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Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food

Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food.

The Peruvian Andes is characterized by memories of pre-Hispanic cultures in their foods. So the presence of potatoes (potatoes), beans and corn, all of which were used by colonies naturally native to the Peruvian valleys.
Pachamanca: Typical dish prepared in the Peruvian mountains of different types of meat that is buried underground with potatoes, and various herbs and tamales for several hours.

    Ingredients for 10 people:
    Half a baby lamb.
    Ten geese,
    Ten ears of corn,
    300 grams of ground pepper panca.
    100 grams of pepper.
    A leg of lamb.
    Panca 500 grams of cheese.
    Banana leaves.
    Paico and salt.
    Ten spare ribs.
    Two chickens.
    Three guinea pigs.
    Ten humitas.
    Ten potatoes.
    Ten potatoes.
Preparation: Make a regular hole in the ground and clean place stones on the bottom. Meanwhile, in a strong fire, you're heating flat preference other stones. This operation will make you nearer the hole, because then you have to place these stones with a hoe as forming floors, from the bottom up, also place food stories, first the potatoes, geese and potatoes. Place over hot stones.

On the second floor, place the meat seasoned with ground pepper panca, salt and pepper. On top of these meats paico spreads between ground floor and place banana leaves to protect the food cooked underground between land thus avoiding. Then put more stones of fire. On the next floor and put the tamales cooked, boiled beans, guinea pigs, lots of cheese and corn. Re-cover with more banana leaves

Peruvian Recipes, PERUVIAN CEBICHE and Leche de Tigre, tips for cooking

One of the prides of the Peruvian and Latin American cuisine is ceviche. Renowned worldwide for its unique taste and presentation, has put Peru in the list of dining destinations par excellence. Both its etymology as their origin, have been causing controversy among the countries preparing this dish, no clutch its history is linked to Peruvian pre-Columbian history. 

This delicacy is undoubtedly sample a fusion of cultures over the years, and is, in its purest representation shows the taste of the cuisine that invites locals and visitors to enjoy, not only with the same Ceviche but with the refreshing and challenging leche de tigre.
Traditional recipe
Makes 8 servings:
1 kilo of fish
12 lemons
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 onions
1 red pepper mountain
Green pepper 1 tablespoon ground
parsley and cilantro
Salt and pepper

After filleting and fillet the fish, cut into small dice shape. If the fish is really fresh, it is best not to immerse the dice in salt water, but we recommend soaking for impurities. Put the fish pieces in a bowl. Then add the minced garlic, pepper and green chili powder. Revolver. Separately, chop onions lengthwise. The source is squeezed lemons. You add salt to taste, stir and let it marinate for 20 minutes. Then parsley and cilantro is chopped, covering the fish with the onion, adorning it with chopped or sliced ​​mountain pepper hot pepper to taste. Finally, sprinkle salt on the onion and a little squeeze of lemon. Garnish with lettuce, boiled sweet potatoes and corn.
From this basic recipe are some variations to the dish, the main we have in Chile seafood ceviche with chilli and oil in Argentina without chili, ie non-spicy, Ecuador with lemon and orange juice in Panama with frayed fish in Costa Rica with biscuits and tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes in Mexico and avocado (avocado) and other presentations.
Leche de Tigre - Tiger Milk
So the juice is known to produce the ingredients of ceviche, is bitter and spicy, served in some places mixed with a little vodka or Pisco, popularly known as an excellent tonic and as an aphrodisiac. It is famous for the power to remove the discomfort after the excesses of a night out. Served in a small glass next to this entry. '

-You can substitute the fish for shrimp.
-The fish should be very cool.
-The fish must not have thorns.
-Use grouper or sea bass fillet.
-Ginger is strong and is very pleasant and aromatic.
-The onion is an excellent disinfectant, is laxative and good for the nerves.
-The onion improves circulatory and renal disorders.
-The lemon has medicinal properties, energy and nutrients.
-The lemon helps maintain strong immune system, is ideal for the treatment of rheumatism

Meet this black tea that is a hit in China

The drink , known as 'pu erh', has a mild flavor and delicate. In 2002, every ounce was sold to $ 250
Wednesday November 9, 2011 - 03:46 pm

The unique tea dried and fermented black, called 'pu erh', caused a sensation in China for its delicate and smooth taste. However, in the last twenty years, their prices have gone up and so only people with high income can afford.

Fifteen years ago, a small family owned company managed to recover the reserves Lam Tea 'pu erh', which were at a restaurant in Hong Kong that had been closed. Since then, the merchandise has increased 10 000 times its initial value and the Lam family has been successful thanks to this special tea.

"It's like magic. You can feel the taste and smoothness on the palate leaving, "he said Sam Lam, Lam company director for AFP, while preparing the beverage according to the Chinese ritual.

Despite its popularity, farmers in Yunnan province, China still kept secret all the way to cultivate the 'pu erh', which has been considered "national pride" in this country.

The tea is sold as compact biscuits, wrapped in a paper with the name of 'crude grasn'. In addition, a low quality version is sold in restaurants at affordable prices.

"Good tea is grown at high altitude and depends on the weather," Eliza said master Liu. According to the state newspaper Global Times, a lot of 'pu erh was sold to $ 250 a gram, at the beginning of the black tea fuebre this

In Peru it is easy to become obsessed with peruvian food, sentenced British magazine

In Peru it is easy to become obsessed with peruvian food, sentenced British magazine.

The site specializes in Travel and Tourism Concierge stressed that our cuisine is based on humble ingredients but high quality

20 years ago, Peru lived difficult moments. He was victim of terrorism and was well behind economically. However, the current outlook is totally different, the average income of most Peruvians allows people to enjoy certain tastes, like going out to eat at a restaurant . This added takeoff Gourmet , has made ​​Peru one of the culinary destinations in South America, says the website specialized in Travel and Tourism Concierge .


In a lengthy footnote, the publication highlights the tourist virtues of our country, paying particular attention to the wide gastronomic offer: "There are a variety of ingredients from rice , coffee, fruits , fish, Andean tubers and cereals. "

"Peru's cuisine is based on humble ingredients. What is cheap and basic in Peru, is expensive and spectacular anywhere in the world. There are 84 different microclimates that allow you to deliver outstanding quality inputs ... so easy to become obsessed with food, "says the publication.

The writer and journalist Patrick Symmes, visited some restaurants in the capital as the Fiesta, where he was impressed with the cause , rice with duck and the pisco sour. He also visited the cebicheria La Mar, which proved the best seafood.

Before leaving for Arequipa, visited the market where he discovered some fruit Surquillo "exotic". Already in the White City highlighted the "shrimp soup, the tamales and the Andean Potatoes. "

Australian firm promises healthier fries and burgers

The potatoes have lower levels of fat and salt, low in sodium. The products would be 40% more healthy

Singapore (Reuters). An Australian company plans to make burgers , fries and other products marketed by the main operator of fast food in the country to a healthy 40%, using the vegetable okra and other natural ingredients.

Colltech holistic, based in Perth and Malaysia, and operator of 620 restaurants Australian Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Oporto, develop and use a patented ingredient exclusive period of two years in Australia , said CEO Holistic, Rajen Marnickavasagar. two companies will develop salt with low sodium, low-fat potato chips and low-glycemic flour Holista patented, which can help cut about 40% of the problem four "s" of the food chain, said Rajen .

The new products use okra (okra) dried and powdered, lentils and other natural ingredients that were certified as GRAS ("generally regarded as healthy" as an acronym in English) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said Holistic CEO, Rajen Marnickavasagar. According to him, no difference in taste.

"We are the only company to have a comprehensive solution to the four" s "(as they are known by its initials in English): salt, sugar, starch and saturated fat," the executive said, adding that when taken on a commercial scale, the products could change the industry billionaire.

The businessman said that there is a tsunami of these four elements that invades the fast food industry. "These foods are cheap, abundant and highly addictive. But they have led to an epidemic of obesity in the world, "said Rajen.

The global obesity has doubled since 1980, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), mainly due to an increase in the consumption of foods high in fat, salt and sugars. The disease is the fifth leading cause of death.

According to the latest statistics available, 1,500 million adults and 43 million children under 5 years were overweight in 2008.

¿Which are the benefits of Pork ?

¿Which are the benefits of Pork ?

The meat is a nutrient that is present in our daily diet because it is a major source of protein. But we must also take into account that in many cases amounts of fat gives us that we must keep in mind. This is precisely what has always been attributed to pork , which we kept out of our diet high in fat, considering that endangered our health. For this reason in this post we want to see other properties of pork.

Due to these considerations and the bad press that was created around this flesh, we created a breed of pig with less fat to be more healthy for the human body. In addition, the value placed on the Iberian pork raised outdoors with all-natural products, and numerous studies echoed the benefits of this meat for human health. So this time is going to stop your benefits.

Nutritional Benefits

First, before seeing the benefits it provides is necessary for us this means the nutritional value of pork. Like all meat food, we must keep in mind the high content of proteins of high biological value. Specifically, this type of beef contains an average of forty three per one hundred grams of product. This is necessary to emphasize its moderate fat content, which is smaller than people think, since the average is nine percent of the content.

These nutrients must be added doses of vitamins that gives us this kind of meat. We will highlight the thiamine, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B12. All of them needed to maintain proper health and get in the tissues that make up our body. To this we must add its high content of minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, necessary for the correct time to maintain body biorhythms.
Benefits for the body

It is true that pork is varied and its fat content depend greatly on the area that we are consuming. The part that gives us less quantities is back, you simply have around the three percent of fat. This is a very hearty and rich on the palate, easily digestible by the body and is very useful for our food.

Pork is also highly recommended in times of growth, since it is a food appealing to children because of their distinctive flavor. To this we must add its high protein content which is what helps us build body tissues and thus achieve a perfect development, both in childhood when we are growing, as when we are older and want to get a perfect muscular development.

Pork also help to keep us active and full of vitality, and it contains high doses of thiamine necessary to achieve proper assimilation of carbohydrates by the body. To this is added the important role that this substance at the time to strike a balance in the nervous system because it has an important role in proper functioning.

Potassium is also a necessary and essential mineral in the body. Specifically what is this mineral is responsible for the proper functioning of muscle and smooth running of the movements of the various muscles of the body, including the heart. For this reason, potassium brings us pork helps to maintain proper functioning of the body.

It is true that most of the fats that contain pork are saturated, so you will need to not abuse of this food. As we have always discussed in Viton, we should not demonize any food and do not necessary in our diet, since the ideal is the variety and a balanced diet that accommodates all kinds of food equally, we all bring significant benefits .

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