Monday, April 30, 2012

Do not tolerate cow's milk? here four alternatives

Do not tolerate cow's milk? here four alternatives

Those who are lactose intolerant and not have to restrain from taking a coffee with milk or eating cereal for the many alternatives that have emerged. But which is healthier for you? Comparison of the nutritionists.

Calories in a cup: 90 skim.
Advantages: The only natural choice rich in calcium and protein (8 grams).
Disadvantages: Contains saturated fat unless it is skim.

Calories in a cup: 100
Advantages: Contains the largest amount of milk protein that contains no dairy products.
Disadvantages: It contains phytic acid, which inhibits the body's absorption of certain minerals like calcium and iron. Non-organic varieties can be made from genetically modified soybeans.
Calories in a cup: 60 (sweetened)
Advantages: Choice of milk from fewer calories.
Disadvantages: Very little natural protein (1 gram). Neither is good for those with allergies to nuts.

Calories in a cup: 120
Advantages: Very safe for those with food allergies.
Disadvantages: Low natural protein (1 gram), high in carbohydrates (24 grams). Sunflower oils are added as a thicker consistency, but increases the calories.

Calories in a cup: 130
Advantages: Naturally sweet with a decent content of protein (4 grams). Provides two grams of fiber, little, but more than other options.
Disadvantages: Most grains are processed, so it is not recommended for those who can not tolerate gluten.

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