Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peruvian Food in the world: In San Francisco also have Peruvian Ceviche

A long time ago that the restaurants of Peruvian food abroad ceased to be such huariques creeks to which he had to come with a compass and that had a decoration, to put it hurt sensibilities "picturesque.

It is now increasingly meet local, its location and style, set the stage looking more "cool" to provide our food .

This is the case of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana in San Francisco (USA) recognized this year by The Wall Street Journal "as an example of design in luxury restaurants.

This restaurant is located at Pier 1 1 / 2, a beautiful area that stands opposite the sea and offers visitors a postcard view. From day: blue sky always impresses Lima unaccustomed to this. At night: the stars and the boats tied to the dock slowly swaying over the water.

Crossing the gates of this place will be met with aromas, colors and familiar flavors. You feel like home, except when he hears customers manage their orders or inquiries to the lads what exactly is a cau cau or anticucho. And it is here, and as a sign of cosmopolitanism of the city, diners mix of different backgrounds. There are the locals, foreigners and Peruvians pass nostalgic for flavors to return them at the time of Mom or Grandma. There are those who celebrate a birthday, the closure of a business or those who want to see why it is so famous Peruvian food.


Generalao Andrew, general manager of the business, tells us that visitors to La Mar Cebicheria Peruana fall exhausted to the ceviche , the lomo saltado , the causes and kebabs and the pisco sours going to and from the tables or bar.

Account also had to develop proposals vegetarian , as the Nikkei, with quinoa salad, purple corn and hot peppers, "because the move" veggie "is strong in this area.

Options for all tastes and flavors for love. This is the proposal for this seafood restaurant that is winning more fans to customers in San Francisco.

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