Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet some of the world's weirdest Snacks

When we think of our favorite treats or snacks, we come to mind things like chips, chocolates, ice cream or popcorn. But in some countries prefer to entertain the jaw with more interesting food, and rare.

That bites CARE

Sharks do not live an ones. Remember the famous movie of Steven Spielberg terrorized more than a generation? So, Icelanders decided to put a spin on victim-offender status and created a fermented shark snack.

Hákarl and is called the delight of much of the population. It comes in cans and can be enjoyed in two forms: chewable or soft red and white.

Fertilized eggs

The egg is a favorite food of many people. There are infinite ways to eat and they like the fertilized Filipinos. How so? This is a duck egg that has a partially formed fetus inside. Eaten raw and seasoned with salt and pepper. If you ever go to the Philippines and want to try it ask for the balut.


The tacos are the most popular food in Mexico. Usually eaten with meat, guacamole, onions and beans. But Mexicans sometimes choose to add the special ingredient of the house.

What is it? The escamoles , which are nothing more than black ant eggs, which are somewhat difficult to collect because it has to do before they become larvae. The Aztecs say they have a taste similar to corn.


The people of Sardinia have an ancient custom. They use goat milk to produce the casu marzu , cheese known for being riddled with live insect larvae. Served at weddings and family gatherings.


If you did not like any of the above, try this popular Japanese sweet crab caramel. These tiny crustaceans are also taken orally and comes in a package with a presentation very similar to that of an anime.


Crunchy on the outside, steaming and chewy on the inside. This promises to overthrow the Chinese snack fried squid. Served on sticks toothpicks, have a golden color.


Another marine sandwich from the Far East. Aimed at children, is being circulated in Russia in a completely simple package in which only listed as ingredients: fish and salt.


If you travel to Beijing or Bangkok, you will enjoy the famous cricket club. Do not you convinced? Then you may want to try sparrow chicks, mice, snakes, or maybe a scorpion soup. The offer is varied. You choose.


Developed by a Japanese company to commemorate Valentine's Day, these chocolates are for those willing to brave a kiss of thanks after smelling something that your partner try.

It is made with garlic, black and have a bitter chocolate coating. The price of a box is 5 dollars.

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