Thursday, August 23, 2012

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

Americans throw away up to 40% of their food each year

The figure is about 165,000 million dollars in waste, according to an analysis of Defense Council Natural Resources

Washington (EFE). Analysis, a compilation of various studies and statistics, evaluated all types of waste that are created from the production of raw material until the food arrives at the table.

The report notes that most of the waste produced in the household.

"American families throw about 25% of food and drink they buy", especially in the food culture developed abundant and cheap in the country for decades.
Alimentos, Desperdicios, Estados Unidos
Because food represents a very small part of the budgets of families, they are unaware of the amount of food waste arriving, says the report.

An average American family of four wastes up to $ 2,275 on food each year and spendthrift tendencies have been worsened over time, says the study.

The U.S. government estimates that some 15,000 supermarkets lose millions of dollars each year in fruits and vegetables that are not sold. The NRDC attributes some of these losses to overstock products used as a technique to impress clients.

"In the restaurants and other food service establishments also suffer large losses related to waste because the dishes they provide are much larger than those recommended by the government, "said the NRDC.

The report claims that the U.S. government has not devoted enough resources to identify where there are inefficiencies in the system and accuses him of not fighting the problem compared to the efforts put in place in Europe.

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