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The Chilcano:Know all about it, and the origin

The history of this popular drink is not entirely clear and there are several theories about its origin. "The chilcano derived from the Italian custom of drinking grappa [Italian pomace brandy] with Canada Dry [or ginger ale] with a slice of lemon. The Italians call it buon giorno and was a popular drink at the beginning of last century, "says Manuel Cadenas, director of culinary journalist website "LA YEMA DEL GUSTO" .

In his book, "Cocktails in the United States," the researcher Jose Antonio Schiaffino tells us that the drinks as chilcano, simple preparation and served in tall glasses, are known as a highball.

The publication explains that even before the Second World War, one of the most popular drinks in the United States was the whiskey with ginger ale, so it is possible that this is the origin of one of the drinks most Peruvians.

Another version that could inspire the popular gin & gin, a mixture of gin and ginger ale. This must have been adapted by a barman in Peru in the late forties with pisco and ginger ale.

Pisco is a Peruvian spirit and ginger ale is a soft drink invented in Ireland which is prepared with ginger (here we call this root KION) and relieves stomach disorders. The ginger ale was used as a "mixer" at the cocktail world and came to Peru in 1936.

"My father told me that he served in the bars , but covertly.
After many years, this drink is served and enjoyed in bars like the English Bar.

Since its adaptation pisco in the forties, the chilcano has been present in Peru's popular bars. Some old places still remain pisco. That is the case of "the Bolivariano" and "Queirolo" of Pueblo Libre, two landmarks where so far the customers come to enjoy its traditional response of pisco in their old tables and remember old times.

The RES OF PISCO is a combination of brandy from a bottle of ginger ale and one of brandy, and accompanied by sliced lemons for you and your companions are preparing their own Chilcano in the table according to your taste.

Then went to live chilcano most luxurious bars, such as the Country Club Hotel. "In the letters of the most stylish bars used to go international cocktails pisco sour except that it appeared, so that neither the Maury or chilcano Bolivar was served," said Roberto Melendez , head of the English Bar Bar Country Club Hotel.

After the age of the pisco sour, many clubs, for its practicality, began serving Chilcano. The bartenders, inspired by the 'boom' Gourmet , began to diversify the traditional drink and achieved amazing results.

That was what made Gino Guerrero, bartender of The 550 of Miraflores. He developed syrups spices and herbs, reinvented over and over again this simple cocktail. His chilcano apple is a favorite of women, while men prefer prepared marinated with coca pisco.

Another "point" to enjoy an author version of The Jealous, a new bar Miraflores that has become famous for its handmade chilcano. Their bartender makes its own ginger ale with fresh ginger, which gives your chilcano incomparable intensity.

Other bars are also experimented with new versions. Ese es el caso de la barra del Mangos. That is the case with bar "MANGOS". There his bartender Ignacio Manayay proposed chilcano the house, a refreshing pisco preparation, passion fruit juice, and ice hypnoctic, as well as the traditional version, with a touch of Angostura bitters.

"PICAS", the hot spot in Barranco, invites us to try on your terrace fresh combinations of brandy, ginger ale and fruit jungle.

Whatever your favorite, or one of the traditional versions of the author, not limited to what the menu offers. Ask your favorite bar bartender giving free rein to their creativity or offer to design their own version and enjoy this appetizer Peru.

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