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Lose weight by eating healthy: A slowly diet , but surely

Lose weight by eating healthy: A slowly diet , but surely.

With a few simple tips, you lose a few pounds and look good in light clothing

There must come the summer for a strict diet . With a few simple tips, you may lose a few pounds and look good in light clothing.
To begin, let the gas for special occasions and drink more water. Even diet soda should be consumed at most once a day.
Nor skip breakfast or dinner. Rather, as Hermoza Mariana advises nutritionist, eat five times a day (healthy food, of course). Breakfast and lunch and eat moderately lighter at night. By midmorning and midafternoon can consume nuts or fresh fruit. The idea is not much appetite to go with main meals, because then assimilates more.
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Nutritionist Mary Flor Diaz says one of the things that fat is to eat candy . The cheap chocolate consists of fat and sugar, the perfect combination for fat. He also claims that what we cut between meals usually have many calories as soda crackers, a package of 12 cookies is four loaves. And speaking of cookies with filling, in less than one unit and have some bread.
Snack between meals, nutritionists advise both fresh fruit or nuts (pecans, peanuts and a lesser amount). And we should eat less than day and night.
It is also essential exercise. "At a minimum, you should do 60 minutes of exercise at least four times a week. The amount of 30 minutes is good for heart health but fat mobilized more minutes, ie weight go down, "says Diaz.
Combinations. Do not combine proteins with carbohydrates. As the protein is stronger, the body does not use both carbohydrate and fat is transformed into and accumulate in the form of adipose tissue.
Fruit night. Do not eat fruit at night, the fruit is a carbohydrate and energy needs to be spent for consumption. It is best to consume up to six in the afternoon.
Less calories. Choose foods contain fewer calories: instead of fried egg, poached egg. If you take a juice sugar or use sweetener use.

Are you allergic to any foods? Scientists have found the cure

Are you allergic to any foods? Scientists have found the cure.

According to a recent study, allergies occur when the immune system is malfunctioning

According to recent studies, allergies have increased in the last decade, becoming fatal in some cases. For example, if you are sensitive to peanuts and eat it, can cause a fatal reaction called anaphylaxis.
Scientists from several National Institutes of Health estimate that about 4.7% of children under 5 years and 3.7% who are between 5 and 17 are allergic to any type of food . In addition, each year there are between 15 000 and 30 000 cases of anaphylaxis. At present there is no reliable treatment for allergies, reports "Vitals"
A group of researchers at Northwestern University, U.S., have discovered how the immune system to set off food allergies . So far, the experiment was conducted only in mice but with great success.
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Paul J. Bryce, a professor of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said: "Allergies to peanuts and other food occur when the immune system malfunctions. We have been trying to understand how the system differentiates between what should and should not be in the body. "
However, he noted that when a person is sensitized with food, helper T cells into action as army scouts. These cells are constantly on patrol in search of the protein is considered dangerous. When they find it, call the soldiers and began a massive immune reaction that can lead to death.
Bryce and his colleagues found they could block this reaction taking some protein food, in this case peanuts, to wrap a white blood cell and then injecting these altered cells in the body of a mouse allergic.
The question is whether experimentation in mice can be applied in humans. In this regard, Bruce said there are many differences between the immune response in mice and us as well as many similarities, so the study could have great results.
The research was published in The Journal of Immunology.

Eating healthy increases your chances of having strong babies

Eating healthy increases your chances of having strong babies .A recent study indicates that children of mothers with good nutrition are less likely to be born with anencephaly and cleft lip

A diet rich in protein and vitamins ensures not only a strong and healthy baby, also raises the chances that the fetus is developing properly and not be born with no malformations.
In this situation, an investigation of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that women who carry a healthy diet are more likely to have healthy children than those without, reports
The project involved 6147 pregnant women. Of the children of these, 3411 were born with a defect in the neural tube. By comparing the diets of women, found that 50% of the children of mothers with eating well were less likely to be born with anencephaly, 20% with spina bifida and 30% with cleft lip.
To obtain these results, we compared the Mediterranean diet with the recommended by the Department of Agriculture United States . For its part, the project director, Suzan Carmichael, stressed the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and how this creates favorable conditions in newborns.

Who invented the child combos?Happy Meal

Who invented the child combos?Happy Meal

The idea was born in Nicaragua in 1965. Read the story of its creator

These days, the Happy Meal has become more popular menu among children. The novel idea, which then spread around the world, came from Yolanda Fernandez Cofino, who in 1965 opened the first franchise of a popular chain of fast food in Guatemala.
Fernandez said that a year and a half broke the franchise inaugurated due to the mismanagement of the manager. Her husband wanted to sell the company but no one would buy it, then decided to work themselves.
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"While attending I noticed mothers with young children arrived, they did not eat anything because no appeal. So, I decided to make a cheaper kids menu containing a small hamburger, fries, ice cream and a little toy.
In the early 80's, a group of specialists in marketing for McDonald's came to an establishment and asked him what was that little box to hear his explanation, they suggested it be presented at the annual convention made ​​by the company. To which she replied: "Oh no, how can I go with my hamburgers and toy."
At the insistence of the experts presented its inception in 1986. As like the idea in 1989 was officially launched with a Happy Meal toy without ice cream, put in its place a drink. Fernandez said he did not receive any royalty for the idea, but since that date works for the fast food giant in the field of marketing.
At present, many countries are introducing bills for the children's menu contains dairy and fruit . "I have no idea how to change the Happy Meal. I only know that they are planning to include in the box apples instead of fries and milk in place of the gas, "she said.
In the end, he stressed that this change would not have acceptance in children in Latin America and Asia because in these places there are a lot of children, the same as when they go for walks, love to eat things that do not eat at home.

The apple, a fruit "prohibited" but very versatile

The apple, a fruit "prohibited" but very versatile.

They are eaten raw, cooked into jams and desserts . We present two recipes

Madrid (EFE). The apple takes upon himself an unhealthy reputation. "Forbidden" because of Adam and Eve, fruit of discord through Paris and Aphrodite that eventually sparked the Trojan War. And even poisonous cataloged in the story of Snow White , this thanks to the Brothers Grimm. Despite that, it's one of the fruits consumed by man.
Luckily, in the case of Isaac Newton , the apple was used for something good, also owed ​​much to like the recently deceased Steve Jobs and, of course, the Beatles , who recorded for a record of the name.
The fact is that there are apples for every taste, from the highly acidic, such as Granny Smith, the sweet, such as golden. Eat them as is natural, but also cooked or in jam ... and, what interests us today, as the protagonist in a variety of cakes and pastries .
In desserts
The current trend is towards very thin pie dough, you need to do individual fragility. They are the antithesis of the classic "apple pie" Anglo-Saxon world, with mass on both sides, no doubt very tasty, but also arguably much heavier than the others.
There are two versions of great apple pie. One is quite old and very popular in Austria, Germany and northern Italy: the apple strudel or "whirlwind" apple, another born for a very less time, just over a hundred and ten French, which is the cake Tatin.
They say that this was born out of an error in one of the Tatin sisters, owners of the hotel of that name in the center of France. One of them, apparently Stéphanie, the eldest, cooked apples more than necessary and not to waste them, the sisters would put the pasta on top, turning the cake at the end. As so often, an oversight, a failure, eventually give rise to a delicious ready: the cake Tatin remains a global success.
Basically, it tries to cut thick slices apples, make a caramel with sugar and water, give luster with butter, then lay the slices, tight, and cover. After a while wafer covered with a pastry with holes for the escape of steam into the oven is already hot, 200 degrees, and in 20 minutes or less, will be. He turns hot caramelized apples that do not stick to the mold. And now.
The Apfelstrudel requires more work. The tricky thing is to prepare, with flour, water, egg and salt mass that can spread so thin, experts say, should be able to read a newspaper through it. Place the filling (apple sauce, sugar, raisins, cinnamon ...), rolled into a cylinder of several layers of dough and baked.

Two eggs a day helps you maintain your weight

Two eggs a day helps you maintain your weight.

This Friday is World AIDS Day Egg . On average, the Peruvians consume 146 per year, well below the recommended

Is demonized and said to their daily consumption can cause liver ailments. However, little by little these beliefs are being neglected. The egg is one of the most complete foods with a high concentration of nutrients and low in calories.
Wages According to Sandra, a nutritionist at La Calera, eggs are a rich source of protein intake because this product is very beneficial and essential for growing children, but also for adults because it prevents different diseases, including Alzheimer's , for own hill, an essential nutrient for better functioning of the cardiovascular and brain activity.
Every year on the second Friday of October is World Egg Day and on this date is used to discuss this important nutrient and the deficiency that exists in our country with respect to consumption.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Peruvians eat 146 eggs per year while the Mexicans, who lead the intake of this product, consume 374 per year, more than one egg per day while in Argentina and Colombia consume 250 eggs a year.
The United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization says people should eat an egg a day, an issue that would not generate any health problems.
Speaking to Wages, states that the egg has great versatility in its preparation. From a simple boiled egg up to a delicious scrambled eggs, fried, grilled, tortillas, etc.. Various dining options in which the egg gives its great nutritional value, besides being the raw material used in making pastries and sauces.
The nutritionist says that eating two eggs a day and do 30 minutes of daily exercise helps maintain ideal weight. "Eating a diet rich in high biological value proteins such as egg, helps the body maintain muscle mass during weight loss, improving body composition. This has a double benefit, since muscle burns more energy than fat even when not exercising.
It generates a feeling of satiety important that people do not have more hunger. "For example, two eggs breakfast reduced to 300 kilocalories of energy intake during the day by a group of overweight women," said a specialist.

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