Perhaps it could be deduced that knowing something rash and still have not completed the steps for approval of stevia in the EU. 

A few months ago was held in Paris (France), the Third World Conference & Flavours Stevia Tasteless 2011: The Challenge of Taste, an event which was the impact of Stevia with consumers and which were not accessible to new strategies to achieve the introduction of the extract of this plant with a capacity of up to 300 times more sweetness than sugar, in all countries, it spoke in the post World Stevia . France was the first European Union country to authorize the use of derivatives of this plant for use in the food industry. Approved the use of stevia in the EU and in principle, from the year 2012 the sweetener can be found on the shelves of shopping malls, but first should be ratified by Parliament and the European Council later this year .

Although it looks like it will ratify its use, the EFSA conducted a study  released last year which exposed that toxicology tests showed that the substances contained in the sweetener posed no danger to human health , this study was submitted to the European Commission for analysis and subsequent verdict already known. It seems that chocolate brand wants to be one of the first to offer cookies and chocolate with stevia in some countries. 
Through the official website of Cavalier defense that we can verify the sweetener is made ​​by citing its advantages and benefits, it is said that stevia is health and the chocolate a health food, you indicate that you can enjoy a delicious Belgian chocolate quality without having to worry about health.
It appears that stevia products will be an important market niche, and given that it is said of stevia is a natural product very sweetener is not carcinogenic, it is heat stable and can be used in different processes cooking offers greater protection against oral problems such as cavities and contains zero calories, which helps to combat overweight and obesity. Previously, the Swiss chocolate brand in Switzerland Villards already launched a 70% black chocolate with stevia , however, indicates that product quality has nothing to do with the new chocolate stevia Cavalier will be a matter of proving if it the Spanish market.
It is noted that Villards wanted to be the first company to work with stevia, but failed to prevent the taste of stevia leaves, remember that the taste left by the sweetener has been a problem, consumers did not fully accept this flavor of this problem spoken at the site of the World Stevia. It seems that Cavalier has overcome this issue, at least the results of a tasting panel reflect it.
Another issue is the price, it seems that steviol glycosides, the sweet components of stevia leaf rebaudioside A and specifically, one of the most abundant, have engaged in a price range that are rated as prohibitive for many manufacturers, but expected to fall after approval. It will be interesting to know the price of chocolate with stevia, if they are prohibitively expensive, so are consumers. We'll see how consumers accept new foods sweetened with stevia, the first review will be consumers in the UK. You can learn more about the news through the website of Food Navigator.

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