Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peru is voted best in the world culinary destination at World Travel Awards

Peru is voted best in the world culinary destination at World Travel Awards

Peru today won the award for Best Destination Culinary World at World Travel Awards (WTA) 2012, which this year was given in New Delhi (India).

The announcement was made today by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, José Luis Silva, referring also to Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, won the award for Best World Green Destiny in the WTA 2012.

WTA with 19 years of experience rewards excellence in all sectors of the tourism industry and travel around the world.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

People who loves sweet tastes are usually friendlier.

People who loves sweet tastes are usually friendlier.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology to become known that people who feel fondness for sweet tastes tend to be more friendly and are more willing to help as volunteers.

This shows that the character can also vary as nourish us but moreover the gourmands are less outgoing than the average population.

Research also resulted that the basic tastes (salty, sour, bitter, umami) do not affect the behavior or plaz short, so it is believed that this behavior is presented over the years.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eating one apple a day Reduces Cancer Risk According to Study

Eating one apple a day Reduces Cancer Risk According to Study

According to the Annals of Oncology, people who eat an apple a day have a lower risk of cancer, to reach this conclusion, a study coordinated by the Mario Negri Institute in Milan, comprised 8209 patients with tumors in various locations which matched with a group of 6729 subjects recovered in hospital for acute non-neoplastic diseases.

Half of the patients consumed one or more blocks, the other half not. According to the results, the risk of tumor apple consumers was decreased by 21% for oral cancer, 25% for esophageal cancer, 20% for colorectal cancer, 18% for breast cancer, 15% to 9% for ovarian and prostate cancer.

Other studies have found that regular consumption of apple polishing teeth, prevents aging, tones the face, ravenous hunger and may help prevent vascular diseases.

Dr. Eva Negri, head of epidemiological research laboratory Mario Negri Institute explained that "The nutritional benefit derived from the consumption of apples is associated with a high intake of proanthocyanidins, the major class of apple polyphenols."

Monday, November 5, 2012

Jack Daniel's launches a special edition of its whiskey in honor of Frank Sinatra

Jack Daniel's launches a special edition of its whiskey in honor of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was a big whiskey drinker. But not for everyone, but his favorite Jack Daniel's. So, as a tribute to this great artist and true lover of his drink, the brand has just announced the launch of a special edition.

Yes, an issue devoted entirely to "The Voice" and they have given the name of Sinatra Jack Daniel's Select that comes in a liter bottle with a label which shows the classic hat Sinatra and within a gift box in which you can also find a book that tells of the singer's devotion to whiskey called Nectar of the Gods.

But that is not all, because their presentation is not only unique, but also its taste, color, maturity and preparation.

With accents of orange, Frank's favorite color, made in barrels selected by the Master Distiller Jeff Arnett to give a fuller flavor and darker color, then mix it with the classic Old No. 7, resulting a soft drink, but turn with spicy and smoky flavors.

This year, it was learned, can be purchased at major airports around the world and the exclusive shops of the U.S. and perhaps other countries.

Westvleteren is recognized as the best beer in the world.

Westvleteren is recognized as the best beer in the world.

Manufactured in Sint Sixtus Abbey, a Trappist monastery located near the village of Westvleteren flamingo. The Trappists belong to the order of the Cistercians and follow the rule of St. Benedict, so that in turn are based Benedictine monastic life in the rule "Ora et labora", forcing them to switch manual work with prayer . So all Benedictine monasteries were devoted to fertilize the fields and produce the odd product to sell.

Sint Sixtus Westvleteren Trappist monastery is the only one that does not introduce Belgian beers in the channels of commerce, but only sold at the door of the monastery, by appointment by phone and giving tuition that will collect the car, always depending on the available stocks, as their annual production has never been higher than 4750 Hl.
In 2010 the monastery was deplorable state, so the only solution was the construction of a new annex to this monastery. After asking for economic aid to other monasteries, public institutions, businesses and anonymous donors, the proceeds were not sufficient to cover the costs of new construction, therefore the option adopted by the community was one-time marketing your best product Westvleteren XII, elected by popular vote in, for several years, as the best beer in the world.

The beer has been drawn to the Westvleteren 12 (coinciding with the year 2012) with 10.2% alcohol, and is recognized as the best product. It has made ​​a special bottle, decorated for the occasion, with a nice logo and the motto "Ad Aedificandam Abbatiam Adiuvi" meaning "I have helped in the construction of an abbey."
The only beer is sold in a kit also decorated with the image of dark brick that was used in the construction of the new monastery, conveying the idea that the buyer paid employees one of the bricks. This case contains six bottles and 2 glasses, being too different from those normally used in the bar "In de Vrede" facing the monastery, bearing the same logo in gold Westvleteren XII.

Thus, the abbey has contacted the top importers of Trappist beers in the world and offered a select few the opportunity to deliver a batch of Westvleteren XII over 2012. By limiting production, each month take extra production for a country, so that by the end of 2012 will eventually return to its normal rhythm. Furthermore, the lots are drawn, so that each knows beforehand when importing the batch will Westvleteren. For Cervebel and for distribution in Spain has played this April. In Belgium exhausted the amount of 93,000 cases expected to market in one day.
The conditions agreed with the monks in Spain guarantees the sale of a pack per person and include:

The sale will be made ​​exclusively on the Internet by a page created for the occasion.
From a date will open this page and the first 3500 people to make their firm order receive their case.
To mail the equipment sold in each zone the relevant distributor for distribution in premises chosen.
The address of the website created by Cervebel where there is still a case for sale is this:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Armaggedon, the beer with more alcohol in the world (65%).

Armaggedon, the beer with more alcohol in the world (65%).

This curious beer called Armageddon is manufactured using a process called fermentation freeze allowing you to achieve the percentage of alcohol by volume which has the world's highest.

Armageddon is so strong that he advises consumers that they should drink like whiskey drinking high quality and in small quantities, for now it sells for around $ 52, but is expected to keep pace with their popularity and their sales and can reduce the price of that beer.

This strong drink will be sold in Scotland in early November. 

Chew 40 times helps you eat less and better absorb nutrients from food.

Chew 40 times helps you eat less and better absorb nutrients from food.

According to a study by the University of Iowa (USA) to eat anything we intensely chew 40 times to make it better for ourselves.

To chew diminish both hunger and desire to "eat" the food eagerly to eat slowly increase levels of CCK, a hormone associated with satiety, and reduces the concentration of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite in the brain.

This study was conducted by asking the volunteers to eat pizza, half were told to chew 15 times and the rest were told to chew 40 times. In the second group was successful, reduced their "greed" to chew the pizza and also observed that favored the absorption of nutrients during digestion.

Monster drink investigated for five people dead

Monster drink investigated for five people dead

The Food and Drug Administration of USA has released a report on incidents and it seems that five people may have died in the last three years by Beverager Monster drink (drink energertica). These reports do not clarify whether there really is a link between the deaths and the consumption of the drink. Although not specifying whether they drank mixed with drugs or alcohol. 
But a mother of a 14 years has made this information public after his daughter died of a cardiac arrhythmic after several days spent cans of Monster, also said that the mark should be informed of the health hazards that is consuming the drink, but the company has responded that its products are safe and do not feel guilty about the death of the young.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eating fries during pregnancy "is as harmful as smoking"

Eating fries during pregnancy "is as harmful as smoking"

This food contains a chemical called acrylamide, which can cause the baby to be born with low birth weight, according to a study.

For the study looked at 1,100 pregnant women. (AP)

Eating fries or chips away bagged during pregnancy can be as harmful to the fetus as smoking. It can cause the baby to be born with low birth weight, a new study contends.

According to the researchers, these foods contain high levels of a chemical called acrylamide, which also can limit the growth of the fetal brain.

"The effect of high levels of acrylamide exposure is comparable to the known adverse effect of smoking on the weight of the baby," he said, according to the website Medical Daily, Professor Manolis Kogevinas, the study coordinator.

The research, which analyzed 1100 pregnant women, was conducted by the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Spain, Stockholm University and 20 other institutions.

The study concluded that a high intake of acrylamide produces babies that weigh around 132 grams and measuring less than 0.33 inches shorter.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scientists have created a bread with less calories

Scientists have created a bread with less calories

Researchers at the National Research Council (CSIC) has created a bread with 45 percent fewer calories. It is most successful in increasing the quality of the fiber and maintaining the flavor and texture good.

"It is very gratifying that the research results are transferred to the business sector and contribute to innovation and competitiveness of the production. Furthermore, in this particular case, the satisfaction is doubled since the transfer of the results will have a social impact immediately when applied to a healthy food of high demand and tight supply in the market today. " Declares Cristina Molina-Rosell, a researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, CSIC.

To achieve this curious reducing calories had to create a mixture providing several plants (tubers, plants, legumes, etc.), besides having a lot of fiber. Then as already cut calories by mixing also help to have more fiber in your body with each piece of bread, which helps us both metabolic (low cholesterol and blood sugar) and physiological (improved intestinal transit).

The Kopi Luwak: gourmet coffee made from the droppings of rare mammal species

The Kopi Luwak: gourmet coffee made from the droppings of rare mammal species

The so-called civet coffee or Kopi Luwak, as indicated by its name in Indonesian, is a liquid dish succumbs eccentricity, since it comes from the stool of a mammalian species typical of the region.

Among the variety of gourmet coffees in the world, highlights one for its light taste and natural, but beyond its aromatic notes, do so at their origin, as their seeds are collected and carefully selected from the feces of a typical mammalian Indonesia, the civet.

For $ 60 you can purchase 4 ounces of fine grain and some cafes the price of a cup can cost, at least $ 10 dollars, compared to what it costs per kilo of tea droppings panda - $ $ 80,000 -, is a bargain.
According to several testimonies of people who have been fortunate enough to try it, say it tastes similar to tea but with an earthy flavor and vegetable.

The seed grain comes from cherries that ingests civet and slightly fermented undigested and subsequently defecating.

Connoisseurs say that regardless of the curious process of fermentation, the flavor tends to be softer and less acidic than any other coffee that has no peculiar provenance, though in reality, it is expensive for its strangeness but not for its exquisite taste that, Indeed, also contains notes syrupy.

According to the expert and certifier of Kopi Luwak, Massimo Marcone, grains voided by the animal contain less bacteria that Colombian coffee beans. This is because the process of collecting and Kopi Lwak washing is done with care and attention.
Although these foods may seem strange, in different corners of the world the people feed the animals to consume some content of their own excrement or animal, such as cured ham or Kobe beef raised and fed under strict quality standards.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A company advertises its new brand of whisky ensuring that every drop touched the breasts of a playboy model.

A company advertises its new brand of whisky ensuring that every drop touched the breasts of a playboy model.

This is a very coarse way to advertise something, yet has been proven effective. Suffice it to appear next to a product a nice body to be sold better, and if the product in question has touched the breasts of a model is even more effective. 
Or so think the marketing managers of the German company G-Spirits, who advertise their new bottle of whiskey (at 180 euros each) ensuring that every drop of drink has gone through the body turgid Hungarian model Alexa Varga, named Playboy Playmate of the Year for Hungary. Proof that this is so is based on the signature of the model in each of the bottles.

Food for diabetics. What a diabetic should eat? Complete list

Food for diabetics. What a diabetic should eat?

In this article we will leave a list of foods that are suggested for people who have diabetes, take note and put it into practice.

Foods Allowed:

  •     Maximum 70 grams of whole grains per serving. Try where possible to weigh to not exceed.
  •     Fat dairy
  •     Lean meats (skinless poultry, beef fat, non-fried fish).
  •     Vegetables, cereals replacement.
  •     Three Eggs During the Week
  •     Avoid simple carbohydrates like sugars or sweets, sweets, white bread or confectionery.
  •     It is preferable to eat bread and crackers.
  •     Preferably onsuma drinks without sugar, or low sugar or can be sweetened with stevia.
  •     Vegetables
  •     Fruit not overdo the banana, mango, custard apple, grapes.

Always remember to go to medical examinations, exercise 4 times a week at least, that way take a good quality of life.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Video: Nun is recorded in store stealing beer

Video: Nun is recorded in store stealing beer

While there is no concrete explanation of the fact, say Youtube images have been captured by security cameras at a supermarket.

They see a nun stealing beers but have yet to see if it really was a nun or a person posing as her to raise less suspicion.

The truth is that the 'sister' in question takes a cold beer and puts it in his habits.

Supermarket had rat within the cheese counter

Supermarket had rat within the cheese counter

A Paraguayan establishment reopened after having been the scene of a scandal that caused a furor in society and especially in social networks.

Last September, the Ministry of Health temporarily closed the Guarani Supermarket, after finding a rat in the exhibitor of cheese. The rodent, large size, was photographed and quickly spread the image of the country in various media.

After intervention by the National Institute of Food and Nutrition (INAN) proceeded to the closure of the premises for 72 hours, and imposed a thorough pest control work and deworming.

To the surprise of many, many supermarket customers demanded its reopening, arguing that there were the lowest prices in the area.

Finally, after having complied with all the requirements of testing, made it back to the local business scene, although some of the customers still prefer to avoid buying cheese counter.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dies after eating cockroaches and worms in a contest

Dies after eating cockroaches and worms in a contest

A man died after eating cockroaches and insects as part of a contest in the city of Deerfield Beach, Broward County, Florida.

Edward Archbold, 32, who ingested various insects on Friday during the contest known as "Midnight Madness" at the Ben Siegal Reptile Store, started vomiting after winning the competition without being able to leave with their prize.

The reumión began at 7 pm with food and drinks, and then gave way to contest that Archbold was the winner.
The prize was a python eat cockroaches female Ivory Ball.

The winner would be "the guy or girl who eat more insects in 4 minutes without throwing up," according to the rules of the contest.

According to the report from the office of the BSO, Archbold "had spent tens of cockroaches and worms."

The collapse occurred outside the store where the celebration took place. Later, doctors at Broward Health North Hospital declared him dead.
The body was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office in Broward, where he would perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coffee help prevent uterine cancer according studies

Coffee help prevent uterine cancer

Here is a story quite interesting because coffee regularly may help prevent cervical cancer. Pay close attention to the following:

Researchers have found that people who drink coffee on a frequent basis are less at risk of uterine cancer than those who do not regularly consume this drink.

A study of 70,000 women who were followed for about 26 years to see what was the reaction resulted coffee than those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 25% less likely to develop cancer than Women who consumed a daily cup or never consumed it.

This is probably because the caffeine helps regulate and lower hormone levels in the blood, which are presumed to be guilty of causing cancer, according to a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology and which was conducted by experts from Harvard .

Likewise researchers say exercise and maintain a healthy weight are the best ways to prevent cervical cancer, but some extras strategies that can be used may be a slight change in eating habits and drinking coffee could undoubtedly benefit.

Cigarette smoke damages the memory of NOT smokers

Cigarette smoke damages the memory of NOT smokers

Here is a very interesting article, let us beware much of secondhand smoke, as this would cause a lot of damage especially to smoke. Here is the study.

Scientists at Northumbria University (UK), conducted a study argue that non-smokers or passive smokers who live with individuals who smoke or spend time around they experience memory problems.

To obtain this result, the researchers analyzed the memory performance of passive smokers who lived with a smoker or had been exposed for an average of 25 hours a week to snuff smoke for nearly five years, and compared with current smokers and with nonsmokers without contact with cigarette smoke.
The results revealed that the smoke called "second-hand" affected the memory of passive smoking, they forgot the 20% who did not live test exposed to snuff.

"Our results suggest that memory deficits associated with passive exposure to snuff smoke affect cognitive skills we need to develop ourselves in everyday life," concludes Tom Heffernan and colleagues.

Pistachios against stress. Eating Pistachios fights stress

Pistachios against stress. Eating Pistachios fights stress

Many of us have heard of the pistachios, delicious nuts that have many properties for our health. Lately it has been discovered that eating pistachios is a natural remedy that would help us reduce stress.

Pay close attention to the following article:
According to Pennsylvania State University, eating pistachios daily helps reduce stress faced by people, reducing blood pressure and heart rate calm when situations occur with a high probability of causing stress.

The health study to test the properties of pistachios was conducted with adults who showed high levels of LDL cholesterol, who have imposed an artificial low-fat diet and other diets were assigned that would include pistachios.

While diet of the first group showed average results, those who were allowed to keep a balanced diet with pistachios, showed lower rates of bad cholesterol and a significant reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, and better stress management .

As we can see the pistachios are very favorable for our health, so we try to include them in our diet, we'll see how slowly our health will improve.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Choosing chia seeds. Discover How to Lose Weight Using Chia Seeds

Choosing chia seeds. Discover How to Lose Weight Using Chia Seeds

Chia seeds is a Mexican plant of the Labiatae family and are approximately 1 to 1.50 m. tall. Chia seeds are a complete source of protein and provides all essential amino acids.
Furthermore Chia seeds have excellent properties that help us weight loss also gives many benefits to our imunológico, cleans substances that are not useful (and in addition, lead to diseases such as diabetes and disorders cardiovascular).

To prepare the chia left soaking the desired amount into a container filled with water until it forms a paste, when paste this list you can add a little yogurt or milk to taste better. Once you have these ready you can take half a cup once a day.

Chia seed helps reduce anxiety and hunger, keeping a full stomach, so avoid foods that we consume too much, thus helping us to lose weight.

Now we know these benefits of Chia seed not waste any more time and start eating the Chia seeds.

Boiled or cooked potatoes help lower blood pressure

Boiled or cooked potatoes help lower blood pressure

According to a study conducted at the University of Scranton in the United States showed that boiled or baked potatoes contain dozens of phytochemicals and vitamins that benefit the body and best of all, it contains 110 calories.

The study was sampled to 18 people who are overweight, these people were fed potatoes prepared in the microwave without mayonnaise or ketchup, these people ate six to eight times a day for a month this food. The results showed that blood pressure was reduced by 4.3% and none of the subjects gained weight.

Research indicated that because of the form of preparation potatoes (in this case cooked or boiled) is the reason that destroys most healthy substances they contain.

Joe Vinson, who led the study, said: "The potato has an undeserved bad reputation that has led many people in search of a healthy diet to eliminate it from your diet."
Another factor that causes high blood pressure have is the lack of sleep, other research shows that poor sleep can cause high blood pressure in men.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A man in Colorado receive millionaire Compensation by disease caused by popcorn

A man in Colorado receive millionaire Compensation by disease caused by popcorn

A U.S. federal court granted a man in Colorado U $ 7.2 million for developing a chronic disease caused by a chemical, flavored butter, the microwave popcorn.

The jury found in favor of Wayne Watson, 59, who sued the manufacturer Gilster-Mary Lee Corp. and a supermarket chain for not sufficiently clearly warned that the chemical, the diacetyl, could be detrimental to health.

According to the judgment Watson developed the disease, known as "popcorn lung" ras t inhale the aroma that produced the diacetyl in popcorn. Acquired disease is an irreversible obstructive lung that causes scarring in the lungs and hinders respiration.

The resolution says the company Gilster-Mary Lee Corp is responsible for 80% of the damage, and the signing of Kroger Co the other 20%.

The verdict is in addition to a number of cases that relate diacetyl with lung disease, including the workers of a popcorn production plant also developed health problems.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The bacon sandwich is one of the best hangover cures.

The bacon sandwich is one of the best hangover cures.

Interestingly the English bacon sandwich traditionally made ​​with bacon and fried in butter commonly accompanied by ketchup or brown sauce (similar to Worcestershire sauce).

Scientists at the University of Newcastle found that this type of sandwich helps to restore the body during the hangover.

These foods do not absorb the alcohol but rather accelerate metabolism who takes it, so it will help you pass before the hangover. "Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acid .

Giant Rat Meat is sold as Meat on England, Pictures

In a famous London market there illegally selling meat giant rats according to a report released by the BBC. This meat is highly prized in parts of Africa and Asia, but is not for resale in British territory.

The meat of the giant Grass Cutter (lawn mowers), to animals did over half a meter long and weighing about 9 kilograms is imported from Ghana and is offered in a clandestine manner within the m arket Ridley Road, one of the high influx of capital

"It is illegal and has not undergone health checks have not been inspected and could be contaminated," said environmental health expert Paul Povey to the chain.
West African sources said, quoted by the media, this market is a popular destination for trade of this type of meat. .
In the film made ​​with a hidden camera and with the help of a fake buyer can see the butchers asking 30 pounds per bag and discretion to "avoid problems". Then, as is typical in this type of work, vendors flatly denied having sold the meat when questioned openly.
- I do not sell rats, never sold rats, rats do not sell ... -Replied the shop owner Great Expectation that had only sold two copies Ghanaians. I have no rat, why are filming me? Exclaimed
British authorities consulted by BBC indicate that inspections are always different supply center of London and since 2009 has received only one complaint, unproven, of this illegal meat trade

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eating Asparagus Prevents Cancer

Eating Asparagus Prevents Cancer

Asparagus is one of the foods that have very few calories, because this food contains almost no fat and few carbohydrates, but the asparagus contains a good amount of protein is one of the vegetable with more protein.
Also the studs containing glutathione, this is an antioxidant which reduces oxidative stress. This process is responsible for converting a benign into a malignant cell, presenting uncontrolled growth, characteristic of neoplasms. Glutathione therefore prevents this process is performed, preventing the transformation.
Asparagus is also rich in vitamin C, which also complements the antioxidant, reducing free radical synthesis. These waste products are responsible for oxidative stress. It also participates fighting infectious processes.

Asparagus also contains B vitamins, which are involved in various processes of the nervous system. This means that consumption within unadietacompleta asparagus, balanced, harmonious can help prevent and fight cancer.

As we said the asparagus contain few calories and lots of fiber, so they help to produce satiety in the stomach. People who want to lose a few kilos can consume asparagus and help them lose weight.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

The figure is about 165,000 million dollars in waste, according to an analysis of Defense Council Natural Resources

Washington (EFE). Analysis, a compilation of various studies and statistics, evaluated all types of waste that are created from the production of raw material until the food arrives at the table.

The report notes that most of the waste produced in the household.

"American families throw about 25% of food and drink they buy", especially in the food culture developed abundant and cheap in the country for decades.
Alimentos, Desperdicios, Estados Unidos
Because food represents a very small part of the budgets of families, they are unaware of the amount of food waste arriving, says the report.

An average American family of four wastes up to $ 2,275 on food each year and spendthrift tendencies have been worsened over time, says the study.

The U.S. government estimates that some 15,000 supermarkets lose millions of dollars each year in fruits and vegetables that are not sold. The NRDC attributes some of these losses to overstock products used as a technique to impress clients.

"In the restaurants and other food service establishments also suffer large losses related to waste because the dishes they provide are much larger than those recommended by the government, "said the NRDC.

The report claims that the U.S. government has not devoted enough resources to identify where there are inefficiencies in the system and accuses him of not fighting the problem compared to the efforts put in place in Europe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sandwiches with alcohol, the latest craze to celebrate

Sandwiches with alcohol, the latest craze to celebrate

Salume, a sandwich shop in New York has released the first line of sandwiches with gin, whiskey and other spirits. The novelty is that the sandwiches are soaked in alcohol, so what you can eat and get drunk together.

In the menu did not specify whether the sale is prohibited under 21 (legal drinking age in the U.S.), since alcohol is added after the preparation of the food, not cooked with it, and therefore retains all the properties and effects of a drink.

In Salume menu is not specified the amount or the alcohol content of the sandwiches, but nobody seems to care. And prices vary between 11 and 18 dollars, depending on the drink you are ready.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Black pepper contains a molecule "anti fat" that could help end obesity.

Two Korean scientists, and Soo-Jong Um Ji-Cheon Jeong, have found that black pepper naturally reduces fat levels in the bloodstream. In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry researchers explain that curiously pepper reduces fat and is due to piperine, which is the same substance that gives it its flavor.

Piperine interferes with the activity of forming generates fat cells, causing a metabolic reaction that can be controlled fat naturally. According to the authors of the report claim that extracts of black pepper could fight obesity and diseases related to it.


Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, Facts

Alcohol is more harmful than marijuana.

For starters, while alcohol has negative health effects, not marijuana. Furthermore, no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and is considered to be impossible. On the other hand, alcohol favors the emergence of violent and aggressive behavior, while marijuana is relaxing. Dependence caused by alcohol is a psychological and physical, and becomes very strong. Marijuana causes some psychological addiction only, and cases of drug addiction in many cases are due to previous problems such as depression or anxiety.

In my case, I don't consume nor alcohol or marijuana, and I live happy.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The pizzas are of Greek origin, not Italian.

The pizzas are of Greek origin, not Italian.

The pizzas are rooted in Eastern Europe, but reach their elk in western Europe, with a meal very much appreciated by the Etruscans, which later spread throughout Europe. The pizza was originally food in poor neighborhoods.

Cooking with Marijuana: Brooklyn restaurant offers complete menus based on this ingredient

Cooking with Marijuana: Brooklyn restaurant offers complete menus based on this ingredient

It's not just brownies, cookies and pastries: there are options stews and even drinks whose central axis is marijuana.

Another reason in favor of legalizing marijuana: food. We may be familiar with the brownies, cookies or other baked goods, but can you imagine a pizza or spaghetti with this ingredient? Imagine even a complete meal tickets and cocktails, entrees and dessert. Imagine not having to smoke and then eat but get both benefits at the same time.

In Brooklyn there is a place: White. Opened in 2008 with its own pizza oven, and today even has a rooftop garden where they grow all their species. Their chefs Ryan Rice, Anthony Falco (pizza master) and Katy Peetz (in charge of pastry) know how to use marijuana for its psychoactive effects and also as an ingredient: the flavors blend perfectly, no opaque to another, and also in each bite you know very well what you're ingesting.

This happens with all meals, cocktails, entrees and pizzas fresh from the oven. By the time dessert is difficult to know whether the exquisiteness of each bite of the dish really comes or effects that are beginning to take over the taste buds. After a feast so full belly and happy heart. You can relax, listen to 70's music is heard in the background of the place and just let the ideas fly.

One of those thoughts, for example, is about the benefits that would result in the legalization of marijuana: in addition to the medical miracles or to cope with crimes related to illegal drugs, would have a major impact on the world of cooking.

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