Sunday, November 14, 2010

You will Not Get Fat With Carbohydrates. New Discovery

Scientists from 13 countries, including Spain, have signed an international consensus on the carbohydrates and the benefits to health, with which they want to stress that not fattening and are responsible for obesity .

The pact, signed earlier this month in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) under the Fourth World Pasta Congress, has been driven by the U.S. organization Oldways, author in 1993, together with the World Health Organization, the famous Food Guide Pyramid.

Professor of Physiology at the University of Murcia Marta Garaulet, the Spanish representative in this international group, emphasized that these macronutrients are not behind the rise in obesity and that excess calories which pushes up the balance.


Garaulet said that at this time when obesity and diabetes are increasing worldwide, not only in developed western countries, pastas and other foods of low glycemic index may help control blood sugar levels and weight, and explained that very low carbohydrate diets are not healthy, especially in the long term.

Garaulet added that, as evidenced in this World Congress, has been shown that after a long-term dietary intervention with the same calorie menus and different proportions of nutrients, three types of monitoring gave rise to similar weight losses with irrespective of the proportions of nutrients.

However, according to this research, despite having similar weight losses, the rate of abandonment of the high protein diet is around 75 percent, that of the high fat, about 50 percent, and in less than 40 percent who followed a balanced diet.

"If we consider that the individual must learn to eat to maintain your desired weight throughout life, the best diet in the world is useless if you can not continue long term," the professor argues.

It has also warned that it is becoming fashionable to label certain foods with the "low carb", and says that the most surprising is that not only happens in countries like USA, Canada, Spain or Portugal, where about 47 percent of women say they are constantly on a diet, but in other places on earth where most of the population goes hungry.


On the coexistence of hunger, malnutrition and obesity, explained Garaulet Marta in Colombia, Chile and Argentina may coincide in the same family obese mothers and malnourished children, hungry and are obese, so that she should leave speak of malnutrition and overnutrition to go to called "malnutrition" to what is happening.

He assured that this surprising situation is only achieved by eating fast food with high caloric density and very low nutrient density, and gave as an example that a child may be obese, and starved, with the consumption of two liters of soda a day and a bag of potato chips as their only food.

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